I am so late to this party but please enjoy my vine compilation


We both just WEPT with laughter. Nothing else to say…


X-Files: Bad Blood -

Mulder: What we have is what appears to be a series of vampire, or, vampire like attacks . .

Scully: Well, it’s obviously not a Vampire.

Mulder: Why not?

Scully: Because they don’t exist

Mulder: well, that’s one opinion, and I, I respect that.

God this show cracked me up, I cannot wait for next season, X-Files forever!


Get to know me meme: [1/5] Favorite TV shows - Girls

↳  She’s like a carnival game, you know? It all seems so simple but you can’t get the ring on the bottle because it’s fucking rigged so you try and try and try until you drive yourself nuts. Then, finally, when you walk away you realize you didn’t even want the crappy prize to begin with.  I realize that’s what Hanna is: a giant Tweety doll I would’ve been stuck carrying around the carnival all night.


Hysterical. I thought this was an Onion article at first. Which is a bummer because if it were, I’d have renewed my subscription. 

I’m not sure whether to laugh at the absurdity of the irresponsible journalism, or shake my head at the heaping mounds of cognitive dissonance that helped get this article published. 

Why talk to literally any POC or women who work in animation about diversity, when you can just ask 7 WHITE GUYS?

Full Article Here: