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Merriam-Webster’s Kory Stamper takes on the sexist use of “hysterical” in this twitter thread.

“tl;dr: data shows “hysterical is usu. gendered and negative in tone, so next time you’re about to call a woman “hysterical,” don’t. FIN”

(Das gilt für das Deutsche übrigens auch.)

DM: You come across a group of bandits and they demand you hand over your gold.

Player: I tell them to shut up and give me their stuff or die.

DM: Roll for intimidation

Player: *rolls a one*

DM: You approach the bandits. “Hewow” You say, “Pwease hand over youwr gowld or I wiw hit youw ^w^.”

thephannict  asked:

Danny, Sam, or Maddie in palette 15 in hysterical? If your still doing thid of course.

Emotion: Hysterical / Character: Maddie Fenton / Palette: #15

The realization that Phantom and Fenton are one in the same, only its too late. @thephannict 

We Are Not Hysterical – Strand Book Store – Medium
Strong female voices you need to listen to
By Strand Book Store

On the heels of yet another female U.S. Senator being told to more or less “calm down” while passionately doing the job she was elected to do, we are again wondering this: why are outspoken women so quickly accused of being hysterical? Being unapologetically loud and standing firm on your values are viewed very differently among genders, and when this perceived “hysteria” halts progress, we have a problem. Though this is not the first time this has happened, and unfortunately probably not the last, we know a little opposition can’t keep ’em down! We’ve gathered up some inspiring reads that demonstrate the power and success of strong female voices.


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