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Happy Birthday to David Dastmalchian, an amazing and humble human being who is passionate about acting, comic books, his family & his fans.


These are all the cases of the Corpse Party games. Featuring:

-Corpse Party: Blood Covered (Repeated Fear) [2011]

-Corpse Party: Book of Shadows (2013)

-Corpse Party -THE ANTHOLOGY- Sachiko’s Game of Love ♥ Hysteric Birthday 2U (2012)

-Corpse Party: Missing Footage (2012)

-Corpse Party- Tortured Souls OVA (2013)

-Corpse Party: Blood Drive (2014)


Click for funny captions…at least I think they’re funny.

Note: These are not real translations of the 2U manga in any shape or form…I was just messing around cuz I thought it was funny. (Though it’s probably true that Sachiko could rap circles around lil wayne)

…And where did they get those clothes? And the mic?


Catastrophe Cosplay Wars! Title Illustration for chapter 6 of the Magi-CU 4 Koma Corpse Party Manga. This seems to be most people’s favorite wrong end of Hysteric Birthday since they often use the cat maid Morishige and bride Yoshiki set-up when doing Hysteric Birthday related things. The Hysteric Birthday manga even switched the outfits they first got so they could use it as the canon set-up. Character-wise it doesn’t make sense since Yoshiki preferred the maid outfit because it’d be easier to move in and Morishige preferred the wedding dress because it was the less embarrassing of the two. But with the Morishige maid possession scene who can blame them.

Steven Universe: Pearl [ISTJ]

OFFICIAL TYPING by aanau, anonymous, mysterylover123, aroceu, banealexanders, Existential Fox, greatfay

Introverted Sensing (Si): Pearl has an obsession with the past and how things used to be. She’s detail oriented, conventional, and uses past experience. A prime example of her root in the past is in the episode, “Rose’s Scabbard.” She has such a subjective remembrance of the war that took place, that she forgets all the destruction. Garnet attempts to remind her of this, but she only responds even more enthusiastically, because she remembers the battle with nostalgia. When her memory of the past is challenged, she explodes. (“Rose never had a lion…I would’ve known about it. She didn’t have a lion!”) She’s extremely passionate about these memories that she holds dear, and is excited to share this rich amount of experience with Steven, as well as to teach him what she knows about history. Furthermore, she even shows that she’s a Si user with bodily awareness. Her hatred of eating (“I find it very uncomfortable”), her grace in combat, and her care in regenerating all are examples of this. (aanau) The past is very important to Pearl. We can see this in so many ways, from her speeches about how she rebelled against the diamond authority to her inability to forget Rose. She has an excellent and detailed memory. She even remembers some of her conversations with Rose word for word. A lot of her actions are tinted by her experiences. Pearl is very graceful and aware of her environment. (anonymous) Someone she trusts to be better or has more experience she will automatically defer to them (garnet, rose.)  (aroceu) This goes beyond her living in the past. Pearl has that Si impression where she has her own unique view and memories of the past and of Rose. Si/Ne when it comes to being slowly introduced to change. (banesalexanders) She has a weakness for nostalgia, and likes to reminisce about how things used to be. Her monologue song “It’s Over, isn’t it?” has her struggling with this tendency of hers, being self-aware enough to ask the question, several times, “It’s over, isn’t it? Why can’t I move on?” Pearl does things according to tradition, like training Connie to sword fight based on the precise way that she fought in battle. It worked for her then, so why shouldn’t it work for Connie now? (mysterylover123)

Extroverted Thinking (Te): Extremely organized and focused on thorough, detailed planning, Pearl displays a reliance on her (auxiliary) function, extroverted thinking. She’s decisive, controlling, and assumes the role of “the brains.” When the team takes an unconventional route to solving problems as opposed to Pearl’s planning, she tends to assert that her plan would’ve worked as well. She wants recognition for these skills, and prides herself on them. Negatively, she’s very critical of others, and is very blunt, often not understanding emotions. She wants everything  perfect and planned, thought-out and, and organized and efficient. (aanou). Her Te shows very strongly in her need to organise and take action on her enviroment rather than understand it (existential-fox). Very rational and definitely does lead with her emotions unless stressed. Wants to come up with logical plans. While she is great with engineering, they serve a purpose (Pearl vs Peridot, the cluster). She doesn’t figure things out for the fun of it like…a Ti (would). Her blunt behavior and logic mind speaks more Te/Fi than Fe/Ti. (Banesalexanders). Pearl usually sees the most efficient, immediate way of accomplishing her goals, whatever they may be, and takes it (i.e., repairing the communications tower in order to fuse with Garnet, constructing a rocket ship to get to space and taking Steven out on it in the middle of the night, demonstrating fusion to Greg to show to him the way he can never truly bond with Rose). She’s blunt, straightforward and to-the-point; she doesn’t beat around the bush or hesitate in criticizing or pointing out problems. (mysterylover123)

Introverted Feeling (Fi): Pearl doesn’t have a good handle on emotions of other people, nor of her own. In general, she handles crisis situations well, until they deal with this function. Unlike a dominant Fe user, whose emotions aid in crisis situation, Pearl’s emotions make her irrational and hysterical (i.e. Too Many Birthdays). She exercises her (tertiary) Fi by being extremely devoted to something (or in her case, someone). She’s willing to do anything for Rose and her cause out of this Fi passion. However, when something she has a passion for is challenged (mainly her tainted memories of the gem war and Rose), she has an emotional outburst. (aanou) She also values what is right in her eyes over group harmony (Fi) and a lot of the time doesn’t even seem aware of the feeling in a group. (existential-fox) Particularly in episodes like “Back to the Barn” where you see some Fi motivations behind Pearl’s Te actions. “I’m going to build something better than yours because how DARE you think me inferior to you, you don’t even see the world the way the Crystal Gems have, you don’t value what I value, I am NOT less than you” (greatfay) She follows her inner belief system and Rose’s. She does not follow the path of other Pearls and shapes her own destiny. She follows her own code and values even though it goes against everything Pearls are supposed to be. Emotionally she does bottle things up. She’s not the healthiest gem so her emotions burst out a lot. There’s so much history to her that comes out when she relates to others (Connie’s training comes to mind). (banesalexanders) Pearl looks for an isolated place to deal with her emotions - the screenshot above, singing on the balcony in “Mr. Greg” - and dislikes showing inordinate feelings around others. (mysterylover123).

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): Extroverted Intuition shows up in Pearl’s planning skills. She can easily perceive how things will play out around her. She’s a good brainstormer, but she shows that Ne isn’t her strong suit due to the fact that she worries a lot, and she doesn’t normally understand underlying themes. She prefers things that are concrete and obvious. However, she can still be idealistic. (aanou). When confronted with new situations, Pearl is surprised at best. More often than not though, she reacts extremely negatively, working actively to turn the situation back into one that is familiar. When Steven and Connie fuse, she immediately asks them to unfuse. She finds it very hard and unnatural for her to undergo change. She is strangely good at coming up with plans on the spot though. (anonymous). Her inferior function (Ne) shows in her becoming overhwelmed by the possibilities of little things. (existential-fox). She is by far the worry wart of the bunch. Steven helps bring out her Ne more positively as Rose probably did (both Rose and Steven have Ne that’s higher than Pearl’s). When she taps into her Ne productively it comes out her engineering and even her dancing and fighting. (banesalexanders). She finds herself lost in this new reality; even though she’s been without Rose for fourteen years, she wonders “Who am I now in this world without her?”. Pearl is looking for direction and not certain what she wants out of life or where her commitments lie. She’s nervous, quick to spot negative possibilities, and struggles with her Ne. (mysterylover123).


These are literally all the times Yuka needs to use the bathroom in the Corpse Party series. Like, seriously in every game she has to pee. The pictures above were taken from:

-Corpse Party: Rebuilt

- Corpse Party: BloodCovered (Repeated Fear)

-Corpse Party: Book of Shadows

-Corpse Party: Hysteric Birthday 2U

-Corpse Party: Tortured Souls OVA

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How do you feeling about the Misa Amane x Beyond Birthday pairing? (Also, I fucking love your blog. Your incorrect quotes are hysterical.)

Thank you!!! :)

Beyond Birthday and Misa has always been an interesting ship haha, honestly I just think it’s just a little too much crazy in one pot… The only thing I can really see them having in common is that they’re both very devoted(?) (I’m not sure what other word to use) and exceptionally morally grey.

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When you lose your mother at a very young age everyone tells you it’ll get better & you believe them, because you’re young. In fact it’s the total opposite. The older I get the harder it gets. Some days you’re over joyed with memories & some days you’re crying on your bed hysterically on your birthday because she isn’t there & never will be & that’s really ALL you want. The lost feeling you feel from not having a mom around is one only a motherless daughter would understand. Everyone will try & change your perspective but it won’t work unless they can relate. Growing up without her or any type of mother figure is like being put onto a freeway with no driving experience or starting a new job with no training, you kind of just have to wing it & watch as you go. You cling to different women hoping they’ll take you in as their own & nurture you the way she would’ve done but then you realize it’s just not the same. I’m not your typical girl, I don’t envy other girls for their fancy clothes, or looks. I envy the bonds they have with their mom, their sense of knowing who they are because they are the product of the woman who raised them. & me I’m just me.. Going through life trying to figure out right from wrong from a woman’s perspective. Trying to accept the fact that with or without her I am a woman & no one can take that away from me.. Even though at times I feel like I have no clue as to what I’m doing. I’m getting there…


The third and final part of my translation of the Corpse Party Hysteric Birthday 2U chapter is now up. The whole thing took me a lot longer than I expected, but thank you to everyone who stuck around anyways.

Part 1 | Part 2

Once again, a big thank you to Kenny85b for providing the raw video that made this all possible.