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These are all the cases of the Corpse Party games. Featuring:

-Corpse Party: Blood Covered (Repeated Fear) [2011]

-Corpse Party: Book of Shadows (2013)

-Corpse Party -THE ANTHOLOGY- Sachiko’s Game of Love ♥ Hysteric Birthday 2U (2012)

-Corpse Party: Missing Footage (2012)

-Corpse Party- Tortured Souls OVA (2013)

-Corpse Party: Blood Drive (2014)

Anniversary/Birthday Headcannon

I feel like Tamlin is the type to be like “why celebrate anniversaries/birthdays when we have forever” but rhys is the type who is like I WILL CELEBRATE EVERYTHING WITH YOU FOREVER 


+1 month “anniversary” surprise party (Feyre is v confused about how he had the time to pull it off

(I’d say one week anniversary but honestly I don’t think Rhys would be away from Feyre for long enough to pull something off which upon further rambling sounds like a dick joke)

+ over the top birthdays. Rhys does something crazy every year. Last year he and feyre dressed up as pirate king and queen (cassian is “second” mate and third wheel. Nesta refuses to be kitchen wench and makes cassian trade costumes)  and had to find the booty the treasure Azriel hid. Bonus: Mor is a siren trying to lure them off course.

+ also when they cut the birthday cake rhys makes sure that they all have party hats. Mor thinks Azriel is ADORABLE and asks feyre to give her a painting of it for HER birthday. Cassian snorts, Rhys doesnt even try to hide his laughter, and Feyre winks at Azriel and agrees

+When its Rhys’s birthday bc Feyre sucks at surprise parties rhys totally knows and even tho they deserve oscars for The Tamlin Thing feyre can’t hide shit from her mate much to her frustration. She gets too giddy and then annoyed when he’s like “something intresting, feyre darling?” in the bond. Feyre is v suspsicous walking around Velaris (including sunglasses and headscarf)

+but when that fails she just gives rhys a very good private birthday present. And a red tie.

+The next year Feyre wises up and enlists mor and armen. ArMorRye gets shit DONE

+When it’s their legit anniversary they always sneak away for what they think is one day but turns into a weekend and then a week until Mor knocks on the door and is like Guys I’m happy for you but like you’re the high peeps of this court and cassian just started a fire trying to make mac n cheese. (Feyre is sympathetic to cassian bc well same dude same)

but the same thing happens every year


These are literally all the times Yuka needs to use the bathroom in the Corpse Party series. Like, seriously in every game she has to pee. The pictures above were taken from:

-Corpse Party: Rebuilt

- Corpse Party: BloodCovered (Repeated Fear)

-Corpse Party: Book of Shadows

-Corpse Party: Hysteric Birthday 2U

-Corpse Party: Tortured Souls OVA


Here it is, at long last. The first part of my three part video translation of the Extra Chapter of Corpse Party 2U. If you can’t see the subtitles, turn on closed captions by clicking on the CC button at the bottom right of the video player.

Special thanks to Kenny85b for providing the raw video.


Click for funny captions…at least I think they’re funny.

Note: These are not real translations of the 2U manga in any shape or form…I was just messing around cuz I thought it was funny. (Though it’s probably true that Sachiko could rap circles around lil wayne)

…And where did they get those clothes? And the mic?

【哲志】「良樹! 篠崎! 鈴本、森繁も!」
Satoshi: Yoshiki! Shinozaki! Suzumoto! Morishige!

Satoshi: Everyone… everyone’s here!

Naomi: …Heh… Are you about to cry, Satoshi?

【良樹】「ははは……ヒデェ顔だぜ? 哲志ィ」
Yoshiki: Heheheh…what’s with that face, Satoshi?

Satoshi: I-it’s not funny! Damn… I’m just happy everyone’s here!…

An example of why someone who actually knows Japanese should start a Corpse Party 2U translation project before I find a way to get Google Translate to read quoted text properly.

I was watching theanimeman’s translation of Sachiko’s Hysteric Birthday and saw that Sachiko picked the girls in the love comedy because “he is the most popular with the female students and these were the girls that like him” which made me stop and think. Yes Naomi, Ayumi, and Yuka have feelings for Satoshi but since Ms. Yui was picked because she once confused him for her past crush when she was sick and Tohko was chosen because they met once in a past loop it means that the definition of ‘like’ isn’t specifically deep. They don’t have to have a full on crush or even be completely aware of their feelings to fall into this category, it seems. That means that as far as guys that are popular with the girls, in regards to only those at Heavenly Host, Yoshiki would at least be even with Satoshi. 

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I’ve had a devious follow-up thought to my previous one. Originally I said that Sachiko would eventually figure out the the other girls interest in Yoshiki, even if they did have romantic feelings, would mainly be in regards towards his feelings for Ayumi so she wouldn’t continue with the game. But what if instead Azusa talks them into going through with acting out the love comedy under the pretense that they have to keep Sachiko happy? Yoshiki and Ayumi would still be uncomfortable with it but would agree because they wouldn’t want anyone to get hurt. Ran would ask Azusa why she wanted to go along with seducing someone other than her. Azusa says think of it less as ‘seducing Knight-kun’ and more as 'helping Ayumi-chan realizing her feelings’. 

So they’d play along with it making sure that Ayumi, Yoshiki, and Sachiko didn’t find out. It’d be from Ayumi’s point of view as tries to understand why she actually cares about what’s going on and trying to convince herself that she’d rather be in a love comedy with Satoshi. Of course it’d end with something happening that interrupts the game before Ayumi could actually realize why she’s getting so jealous. Something like Yoshiki saving her and getting hurt in the process which would cause her to react similar to wrong end 1 in chapter 5 of Blood Covered. The others would be content with the fact that, even though Ayumi may have not developed full on feelings of love for Yoshiki, he’s at least more important in her life now.

I’m trying to imagine what they do to 'appeal’ to Yoshiki. In Satoshi’s version they have a race to get parts of his King costume, a nurse scene, and a maid scene (maybe something else, I can’t remember.) It could be the same things I suppose. After all, the drama cd suggests that Yoshiki has a thing for maids and glasses.

So I watched theanimeman’s newest episode translating Hysteric Birthday. This time it’s the King’s Game which is a drinking game similar to truth or dare without the truth part. The round’s king says that two people have to play the pocky game or butt battle or foddle someone. It’s funny and all I can’t help but hope that the manga version once again decides to twist more of the main cast into the plot again if they choose to do the King’s game as well. They may decide to skip it since they incorporated the butt battle into the bikini relay race but still they could find a way to do it. The game’s version is fine and funny in it’s own ways but I can’t help but wish it had more of the main cast. We already had a whole chapter with only Naho’s group and this chapter is almost the same exact thing just with Naomi and Seiko added in. In the manga the quiz had Naho’s group (Naho, Sayaka, and Inumaru) vs. Naomi, Ayumi, and Yoshiki which made it that much more interesting for me. 

I guess the point I’m getting it is can you imagine if all or more of the main cast (Kisaragi’s) had to play in the King’s game? How the guys would react to watching the girl’s fondle each other’s breasts or if any of them had to play the pocky game. Hopefully if the manga does include the King’s game they throw a few more characters in there. 

Then again, maybe the reason they didn’t have some of them was because they wouldn’t be as submissive to playing as the characters in the game are. I certainly couldn’t imagine Yoshiki groping anyone’s boobs (even Ayumi’s) or Morishige playing the pocky game.