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I think part of the reason Larry got so bad is b/c of the failure of the entire fandom to properly distinguish between shipping and tinhatting. Fandoms are still kind of out of the mainstream so you only learn what's ok and what's not from internal attitudes. Tinhatting should be like bullying or plagiarism - stuff that everyone recognizes is wrong even if you can't completely stop it. This fandom treats tinhatting like they're slightly more enthusiastic shippers. Makes me so mad.

You are not wrong.   Well said.  I think it started at the beginning, when there weren’t a lot of older voices to guide the young masses.  And then the adults that did show up tended to be serial tinhatters drawn in by the hysteria.

Their uniforms hang over the backs of the old house’s chairs, drying along with the rest of them in the warm glow of the fire. 

They are about as close to each other as they are to their weapons. Shinya’s hand curls around his own ankle, stopping himself from reaching out and touching. The adrenaline hasn’t yet died down in his system; he still feels his heart thudding in his chest the same way it had when he’d burst through the door first. Hysteria bubbles in his chest remembering the stillness afterward, the staring into the empty sunlight outside for too-long moments, growing more cold with every second of Guren not bursting through after him.

Guren is there now, gazing pensively at the flame. Shinya sneaks a glance at him.

“Hell of a first mission this is,” Guren mumbles, as if he knows Shinya is watching.

Though he wants to, Shinya can’t tear his gaze away. It’s as if he wants to soak up all of Guren in all his vitality, in all his definitely-not-dead-yet-ness. He wants Guren to keep talking, he wants to–

“I’m so scared of losing you,” Shinya says, the voice catching in his throat with the realization. His hands lose whatever strength was left in them; his breath leaves his lungs and won’t come back. It’s a stupid thing to say and feel in a world like this, where everyone has lost someone, where everyone will keep losing people they love, so stupid, but all that’s in his vision right now is Guren and his dark eyes wide with concern, Guren and the way his dark hair falls lightly onto his forehead and curls around his ears, Guren looking younger and more vulnerable that Shinya could remember.

“Sorry.” Shinya looks away quickly and swallows the lump in his throat. “Hah. Imagine if the vampires came for us now, catching us unaware in our underp–”

Then Guren’s carding his hand through Shinya’s hair and kissing him, their lips meeting messily and teeth clashing a little painfully and Shinya nearly biting his own tongue off in surprise. But he closes his eyes and lets Guren wash over him– he’s so warm, almost searing. Shinya knows he’ll never get enough of the press of his skin against his own, or the heat that courses through him as Guren braces his other hand against his thigh. Shinya is unashamed as he climbs into Guren’s lap and presses deeper into the kiss, looping his arms around him and staying there.

Shinya’s tall nose is pressed against Guren’s neck when Guren finally speaks again. “There’s no guarantee that you won’t lose me. But I’m alive for now.”

Shinya nods into Guren’s neck. That will have to do.


secret messages…

Darkside Of The Sun

The end is near
We’re still standing here
The future’s just begun
On the dark side of the sun
On the dark side of the sun

All the weapons
In your head
Under control
With their radars
They are chasin’
Our soul

Time is runnin’
But your future’s
Lone ago
We are, we are, we are
Radio hysteria

Will you stand the pain
When I’m by your side
Will you follow me into the night
They’re not gonna get us
We’ll be alright

And one day the dark side will shine
…For us


Against love
Against the fight
Against the sun
Against the night
Against the rules
Against the force
Against the wall
Against it all

I’m humanoid
I’m humanoid

Gimme life
Gimme air
My heart beats on
But I don’t care
I hunt my shadow
But it’s too fast

Gimme more, gimme more
Can’t get enough

I’m done with systems
I’m done with reasons
I’m done with questions
I’m done with healing
Done with bleeding
I’m done

I’m humanoid
Oh, I’m humanoid, oh
Fade to black
I’m humanoid
Won’t you come back

Forever Now

I look up
There are dark flames comin’ down
My parachute
Can’t bring me back to the ground
I lose my faith
When I watch the fadin’ lights
Just your shadows touch
Makes me feel alive

Let’s run into the pourin’ rain
To feel that we’re alive again

Whisper me
All your secrets
Whisper me
All my secrets
Whisper me
All your secrets
Whisper me
Celebrate it loud

Pain Of Love

The pain of love
Won’t break us up

We don’t need your salvation
The pain of love
Will never stop
We are our own creation

The pain of love
Lives in our hearts

It’s deeper than the ocean
The pain of love
Waits in the dark
We take it in slow motion

And we go on
And we go on and on and on and on
We don’t belong

The pain of love will last forever
Promise me

Promise me
We’ll celebrate the pain together
The pain of love, love, love

The pain of love
In all of us
It hits you like a hammer
The pain of love
We can’t turn off

Let’s celebrate the drama
The pain of love
Don’t let us crush

We will be all forgiven
The pain of love
I wanna tough
Without it’s not worth livin’

We climb the mountains
Walk the deserts
For our love
Let’s make a pact tonight
So we can feel
This pain of love forever

Human Connect To Human

The whole song just talks about connection so yeah


I feel lost
In myself

There’s an alien in me
Who are you
Who am I

Blood is all I see
The words in the mirror
Are makin’ me shiver

Save me with your love tonight
Come and bring me back to life


Gass and blood
Is all I’ve got
In you I trust
The final exit’s
Passing by
The wheels run free
Under me
It’s you I feel
A million sparks are falling down
I turn the wheel around

Now I’m here
No more fears
Angel, don’t you cry
I’ll meet you on the other side

Zoom Into Me

Is there anybody out there
Walking alone
Is there anybody out there
Out in the cold
One heartbeat
Lost in the crowd
Is there anybody shoutin’
What no one can hear

Is there anybody drownin’
Pulled down by the fear

I feel you
Don’t look away

Zoom into me
Zoom into me
I know you’re scared
When you can’t breathe
I will be there

Zoom into me

Is there anybody laughing
To kill the pain
Is there anybody screamin’
The silence away

Just open your jaded eyes

Come closer
And closer

When you can’t breathe
I will be there
Zoom into me

Zoom into me
Zoom into me
When the world
Cuts your soul into pieces
And you start to bleed
When you can’t breathe
I will be there

Zoom into me

Love & Death

I can give you
You can give me
Something, everything
You are with me
I am with you
Join me In

Fragile Pieces
Don’t regret the sorrows
That we’ve seen
Take it with us
Step into my world

Join me in

All the pain that we’ve been through
I’ve been dying to save you
Feel the blood in my veins flow
I’ve been dying to save you
I’ve been watching you swim
I’ll just seeing you drown
Is it tragedy or comedy?

Hey You!

The same blood
The same cells
The same God
The same hell
The same life
The same love
Somebody, anybody
Everybody stand up

You know no one’s listening
They don’t want to hear it
Saying what you wanna say
People start to fear it.

The same fist
The same shout
The same pain
The same doubt
The same joy
The same love
Somebody, anybody
Everybody stand up


And I’m so close
To what I’ve dreamed of
But it hurts so
Yeah, it hurts so

I’m screamin’ on the top of the world
But I don’t think I can be heard by you, you
Could it be you never will?
Could it be I have to kill?
This dream that makes me ill


   " In the end, it was amazing to have each other’s support. Her presence at the gala screening of the movie made me really nervous. She was sitting in front of me. I kept looking at the back of her neck, trying to find out if she was liking the movie or not [laughs]. I only relaxed when, at the end, Kristen told me she loved it.“  


… Guys, that’s not how the song goes. D:

I wanted to draw a saisonic picture but was hard-pressed for an idea that would suit them. Then I decided to do a little spin on one of the most well-known OTP prompts:“Imagine your OTP slow-dancing to a love song, with Person A quietly singing the words in Person B’s ear.” And I went with “Hysteria” by Def Leppard because it was the best slow-dancing song I could come up with.

Anyway, I’ve been trying to be a bit more in-character with these two in regards to shipping, so here’s what I’ve come up with: Sonic’s edginess and Saitama’s apathy give them both an appreciation for dark humor. Whenever Saitama says a rude or particularly blunt comment to someone, it sometimes gets a chuckle out of Sonic (who probably has as much trouble concealing it as he does with his smile.) Seeing that he makes Sonic happy, in turn, makes Saitama happy. Also Saitama starts to get enjoyment out of teasing the “badass ninja” whenever he acts all tsundere.

I hope you guys like it!