* Oh! I wasn’t trying to dodge the question, boss! I just got confused over the onslaught of them!

* I think you’re a great boss! No matter what I think you’re the best! Heehee!~

* And of course I love my job! I hardly have anything to really dislike about it and even when I do that dislike doesn’t even last that long!

* ………

* What about-

* Murder happens. Aaaand I know I said I was going to stay off the subject but this is kinda a different thing.

Hysteria: Part 8 Teaser

[ I’m out of the house right now so I wasn’t able to finish this up so I’m posting a little teaser to hold you guys over!]

It’s been nearly a week since you and your hoard as moved into the Joker’s place and as much as you hate to admit it you loved being there. You were getting to know Jeff, the one who had helped move your stuff in. The Joker had  now assigned him to your care, and were realizing he was a really sweet kid. Occasionally when the Joker was out on a ‘job’ the two of you would just sit and watch TV joking around like old friends. He always got really uncomfortable and twitchy when you would jokingly call him Mistah J. You were smart enough to only do it while the two of you were alone, you liked him and would be pretty pissed if the Joker got jealous and offed him. It was cute how uncomfortable it made him.

Your relationship with the Joker was growing to your surprise. He was so different than the man portrayed on the Gotham news. Yeah he has had some temper flair ups around you but he stayed relatively in check. He seemed to still be puzzled by you. ‘How could so much sass be trapped in a 5′ 3″ bomb shell like you?’ The question had come up on several occasions.

There had only been two incidences were you nearly killed someone. The first is when one of J’s men freaked out at Buster walking around the house and pulled a gun on your frightened dog. Luckily you walked in before he had a chance to do something stupid and hit him on the top of his head with a near by vase, which you later found out was a priceless artifact The Joker had lifted from Gotham’s National History Museum during one of his heists. The second time was when you found J shaking Weeboe screaming ‘WHY WON’T YOU LOVE MEEE!!!’ You ended up punching him square in the jaw, again for that one but didn’t stay mad long. It was just to funny of a situation.

You and Jeff were sitting on the couch watching Doctor Who when The Joker got home. He always seemed a bit agitated at how chummy you and Jeff were becoming but you had made it very clear to him that Jeff was now your friend and he would pay dearly if he hurt the poor kid. The Joker wasn’t thrilled with how bossy you were but seemed to put up with it. At least for now.

So I have several posts by princess-of-positivity and I reblogged their posts in the past because they promote positivity and acceptance and all the while they are pastel and therefore match the aesthetic of my blog.
But apparently they have joined the anti-cgl bandwagon, specifically the group that hates even non-sexual littles who only regress and are not kinky because they stereotype all littles under some description that has nothing to do with cg/l that was created by someone who blindly started hating cgl without actually knowing what it is.
So princess-of-positivity, a blogger who promotes listening, learning, and being respectful of other people and aspects of their lives, now is against a whole, vast group of people and is indiscriminately blocking them based on an incorrect stereotype.
I’ve never been more shocked in my life. I guess mass hysteria and stereotyping are more powerful than I thought.

Unfortunately I can’t unlike those posts now, as that’s a result of blocking, so there’s now a shit ton of posts cluttering my likebox (or whatever it’s called) and it’s making it hard to reblog stuff because it takes so long to scroll past those posts.

anonymous asked:

Vhysteria and hysteria, let's make a little game with you two! ...you see this bag of candies? there are 5 candies in there, made with anon blood, sweet but sugarless! ...you have to try gessing something that is different from eachother, if your gess is correct you win a candy, if it isn't the other wins until the bag is over

* Oh wow that sounds like a fun get to know a person game! Do you wanna play it, friend?

* Um sure I guess! I do like games…..

* You and I both, friend! That’s a common thing about each other! We already know so much! Heheheh~

* Now should I go first or you to guess?

* I think I will, friend!

* I guess what’s different about you is that you hate the taste of watermelon.

* Are ya kidding!? I love watermelon! That’s a wrong guess so I get to keep a candy! Okay Okay it’s my turn now!

* My guess is that instead of Daff being your big brother it’d whoever that Cerberus person you mentioned is!

* …….. Wrong.

* Oh… okay. I guess you get to have a candy the-

* Cerberus couldn’t be because he doesn’t want to be. I wouldn’t want him either, friend.

* Okay friend you don’t have to delve deep  into it I was just curious and it was something that was different. It’s your turn now.

* Alrighty then, friend. What I guess is that you don’t like fighting!

* And you do!?

* Well…. it kinda comes naturally, friend. I just guessed it because you always seem to be avoiding them.

* ….. Do you like the taste of blood?

* I don’t really care for the taste but I don’t hate it.


* As a boss does Gravestone treat you right? Do you like your job? Was there a moment that you disliked it or liked it depending on your answer to the previous question? Did you…..kill anyone?

* When did this turn into an interview? It wasn’t even your turn, friend.

* Wait was that one blood question a guessing question or what? Now I’m confused!


   " In the end, it was amazing to have each other’s support. Her presence at the gala screening of the movie made me really nervous. She was sitting in front of me. I kept looking at the back of her neck, trying to find out if she was liking the movie or not [laughs]. I only relaxed when, at the end, Kristen told me she loved it.“  

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Hysteria Joker x Reader

[This may end up being another series. We’ll see. ]

Warnings: Profanity. Obviously.

Are you fucking kidding me! The words spiraled in your head. You heard this club was safe. No gang, mafia or criminal affiliations but then again this was Gotham, you didn’t think there was one place left that is truly above board so to say. So here you are. Plastered to the fucking floor, of this shit club, being held up by the damn Joker. What the hell was going on with your life? You could swear that this is just the latest chapter in the cosmic joke that is your life. Unfortunately that joke must have been pretty damn funny because you accidentally let out an audible laugh while the Clown was taking everyone’s belongings. ‘Shit’ You silently scold yourself throwing a hand over your face which unfortunately causes you to laugh harder. ‘Im so fucked’ Even harder. ‘You were gonna die here because you couldn’t keep your damn mouth shut!’ Your laughing completely out loud now as you hear footsteps approach from behind you and all the other captives try to slowly worm their way away from you. You must have looked utterly mad and at that thought you bust out in utter hysteria now flipping onto your back holding your stomach because of the force of your crazed laughter.

Amused the Joker approaches the young woman that laughing hysterically on the floor wondering what joke he hasn’t been let in on. In all his career he has never seen a hostage bust out laughing. He looks over the hysterical girl writhing on the floor cracking up at some untold joke. He takes her in as he slowly approaches her. She was short, then again most people seemed short to him since he was in no way a short man. She was wearing a hoodie that read Bat-Shit Crazy on the front over a red Bat symbol. 'Interesting choice.’ He thought to himself. Her jeans hugged her ass but weren’t painted on like most of the women that usually surrendered him. She wore plain black convers and only a few piercings for jewelry. Her hair falling loose from the ponytail hid in the hood of her sweater framed her face as she laughed. She must have been in her early twenties, she looked so young, so innocent, so…. different.

“What’s so funny there Doll Face?” He asked in an amused and low tone as the young girl struggled to catch some semblance of sanity between her laughing fits.

You cant believe it. You’ve royalty fucked up now, you caught the Joker’s attention, nice going. Another wave of hysteria hits as you look around and see the faces of your fellow captives. They looked nearly as afraid of you as they did this freaking clown.

“You!” You managed to choke out between laughing fits. “This, this whole….” you gasp in another breath. “ debacle!” Your crying now from all the laughter.

Joker’s face sours a bit. He doesn’t like being someone else’s joke.

“And what, what, what is so funny about your current, very precarious situation my dear.” The words ran from his mouth ice cold.

You’re already dead, you figure might as well go for broke. Regaining yourself just enough to speak you let the Clown Prince of Crime in on your own personal joke.

“Well you Mister Joker sir.” You start off in almost a mocking tone propping yourself up on one elbow now literally lounging on the ground at his feet. “You’re gonna kill me see, and probably everyone else in this shit hole too.” You wave your hand lazily in the air to gesture at your now gasping audience. “And there’s really nothing any of us can do about it right?” You ask with something almost resembling amusement filling your eyes.

“Probably. ” He responds cocking his head to the side growing amused with this strange young girl again.

“Well then.” You say as you start to make your way to your feet, done with all this 'cowering in fear’ bull shit as the Joker pulls his custom purple and green handgun on you. “Why die cowering on the floor like a bug about to be squished.” You make a squishing motion with your foot. “when I can die standing up with a smile on my face?” A smile rips across your face as you grab the barrel of the Joker’s gun and place it on your forehead half way expecting him to blow your head off before you could retract your hand.

Shock floods the Joker as the young, pretty, pretty, girl grabs the barrel of his gun jerking it to her own forehead almost making his finger slip on the trigger. The thought of accidentally blowing her away didn’t amuse him as much as it normally would have. He has never met someone like this. Especially not in these circumstances.

“Hmmmm….” He murrmers his voice a near growl as he retracts the gun from your forehead. He starts stalking around you, his eyes mesmerizing, reminding you of a documentary you saw on Animal Planet recently of a tiger stalking his prey. Yup, that’s what he reminded you of a tiger, and you were the prey. Or maybe… You step directly in the path of his circle stopping him dead in his tracks. It was obvious to you he wasn’t accustom to being challenged. Not that you were all that use to challenging a psychopath, but today was just that kind of day.

You look him dead in the eyes and step uncomfortably close to him, almost touching him, but not quite. You lean forward on your toes so you can whisper in his ears. “I’m not afraid of death. And I’m not afraid of you.” And with that you see something light in the Joker’s eyes. Damn, I’m a fucking idiot you thought as the King of Crime descends upon you.

—————– To Be Continued ——————-