This summer, I’m reading two accounts of far-flung, tempestuous twentieth-century lives. Vincent Giroud’s “Nicolas Nabokov: A Life in Freedom and Music” chronicles a surreal career that Nabokov’s cousin, the novelist Vladimir, would have been hard-pressed to invent: a cosmopolitan composer flees the collapse of tsarist Russia and winds up as a Cold War cultural warrior, organizing ambitious festivals that were secretly subsidized by the C.I.A. In what amounts to a full-throated defense of a controversial figure, Giroud argues that Nabokov exploited Cold War hysteria more than it exploited him.
—  New Yorker writers (in this case Alex Ross) reveal the books they’re reading this summer.

Ohhh, I love you Tame Impala fans. You’re all awesome. Be my friends. «3

(emotional moment after all the Currets video hysteria.)

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No war on churches? How about the nine black churches that have been burned down in the US?

Those churches are being targeted because they’re part of the black community, not because they’re Christian churches–and the people setting the fires are (ostensibly) Christian. 

According to the Fox News/Tea Party hysteria/rhetoric, though, there’s an organized campaign by Non-Christians (Muslims, Jews, liberals, atheists, etc) to persecute Christians for their Christianity, which is very clearly not the case. 

One is a persecution complex by the dominant culture, which is throwing a tantrum about having to actually live up to the beliefs of their founder and treat others with kindness and decency.  The other is a persecuted minority group that also belongs to the same religion as the dominant group (more or less), but is being persecuted and tormented on racial grounds, not religious grounds. 

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do you know the set lost the boys played at roskilde?

Muse live at Roskilde Festival 2015 - setlist:

  1. [Drill Sergeant] + Psycho
  2. Supermassive Black Hole
  3. The Handler
  4. Plug In Baby
  5. Dead Inside
  6. Interlude + Hysteria (Back in Black outro riff)
  7. Munich Jam (Drones D&B)
  8. Madness
  9. Apocalypse Please
  10. Supremacy
  11. Mercy
  12. Time Is Running Out
  13. Reapers
  14. Starlight
  15. Stockholm Syndrome (+ Township Rebellion riff)

  16. [JFK] + Uprising
  17. Man with a Harmonica + Knights of Cydonia
LSU Prof Fired for Telling Jokes Is Latest Victim of College Anti-Sex Hysteria
"I'm not teaching Sunday school."

Associate Professor Teresa Buchanan liked to keep her students entertained. She wasn’t against using humor—and occasionally, profanity—to make sure students were paying attention during the education classes she taught at Louisiana State University.

“If the curriculum is fucking awful, I might say that it is,” said Buchanan in an interview with Reason. “I’m not teaching Sunday school.”

She also jokingly told some of her female students that that they shouldn’t expect their boyfriends to keep helping them out with their coursework after the sex gets stale.

University administrators, unfortunately, are not known for appreciating comedy—or respecting academic freedom.

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/post/123076887075 how is this misogynistic?

the word hysteria literally means womb madness, it was a term coined by male doctors to dismiss any neuroatypical symptoms found in women as simply being caused by menstruation

A Moment of Great Decisions | Jacobin
Despite media misinformation and EU blackmail, anti-austerity forces in Greece remain strong ahead of Sunday’s referendum.

My “uncharacteristic silence” of the last few days, as someone described it on my Facebook page, is simply due to the fact that, since I arrived in Athens for the No campaign on Sunday, I have slept very little and worked a lot. Today I spoke at two gatherings at workplaces (the central railway station in Athens and the central building of the subway). A great experience. My schedule for tomorrow includes talks at various gatherings in the industrial zone of Moschato and a public meeting in Petroupoli, in the western suburbs of Athens.

Workers feel the pressure of the situation created by the media hysteria and the closure of the banks. They are rather critical of theconcessions made by the government during those exhausting “negotiations,” but in general they are confident in the victory of No. They expect this to be a new start for the Syriza government, with more of its program implemented.

I would urge all those who follow what is going on in Greece with the typical mixture of anxiety and hope to keep as cool a head as possible. The Greek media are in a hysterical state, and the Western media are not that different. One of their favorite themes, on top of the apocalyptic atmosphere they are propagating, is that the referendum will not take place, that the government has actually accepted the Juncker plan and will cancel the referendum and so on. Beware of such misinformation.

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two and five and ten !!

2. Describe a memory you have that wasn’t shown in your canon.

more rulebending. you just can’t seem to keep me out of trouble.

i remember after learning where they were keeping you, i cut down every single wretched creature in my path. i did not stealth. i did, usually, i was careful, usually. but not then. i remember yelling at samuel to  take me to the golden cat and cursing the admiral for forcing me to wait.

i remember stabbing him, six times even, and i remember him being the only person you watched me murder.

5. Do any songs make you feel nostalgic or remind you of your canon?

better not wake the baby by the decemberists (thank you, again, really), the mass hysteria as well as the flood by the paper chase, ten feet tall by devil makes three, riverside by agnes obel if i’m feeling melancholy (like now).

10. Do you have any pet peeves involving your fan base?

i am not a selfish being. call me an animal all you wish, but the moment you assume i did not do a single thing i did for emily, for you, you are wrong. and i resent you.

pleasure came second. i may have enjoyed some of my kills, but i would have never killed in the first place if not for you.


   " In the end, it was amazing to have each other’s support. Her presence at the gala screening of the movie made me really nervous. She was sitting in front of me. I kept looking at the back of her neck, trying to find out if she was liking the movie or not [laughs]. I only relaxed when, at the end, Kristen told me she loved it.“  

We all joke a lot about muse but I think we can all appreciate all the things they taught us:
  • stand up for what you believe or no one will
  • always break free out of toxic situations / don’t let toxic people control you
  • let out your frustration
  • be kind
  • love is powerful
  • we are only people but we always have a say in what happens, we may be small but we are not insignificant
  • if you make a mistake you always get a chance to start over and be a better person
  • you’re never lost, you’re just searching, and you will find whatever you’re looking for
  • it’s ok to believe in aliens

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Do you know that today there is a very long article in the swedish newspaper aftonbladet about larry stylinson and the larries? it´s on the culture-pages availeble on net!


That was VERY interesting, whoever wrote this clearly spent a lot of time researching! I like how they express all the facts without judging the Larries too much. 

Translation under the read more.

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The doctors say
my uterus wandering
through the darkened
upstairs of my home.

It weighs 50 grams
and tilts towards my lover,
looking him full in the face
when his mouth lies
between my legs.

If I’d been born
in this country
before last century turned
maybe I’d have
caught my uterus,

would have strangled it
as it pulled my hair towards the moon,
the sun creeping across the wallpaper
during my long rest as leeches
suckled my bloody children.

Now I,
sob & laugh into my clenched fists,
clock my love in the nose,
and walk the path my uterus wandered
when it was last within me.

When it hadn’t been 50 grams
of red muscle on a tray
that a nurse took away
as I slept,

of how the sun lives at night.
—  Crystal Vega-Huerta, “Hysteria,” originally published in Window Cat Press