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What do you find attractive about Pennywise? Not making fun of you I'm just curious.

It’s the whole illusion of “there’s this big scary killer monster but how crazy is it that they have a soft spot for me and me only”; like when that Twilight craze happened.Everyone was crazy for Edward bc he was this vampire that could kill Bella in an instant yet he couldn’t bc he loved her.Physically it’s Penny’s lips,cheeks,smile,hell his whole entire face including that 10head,his height aggfsldlsnhafs hnnnng I love it 😍
2017 Penny has somewhat of a baby face and I’m a sucker for those


Hysteria move trailer

Hysteria - CCC1/2

This film came pretty far from left field and for the most part continued to do so right to the end of the film.

From the trailer I thought it was a romantic comedy built around the invention of the vibrator, by the end the movie I realized it was a movie about women’s right centered around being a romantic comedy that just so happened to have the invention of the vibrator in it.

I think the movie was sold to be about the vibrator in order to get people’s asses ins eats to watch it because the movie really doesn’t touch up on the vibrator till maybe the last portion of the movie.

It’s nice to see a movie heavily populated with character actors, there is no star in this film, and refreshingly there doesn’t need to be a star of this film. The star of the film is mostly the story and message.

The movie centers around a young doctor named Mortimer who is a good physician, in fact too good at his job that he can’t keep it because most of the places he works at don’t live up to his standards of the health code (which is a good thing).

Desperate for a job he winds up being hired by Dr. Dalrymple as a physician to women in order to cure their ‘hysteria’. You may as well call him a gynecologist of this day in age since his area of practice is centered around the female genitals.

At this time hysteria was I guess classified as female craziness, they couldn’t figure out why women would just go crazy in a  way that was irrational to men (we men still can’t figure it out sadly). This doctor found a way to cure it or at least help it extremely which meant him placing his hand ….well you know. Basically helping the lady achieve climax with his hand.

Mortimer quickly becomes a natural at it and business is booming, he soon fraternizes with the doctor’s two daughters; Emily and Charlotte. Emily is very much a female of the time who has been brain washed to think that she must think and act a certain way. Charlotte is the absolute opposite who is very much her own woman and a definite feminist of the most positive regard.

Mortimer through the film finds himself first falling for Emily but then soon falling for Charlotte as the film progresses though.

The film turns from a funny sexual joke and about how the female orgasm was so unknown to men at this time (and still is to a degree) to about how women in general were/are so unknown to men that they had next to no rights over men (couldn’t vote, couldn’t orgasm, etc) and no real defense.

This film is a feminist film disguised as a romantic comedy for the most part. I found it to be mildly entertaining, I liked the message it sent and the way it came about it, I also liked the casting. I can never understand why general audiences find Maggie Gyllenhaal (I may’ve mispelled) to be labelled as not attractive compared to other women. Maybe its just me who seemed to have caught more negative flack about her than others.

Personally I find her to be very sexy and most of her character in general to be sexy as she usually tends to play the kind of women that i guess I am attracted to; strong, smart, independent women who do not bullshit around and can and would knock your teeth out if you cross them.

I actually felt she played Rachel Dawes (Dark Knight trilogy) better than Katie Holmes did.

I guess unlike most female actresses in these movies she is not really the kind of actress that tries to exude sexuality, she usually shines her character’s personality more so than sexual assets. Which I like.

Hugh Dancy I have seen in plenty of movies where he plays many character roles, and as always he owns his role the way a typical character actor does.

Really the film is decent but in the end it doesn’t doesn’t go any further than that, I didn’t like that it didn’t elaborate more on the invention of the vibrator as the film advertised so I felt that I was sold the wrong movie. I came in for a romantic comedy centered around the creation of the vibrator and got a romantic comedy centered around feminism. In the end I still thought the film was worth watching for the night and was entertained but nothing else other than that.

Bottom line is if you are looking for a period film that 'touches on’ a topic you’ve probably never heard about or looking for a movie with strong female characters and good acting this is right up your alley. However it is still your garden variety rom com that still follows the formula. It is safe for kids as there is no nudity and all the sexuality is treated like comedy more than what it is. However if you bring your kid to this they are going to wonder why those ladies are acting that way and why they are lying down like that. It’s a fun movie to watch one night, discuss and joke about it. You only really need to see it once. I give it CCC1/2 on the Corey Scale.

Hugh Dancy: 'I don't need to be stinking rich'
The Hysteria actor on bad films, fatherhood, and 'posh bashing'.

“Why did I do it [Basic Instinct 2]? We were filming Shooting Dogs in Africa for a pittance and Michael [Caton-Jones] said ‘look Hughie come and do a couple of days’. I said 'great’. If you can’t do something that is clearly silly in order to work with a friend then, I dunno, life’s no fun.”

DID Awareness Day

Hello all! I apologize in advance for the length of this post, but it would be amazing if you could read it all. Today is Dissociative Identity Disorder Awareness Day. I don’t expect many of you will know what that is, but that’s what this post is about, raising awareness on awareness day.

What is Dissociative Identity Disorder (formerly Multiple Personalities Disorder)? The short, text book definition describes it as “A disorder characterized by the presence of two or more distinct personality states.” It is a form of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and quite often stems from sexual abuse when one is a child. Before we dive any further into the disorder, let’s learn a few terms.

Host- The individual who has the disorder.

Alter- One of the personality states that takes over the host. Traumatic memory holders.

Dissociate- When the host’s typical personality is overcome by an alter’s personality.

Triggers- These can be objects, actions, or senses that cause one to dissociate.

Fronting- The act of an alter personality taking over the host’s personality.

Co-conscious- When the host can hear everything an alter personality would say, but the alter has no control over the body.

Co-fronting- When two personality types are out at once.

Outer World- Our world as you and I know it.

Inner World- The place where alters are if they are not fronting. When an alter fronts, they often talk about this place, and can describe it in detail.

Now that we have the terminology down, let’s talk about the disorder a bit more. Ultimately, Dissociative Identity Disorder is a coping mechanism. As mentioned, it stems from a traumatic event. What this traumatic event does is it fragments a normal personality and all of its mood changes. Where you and I might get emotional about something, someone with DID might dissociate into an alter with a self-destructive personality. Where you and I might get angry about something, someone with DID might dissociate into an alter with anger issues. Emphasis on MIGHT. The host still can get angry on their own without needing to dissociate. I mentioned that term “trigger.” Triggers can often stem from a traumatic event. For instance, if this traumatic event involved blood, the sight of blood might cause one to dissociate. Why is that? Well, the host can no longer remember these traumatic events in their normal personality state. Part of the job of an alter personality is to hold these traumatic memories so that the host doesn’t have to recall them (Remember, DID is a coping mechanism). So, where someone WITHOUT DID might see blood and remember a traumatic event. Someone WITH DID would see blood and front into an alter that remembers the incident with blood.

It is important to note also that once the first traumatic event causes DID in someone, additional events can cause additional personality splits. In other words, people with DID often gain more alters as time moves on, as long as there are more things they need to forget. On average, a female with DID has 16 alters, while a male has around 5.

The only real “cure” for DID is for someone to gain the trust of all the alter personalities and have the alters disclose the traumatic events they are holding to them. That trusted person must then remind the host of these traumatic memories. Once the host is reminded of all these repressed memories, then there would be no need for the alters to be there to carry them. If the host can handle these newly remembered traumatic events, these multiple personality types will form into one. If this cannot be achieved, however, the DSM-IV states that DID symptoms usually reduce heavily around age 40, except during times of great stress.

What are some side-effects of having DID? Well, people with DID can be extremely addictive. Keeping drugs, alcohol, and other addictive substances away from them is a must. Also, people with DID often suffer from extreme anxiety and depression. Derealization and self-harm are also common.

Dissociative Identity Disorder in Hollywood: Hollywood loves a good box office hit, and what better way to drive that home than with fear. The first major movie to feature someone with DID was “Sybil” (1976). This movie instilled fear about DID (then called Multiple Personalities Disorder) into the minds and hearts of its viewers. Ever since then, there has been a negative stigma about DID. I can assure you that people with DID are NOT murderers. I have hung out with someone with DID for what’s got to be nearing the “dozens of hours” mark, and I have not once feared for my life. If you do research on “Sybil”, you will find also that thousands more cases of DID were diagnosed after its release. Naysayers argue that DID is not a real disorder, and is merely a result of a mass hysteria after a fictional movie. Others argue that the movie raised awareness about the disease, and got more people to realize they had it. The DSM-IV states that someone often goes 7 or more years between their first symptoms of DID and their official diagnosis. Sufferers of DID have said that they simply thought their symptoms were normal, and everyone had them. Since “Sybil,” people have unofficially diagnosed Norman Bates of the television series “Bates Motel” and the movie “Psycho” with DID. Again, these are very horrible representations of people with DID. Don’t let Hollywood misguide you. Other shows such as “United States of Tara” represent DID more accurately, but in a condensed version, where things occur much more frequently and faster than it normally occurs to keep the show moving.

What should you do if you know someone with DID? Well, first of all, don’t be a jerk. This is not something that these people can control. Also, make sure these people are receiving some sort of professional help. A dedicated friend is nice, but will never be enough. Be responsible. I neglected to mention until now, when a host dissociates, they will not remember anything that occurred while an alter was out. You obviously catch my drift when I say you need to be responsible. Be patient. This is not an easy thing for them to live with. Understand that and you will be fine. Be compassionate. You will likely give plenty of “You are not a bad person” talks. Above all, just be a friend. People with DID often don’t have many, because so many people view them as “Too difficult.” At the end of the day though, we are all mentally unhealthy to some extent. We need to stick together.

Believe it or not, this is my condensed description of DID. If you have any questions for me or my friend who has DID, let me know, and I will try to have them answered for you.