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Exploring Boston and beyond

Whether you’re into following the Boston baseball scene, genning up on the infamous Salem witch trials or whale watching off Cape Cod; New England offers entertainment, a fascinating history and natural wonders in equal measure. Danny Baggott shared his top ten Massachusetts must-dos.

Whale watching at Stellwagen Bank

Photo by Davide Cantelli on Unsplash

Whale watching is a serious ecotourism industry in eastern Massachusetts, with an estimated one million passengers hitting the ocean for a chance to observe these fantastic creatures. Most visitors head for Stellwagen Bank, an 842-square-mile marine sanctuary located at the mouth of Massachusetts Bay; jump aboard a whale-watching vessel and keep your camera poised for the North Atlantic right, humpback and finback whale, all of which use these waters as a feeding ground.

Laid-back Cape Cod

The peninsula of Cape Cod is summer holiday Nirvana for good reason - stretching from arty Provincetown at the northern tip to the scenic seaside village of Woods Hole, at the extreme southwest corner, there’s something for everyone in the Cape: it oozes historic character, boasts miles of pristine coastline, and there are over 50 golf courses to tee off from. And foodies will love its legendary seafood and superlative ice-cream (lobster flavour, anyone?).

The Boston Red Sox

Photo by tpsdave on Pixelbay

The renowned Fenway Park - home to the Boston Red Sox since 1912 - has hosted the World Series an impressive ten times, making baseball’s oldest ballpark one of the most well-known sporting venues in the world. Grab tickets for a Red Sox game and soak up the atmosphere or, on non-game days, book a behind-the-scenes guided tour and follow in the footsteps of legends like David Ortiz, Ted Williams and Babe Ruth.

The Salem Witch Museum

The Salem Witch Museum examines the infamous Salem witch trials, a series of hearings between 1692 and 1693, which resulted in 14 women and six men being executed for the supposed crime of witchcraft. Visitors can experience the drama and hysteria that surrounded this slice of American history through life-size stage sets complete with a spine-tingling narration, while the second part of the exhibition examines the changing perceptions of witches today. 

The New England Aquarium

Photo by StockSnap on Pixabay

Boston’s New England Aquarium sets the aquarium bar high: it’s home to thousands of aquatic animals, from the giant Pacific octopus to lionfish, sea dragons and little blue penguins. This underwater paradise also has an impressive array of exhibits including the Giant Ocean Tank, a four-storey Caribbean reef, and the largest shark and ray touch tank on the east coast. Don’t miss the chance to see astonishing footage of sea creatures at the IMAX theatre.

Ramblewild in Lanesborough

Set in ten acres of New England forest, Ramblewild is the ultimate tree-to-tree adventure park. The focal point is a 15-foot central platform, which is the starting point for eight aerial obstacle courses - four of which cross a ravine. The courses range in ability but, whichever you choose, you’ll be faced with high wires, zip lines, balancing logs, rope ladders, cargo nets and suspended bridges. For those who prefer a slower pace, guided hikes are also on offer.

Duxbury Beach

The 7.5-mile long Duxbury Beach - which runs from Marshfield in the north to Gurnet Point and Saquish in the south - is recognisable by its endless stretch of sand dunes and beach roses. In addition to soaking up the sun and myriad watersports, there’s also ample opportunity to enjoy the area’s marine life, native and migratory birds, and indigenous vegetation. Families will love the Kid’s Corner, which offers fun beach activities.

The Norman Rockwell Museum

The Norman Rockwell Museum - set in leafy surrounds in Stockbridge - showcases the most significant collection of the American artist’s work in the world. Best known for his depiction of US culture in the early 20th-century, particularly the illustrations he created for The Saturday Evening Post over nearly five decades, the museum houses his studio, too, including personal memorabilia and reference materials.

Martha’s Vineyard

Located south of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard covers an area of 100 square miles, making it the third largest island on the east coast. It’s a magical place to while away a summer’s day with its picture-postcard cottages and lighthouses, well-maintained beaches and vibrant cultural scene - little wonder it’s a beloved holiday hotspot for America’s well-heeled (Obama likes to kick back here). Don’t miss the chance to ride the Flying Horses, the country’s oldest working carousel, constructed in 1876.

The Museum of Fine Arts

Photo by McElspeth on Pixabay

The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston - founded in 1870 - is the fourth largest of its kind in the US, containing more than 450,000 works of art. From Egyptian artifacts and Japanese pottery to 14th-century triptychs and works by Andy Warhol, some of the finest pieces in the world are on display here, so you’ll need to plan your visit carefully to make sure you don’t miss anything. Do leave time for the shop, though, which has an astonishing collection of books on art.

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Words by Danny Baggott

Header photo by Bonnie Kittle on Unsplash

wE WE’RE MADE IN AMERICA *kicks chair over* WE’RE CLASSIC HYSTERIA *throws a vase* WE’RE CULTURE CLASHING *jumps out window* HAZARD SMASHING *sets a car on fire* MAYBE SOMEONE’S WE WERE MADE IN AMERICA *kicks a trash can over* WE’RE FUCKED AND DON’T CARE AT ALL *punches a pedestrian* AESTHETICALLY, YEAH, WE’RE SO PLEASING *smashes a window*

Ahsoka!” Kaeden ran toward her, but stopped short of throwing her good arm around Ahsoka’s shoulder. She knew that lightsabers were not to be trifled with. She could almost feel the power pouring out of Ahsoka anyway. It was amazing. “I could kiss you.”
Ahsoka stopped in her tracks. The look she shot Kaeden was mildly confused.
“Not now, I mean,” Kaeden said. She wanted to laugh for the first time in weeks but thought that might just be the hysteria setting in. “My timing is terrible and you have all those Jedi hang-ups. I just wanted you to know in case we die.”
“Oh,” said Ahsoka. “Well, thanks.” She paused. “And we are not going to die.”
“If you say so,” Kaeden agreed.
—  Star Wars: Ahsoka, by E.K. Johnston

I know I haven’t been participating in this months book photo challenge but today’s theme is ghost and I wanted to show off this little painting I did for my book shelves for ghost stories

Meeting the Team

Anon request: 
“So could you do a Tyler little sister meeting Mark and the team? I just thought this would be super cute!” 

I changed it a little, so the reader has known Mark for years since he and Tyler have been friends since school. Hope that is ok! 

Originally posted by martziplier98

“What if they don’t like me?” You asked. 
Tyler gave you a hard side glance, matching it with a reassuring smile. “(Y/N) they’ll love you. They’ve put up with Mark and I for a while now. You’ll be an angel compared to us.” 
You grinned a little at that. Your older brother pulled into the drive-way of the house and you had barely gotten out of the car when a man came flying out of the house. 
“(Y/N)!” Mark hollered as he tackled you in a massive, bone-crushing hug. 
You squealed as he lifted you up and started spinning you in circles. You both started screaming, faking terror and hysteria as Mark flung you around like a rag-doll.
Finally, he set you down with a laugh and you giggled, a little dizzy. 
“My God, look at you!” He said, tapping you head. “You’ve grown so much since we last saw each other!” 
“You seem to have shrunk, Mark.” You stabbed his chest with your finger. “What happened? Old age getting the better of you?” 
Mark chuckled, shaking his head. “I’ve missed you so much.” 
Tyler removed your bags from the back seat and Mark led the way into the house. 
“You’ll be in the spare bedroom,” Mark told you as they entered his home. “What ours is yours. The kitchen is where the food it. The bathroom is where you shower,” 
“Thanks for having me,” You grinned at him. “It’s nice to get away from home for awhile”
Already your nerves were making your stomach do back-flips. Even more so when you were guided into the living room. 
Two girls looked up at you, their smiles broad and warm as they stood to introduce themselves. 
“You must be (Y/N)!” The blonde said. You guessed this was Amy, “My God, Mark hasn’t stopped talking about you for weeks now. He can finally shut up.” 
“And Tyler’s been so excited to see you.” Kathrine told you. “I’m happy you’re here, we can finally meet the glorious (Y/N)” 
“I do try,” You said and the girls laughed. 

“Oh, so this is Tyler’s sister?” A young man asked. Approaching you with a kind smile. “I’m Ethan, nice to meet you.” 
“You too,” You shook his hand. “I’ve heard so much about you guys.” You said and Tyler chuckled. 
“She was afraid you wouldn’t like her,” Tyler told them. 
Ethan gasped dramatically, “We’d never be so cruel. No matter what, you’ll be better than Tyler.” 
“Hey!” Tyler exclaimed, fake whacking the blue-boy with your bag. “I’m a nice guy.” 
“A pain in the ass is what you are!” Amy said with a smile. 
You all laughed. You couldn’t help but feel so comfortable around them all. Amy and Kathrine offered you a seat on the couch and Ethan went to go get drinks for everyone. 
They were so welcoming! 

Tyler settled beside you, watching the conversation between you and the women unfold. 
Mark caught the small smile that stretched across his friend’s lips. And he couldn’t help but feel himself swell with happiness as you all sat down and chatted. It seemed so natural to see you smile with them. Laugh at their silly jokes. 
He wondered if you’d stay for a little longer than you intended. 

The Logical Poem

It’s emotions
That cause
It’s feelings
That leave you
Lights your
But a love unjust
Is just
Hate is kindnesses
Oh and need
Now replaces wants’
Steer clear
And keep weaknesses
Hidden near
Give no notions
To emotions
‘Cause always
It seems
When you play emotions’
What remains
Get some logic
When emotions become
Replace disparity
With clarity
Become purely rational
Not confrontational
Resolve to solve
The irrational
Set criteria
To meet
Oh! If only it was
So simple

Let's talk about the most notorious case of Ouija board possession

Most people are too terrified to use a Ouija board, not because they think they’ll be haunted, but that they will become possessed. This is mostly due to the popular 70s horror movie, The Exorcist, in which a young girl uses a Ouija board and becomes possessed by the demon Pazuzu, causing some horrifying consequences. This movie (which really is terrifying if you haven’t seen it) basically turned the world against Ouija boards for good, in the same way that Jaws set off a shark hysteria that also lingers to this day. But what made this movie different from any other shock horror was that it was based on a true story, except it was a little boy that was possessed. 

Codenamed Roland or Robbie Doe, this young boy lived in Maryland with his Lutheran family and his aunt, who was a spiritualist and introduced him to the Ouija board, which he greatly enjoyed. After she passed, his family noted that Roland developed the power to make objects fly, and could make the furniture move on its own. After a number of exorcisms, the boy started speaking in fluent, guttural Latin and at one point attacked a priest. They relocated to St. Louis where he was carefully observed by studied Catholic priests. Roland continued to attack during exorcisms, and evil words appeared on his skin. After a successful exorcism, Roland was fine, went back to normal, and lived a normal life.

One of my psychology professors interviewed one of the priests involved in this while working on his thesis. He told us that Roland had asked him to pick something in the room to move, and when the priest picked the lamp, the lamp unplugged itself, floated across the room, and landed in Roland’s hands.

Let me state one thing clearly here.


Whether it be hallucinations, hysteria, or epilepsy, all other “demonic possessions” from a Ouija board have been disproven. Even the main exorcist, as in the exorcist that The Exorcist is based on, now claims that it could have been a hoax, and that Roland could have possibly suffered some kind of major mental illness.

Even if Roland wasn’t possessed, think of the millions of people that have used Ouija boards, and only this one case has been credited as an actual demonic possession. What are the odds that this will happen to you?

We also don’t know exactly what was going on in Roland’s house before this. His aunt could have very well toyed around with demonism and got her nephew involved. We know for sure that he used a Ouija board, but really he could have been doing ANYTHING else to contact this demon. The Ouija board may have had nothing to do with it for all we know.

Also there’s a pattern with people who claim demonic possession via Ouija board: they are all vigilantly religious. Most are Catholic, and have grown up hearing stories of Catholic priests performing exorcisms, and have grown up in fear of becoming possessed, know full well all the classic symptoms of possession, and most importantly, believe in demonic possession wholeheartedly. You’ll never hear of an atheist being possessed. You’ll never hear of a Jew being possessed by a Christian demon. It all stays within a certain faith. There are a lot of demonic possession stories from different cultures who believe in it, and they are all unique to their culture. 

That being said, if you are part of a religion that firmly believes in demons and demonic possession, I would advise you not to play the Ouija board. You’re gonna contact some trickster who will want to scare you, and they’ll pretend to be a demon just to spook you. You’re gonna get weirded out and may even have a slight haunting if the spirit is so inclined. Don’t play unless you are 1000% certain that you will not be scared if a spirit tries to take advantage of your faith. And also don’t discourage others from playing because of your religion; if they’re part of a different belief than you, they’ll be better off playing the board than you will. 

Let me give you my Ouija Girl guarantee right here and now: YOU WILL NOT BE POSSESSED BY A DEMON IF YOU PLAY THE OUIJA BOARDYOU WILL NOT CONTACT A DEMON IF YOU PLAY THE OUIJA BOARD. IF YOU ENCOUNTER SOMEONE SAYING THEY’RE A DEMON, THEY’RE LYING. Do I personally believe in demons? Yes. Do I believe they can possess humans? Yes. Do I believe that they use the Ouija board to accomplish this? Absolutely not. I believe that demons are very smart creatures that, if they wanted to mess with you, have far more powerful ways of doing so. The Ouija board is a very basic, simple method of spirit communication, and a demon using it to communicate would be like you trying to text your BFF in Morse code. 

Don’t forget the story of Roland Doe, but relax knowing that it’s never going to happen to you. 

Vengeance ~ Part I

Peter Parker x OC

requested? Nope

Warning? none

Note: So here it is!!!! The sequel!!! I hope you love part one it was so much fun writing it with the talented hoebag @rejectcentral!!!!!!! So sit back, relax, and enjoy the story…

Tony Stark’s POV:

~Six months after Samara’s death~

It’s been 6 months since my daughter died and her spider boyfriend went and gave up the spandex because he couldn’t deal with looking at the citizens of New York without feeling the failure weigh so heavily on his shoulders.

Peter Parker isn’t special, I feel the same way he does. I failed protecting my own child, my heir, but you don’t see me throwing in my suits. Actually the opposite, I seem to have fallen deeper into the depths of rage and depression.

Pepper ended our ‘break’ the moment I  found out that Samara died. I drank bourbon and whiskey until I couldn’t see straight and drunk dialed her. I didn’t expect her to come back, I also didn’t expect her to run into my garage as I was throwing tools around and calm down my raging ass.

What Peter and I will always have in common is that we are changed by the events that took place, and not for the better either.

“This is your 30th time looking Tony..” Pepper said in a knowing voice.

“Not the last either if I don’t find her…I know you’re looking out for me, I do and I appreciate it, trust me, but as long as Samara’s body is out there not found I will never give up looking. I need to lay my baby to rest.” I said, determination and a slight crazed tone laced my voice.

Pepper nodded her head sadly, placing her hand on my Iron Man metal suit chest, and gave me a peck on my cheek before I closed the metal mask.

“You’ll be home for dinner?” She asked backing away giving me space. I took a deep breath and felt the rockets in my feet kick on, sending me flying into the air. As I flew above New York I couldn’t help but watch the scene of Sam dying all over again. I was able to hack security cameras from all over the city to capture the entire event. All that I want now is to be able to find her body and put her to rest, at least that will give me some sort of relief that this whole ordeal is over. I turned on F.R.I.D.A.Y and had her begin to scan the river and along all of its banks for what seemed like the 300th time since Samara’s death. Again, she came up with nothing. I couldn’t say that I expected much more from her, F.R.I.D.A.Y. was just a computer program anyways, she wasn’t perfect. Sighing, I was about to fly back to the tower before I saw a familiar blue sweatshirt sitting on a firescape, staring blankly into the dusk scenery of Queens. I slowly flew down to Parker, knowing that he was having as rough of a time as anyone, after all he had known Samara the longest. The kid looked like he just had the shit beat out of him numerous times, probably has without Sam to defend him and make him grow some balls like she used to. I landed beside the sulking boy, the metal from my suit clanking against the rust of the old steel. Parker looked over, his face neutral yet his eyes seemed like they had no life inside of them. All of the once youthful and innocent glow was now gone, replaced with a familiar stare, one that I had acquired over the past few months.

“Hey kid.” My voice was scratchy and raw from all of the emotions that I was still feeling course through my veins. He looked my suit up and down before returning his head back to his hands which rested on a bar in front of him, his legs dangling in front of him in the dusty air.

“I was looking around and I saw you, how are you?”

Peter didn’t respond at first, he didn’t even lift his head, he just shifted his eyes in my direction before answering. “I’m…fine,” Peter replied shortly breathing deep. “Well whenever you feel like being Spiderling again wing by,” I awkwardly patted him on the back, “Will do Mr. Stark.” Peter said doing a small salute, it’s sad watching such a bright spirited kid slowly lose his happiness. I could understand where he was coming from though, it was easy to see (though I didn’t normally approve) that they made each other better people… happier people.

Before I left to go back to the tower I had to tell Peter words of advice, he needs it.

“Samara wouldn’t want you to do this to yourself. If you loved her at all you’d see that this, all of what you’re doing,” i motioned around us in the air, sighing before I continued knowing it was like the blind leading the blind for me to give advice. “This isn’t what she died for kid, and you know it too, deep down.”

His expression seemed like I slapped him in the face. Before he could speak I was gone, I just hope that he takes what I said to heart.

As I was flying back, F.R.I.D.A.Y said the very thing that fought for so long to hear.

“I have spotted Samara Callalily Stark.”

My heart seized and my breath came out in short spurts, “give me the coordinates.”  Once F.R.I.D.A.Y gave me the directions I feel faint, my daughter has been on a bank of sand hidden from the eyes of coast guards, police and myself; but now she’s finally found, and her suffering is now truly over.

F.R.I.D.A.Y has directed me to a bed of calla lilies, under the bridge. I see multiple carts of clothes and homeless people scattered under the bridge for shelter.

“She’s here? Been here this whole time?” I asked F.R.I.D.A.Y. Confused I walked out of the suit and dropped to my knees, I letting my fingers graze over the flowers that smell of sweetness and happiness.

“No, actually Mr. Stark. I would estimate Samara has been recently buried, I say a few weeks, the flowers have grown from seeds at an aggressive rate.” F.R.I.D.A.Y said quizzically, I start to panick and rip the flowers from their roots. Someone has taken my baby’s body and returned it, what have they done?  

“Help! Help F.R.I.D.A.Y! She’s down here!” I yell digging with my bare hands. After a few minutes with F.R.I.D.A.Y’s help we see something wrapped in tarp. I almost stop, suddenly scared at what I’d find, the smell alone sends me into shock.

Someone has been here and tampered with my daughter’s remains.

F.R.I.D.A.Y kept digging and I sit there with a dirty hand clamped over my mouth. F.R.I.D.A.Y wraps the suit’s arms around the body shaped tarp and pulled it out.

“Mr. Stark would you like to open it now or-”

“At the tower…We need the tools there to find out why someone took her body.” I said, F.R.I.D.A.Y then gently placed Samara’s body on the sand to let me get into the suit, once I got into the suit I gently carry my child in my arms. Her body hung limply in my arms, dirt covering her skin, tinting it a darker tone than normal. As we flew through the air, her once vibrant blonde hair was now a strawberry blonde, something that I hadn’t noticed when I first discovered her body. I don’t ever remember her coloring her hair when she lived in the tower with me, so how did her hair color change? Maybe it was from the dirt somehow, I don’t know and I don’t really care at this point. All I know is that I have my daughter again.

“Tony you’re home ea-My God! You found her!” Pepper yelled in surprise once I landed on the tower, though I would love to talk to Pepper about finding my deceased daughter this was more important. So I keep walking, straight to the lab.

I opened the suit and carried Samara down to the lab, just to have a little more time with her before officially burying her. As I opened the glass doors, F.R.I.D.A.Y. had already cleared a sterile table off for me to lay her down. The lighting in the room made her look so pale, unlike her normal glowing complexion. Her now strawberry blonde hair lay fanned around her head and the tiny freckles on her cheekbones stood out more than normal. She looked so, peaceful, almost as if she were sleeping instead of dead. I could barely handle looking at her body like this, so I put a line of fluids in an IV in her arm just to keep her body hydrated so she doesn’t become disfigured. Slowing the drip down extensively, I walked out of the room, closing and locking the door behind me.

“F.R.I.D.A.Y., turn the lights off and make the glass one way please.” I said weakly.

“Of course sir.” The automated voice spoke back. The lights slowly went off one by one in the lab, only the E light above Samara’s body remained on, but before I could look further into the room, I was met with my reflection from the mirror. After staring back at myself for a few minutes, I turned my head to the ground, tears falling down my face as I walked towards the elevator to take me to my room.

“Mr. Stark would you like me to contact the rest of the team?” F.R.I.D.A.Y. asked gently, not wanting to set me off into a hysteria of emotions. I gulped and nodded my head slightly.

“Yes, but don’t contact Spider-boy yet. I want to tell him in person.”

“Of course Mr. Stark.”


Pain. Excruciating pain. That was all I felt. My brain was pounding against my skull, almost as if it were trying to break free. My wrists were burning, oh god, it was all so much pain. I kept trying to move my body around but to no avail. I couldn’t even feel my lungs moving, yet here I was, how was this happening? The burning in my wrist was becoming more and more painful, feeling the pain now run up through my entire arm and into my torso. I remained unmoved, but my mind was racing internally. How did I get here? I was on the bridge with Harry and Peter last I remembered. It couldn’t have been more than 10 minutes ago but now I can’t move. Oh my God, am I paralyzed? Am I in a coma?! OKay okay, calm down Samara, you’re fine, you are absolutely- Oh God. THE PAIN JUST MAKE IT STOP! I was screaming in my mind, the pain becoming so overwhelming that I couldn’t hold it in anymore and let out a bloodcurdling scream. Suddenly a calming voice entered my mind,

“Let go my darling, it’s time for you to go back home.”

Before I could question my mother’s voice, the pain was gone, as was the darkness.

Gasping, I sat up quickly from a hardened surface, a single bright light overwhelming my senses…


“So you did find her body then?” The entire team stood in the kitchen, most with a solemn expression upon their faces. I nodded my head and took a sip of the bourbon in my glass.

“What do you plan on doing with her?” Natasha asked. I shrugged my shoulders, setting my drink back down of the granite surface.

“Have a little funeral for all of us, then bury her. That’s all that I can do at this point.” The word ‘funeral’ felt worse than the burn from the bourbon in my drink.

“So where is the boy?” Vision asked. “I mean I would assume he would’ve been the first to hear the news of his love being found.”

“I wanted to tell him in person. I didn’t think the kid deserved to be told over the phone about this. It wouldn’t be fair tha-”

“Mr. Stark.” F.R.I.D.A.Y.’s voice rang through the speaker system, alarm in her voice, which was unusual since she was a computer program. Confusion filled my mind as I contemplated the news that could make her this worried.

“What is it F.R.I.D.A.Y.?” I asked, taking another sip of the alcohol, as it was the only thing besides Pepper making this whole experience somewhat bearable.

“Mr. Stark, I don’t really know how to put this…”

“Just spit it out!” I yelled, becoming more frustrated with the current situation, multiple scenarios running through my mind.

“Mr. Stark… Samara is alive.”

I felt the glass slip from my hand and the shattering as it hit the hardwood floor, the remaining brown liquid spilling along the surface. I couldn’t control my motions, it was like my body was on auto-pilot and I was just along for the ride. I was running down the stairs as I knew the elevator would be too slow for my liking. My feet kept slamming against the concrete staircase, running faster than I have in years, the rest of the team right on my tail.

When I reached the lab floor, F.R.I.D.A.Y. already had the door open so I wouldn’t have to waste time opening myself. I stopped abruptly when I saw her sitting up on the table through the wall that was once again glass. Her new hair now flowed down her back instead of fanning around her head. Her back was faced to the door so I couldn’t see much of her. I was the only one to walk forward through the lab doors, slowly and unsurely making my way to where she sat. Stopping a couple feet behind her, I cleared my throat. Her head whipped around and looked directly into my eyes. One of her eyes…instead of her trademark cool baby blues that held secrets of the world one is now replaced with one light green eye, and her natural glow had engulfed her skin, she looked radiant, like she had never left.

“Dad.” Her soft voice filled my ears and I rushed forward, bringing my arms around her and squeezing her so tight I could feel my own air supply leaving my body but I don’t care, I had my daughter back. When she hugged me back I felt a slight stabbing in my back. I pulled away and looked back to see what was poking me. Samara now had vines growing out of her wrists.

“Shit, sorry. I really haven’t learned how to control this yet.” She said, grabbing her arm back, making the the thick deep green vines receded back into her skin. Her eyes glow as the process ensued.

“How? This is..what is going on?” Steve said astonished, the rest of the Avengers all shared a look of awe.

“I don’t know how any of this happened, I just remember being dead and…not being dead anymore.”

I smile, at this moment I could care less on how any of this is possible, my daughter is back and I can’t be happier. “Let’s not worry about that now…Let’s celebrate your, uh your arrival? Yes let’s call it that, I say Shawarma for everyone!”

There was chorus of agreement, Samara still hasn’t let go of me. Not that I minded one bit, as everyone was going up stairs and F.R.I.D.A.Y was placing the food order, Samara said something that somehow made me even happier, “Where’s Peter? Can he be invited too?”

I smiled and patted her back then rubbed it. “I’ll get him myself, he’ll be happy to see you,” She smiled bright and ran up to Natasha who had open arms.

Time to see Spider-ling.



Peter Parker’s POV:

My hands are sweating as Mr. Stark and I ride the elevator to the Avengers common room. Mr. Stark had a shit-eating grin on his features. “Calm down Kid, she misses you too; hell maybe this’ll be the push to get you back into crime fighting?…” Mr. Stark said in a insinuating tone.

I’ve been detached to the whole idea of taking on Spider-Man, it honestly scares me. I’m a failure to the people, why should I have the privilege to be the people’s beacon of hope again?

I might be the hero New York deserves, but Samara with always be the hero that they need.

“We’ll talk later, you look constipated.”  

Right when I was about to rebuttal the elevator doors dinged and slid open. My mouth clamped shut and I stood up straight.

I’m about to see Samara again, my Sam.  

I slowly walked out, shyly looking around the room before I spotted her.

She’s stunning (not that it came as much of a surprise), her hair falling into thick, strawberry waves all the way down her back. I ignore the fact that it’s a different color, that’s besides the point…Samara’s back and that’s all that matters.


At the sound of my voice she halted all movements and swiftly craned her head over to where I stood. Her eyes also different but they still held the same wanderlust that had me falling in love with her all over again.

“Peter!” Samara screamed in pure happiness, and ran over to me, engulfing my body in a hug.

I felt my eyes water as I grasp onto her, her face tucked away into my neck. My hand was resting on the back of her head.

“You’re real? I’m not dreaming right, tell me I’m not dreaming?” I said as we slightly pulled apart, still in each other’s arms. She smiled that smile of hers and brings me into a deep kiss,

Her fingers laced through my grown out hair. I felt like everything was finally making sense and my world didn’t need tape to be fixed anymore, no Sam is enough to restore it to what it was before, maybe even better than before.

“I’m here Pete, I’m real…I missed you Spidey. I like your hair.”

She ran her fingers through my brown, messy locks and I closed my eyes in contentment. I was about to kiss her again when Mr. Stark cleared his voice;

“Okay…you guys have an audience now let’s keep the PDA at a medium and let’s celebrate with Shawarma!”

There was a chorus a cheers and, Samara and I blush like mad, “Come on, let’s eat, I haven’t ate in months!”

I smile as she pulls us to dinner table, finally my Sam is back and I’ll do anything in my power to keep it that way.


I could kiss you.”
Ahsoka stopped in her tracks. The look she shot Kaeden was mildly confused.
“Not now, I mean,” Kaeden said. She wanted to laugh for the first time in weeks but thought that might just be the hysteria setting in. “My timing is terrible and you have all those Jedi hang-ups. I just wanted you to know in case we die.

Ahsoka, by E. K. Johnston


Stephen Dillane said: “It is strange that this is the last time we’ll work together as Karl and Elise. It’s been nothing but a pleasure to work with Clemence, who is both a lovely woman and a beautiful actress. I expect that Emilia and the team at Kudos have a suitably devastating finale up their sleeve.”

More details from Sky

“Sky Atlantic viewers can also look forward to The Tunnel: Vengeance; a third and final instalment of the much-loved crime thriller with Clémence Poésy and the International Emmy award-winning Stephen Dillane.

Following a critically acclaimed second series, the emotionally charged finale brings together the adored and unlikely Anglo-French duo Karl Roebuck (Dillane) and Elise Wassermann (Poésy) for their last outing. Another new and original story, this six part final instalment is penned by lead writer Emilia Di Girolamo (Law & Order: UK).

With Brexit a real possibility, The Tunnel: Vengeance is set in Europe amidst hysteria around a refugee crisis, the increasing threat and horror of terrorism and with far-right groups growing in power.
In this series we follow detectives Karl and Elise as they are faced with toxic and terrifying duo whose hideous crimes see them take ever more dark and desperate measures to provoke the police into collaborating on their desperate endgame. Against this, is the backdrop of Karl’s fractured family life and a miscarriage of justice from Elise’s past that shakes her to her core.”

Anyway, I’m super excited to see Harry again in April, but in the hysteria, me and Vee bought two sets of tickets for the same night, so I’ve got three tickets to sell.

Thursday 12 April - BK 404, row B, 545 - 547 (O2 Arena, London)

They are three tickets, situated next to each other. I’m selling them for exactly face value, which is £65 each or £195 altogether.

Message me if you’re interested, they’ll go to whoever messages me first.

Lift Me Up

Summary: Some part of Phil is fully aware of the fact that he’s probably being a total asshole, jamming the ‘close door’ button on the one working elevator the building has as a young guy runs towards it. He yells to hold the door and Phil pretends to not hear it, fiddling with his phone for good measure. The guys is flushed and panting, out of breath from sprinting to catch the lift. He glares at Phil, who pointedly ignores him.                                                                      Then Phil decides the gods have abandoned him as the guy reaches out and deliberately presses every single button. Phil wonders if it’s possible to commit suicide with nothing but the contents of his briefcase. He doubts it.

Tags/Warnings: Office AU, Punk!Phil

Word count: 2.885

A/N: idfk anymore. read on ao3

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anonymous asked:

Could we get a yandere!2p england? Maybe him kidnapping the reader and confessing?

Darkness. That was all you could register in your foggy mind when you finally woke up. Wait. No, not just darkness. Cloth. Okay, you weren’t blind, you were probably just blindfolded. Wait, another… Something… Sweet? Your arms, you couldn’t move them. You could feel something constricting your arms, holding them down. It wasn’t like a human, so your brain assumed that it was a rope of some sort.

As your mind was trying to process everything that was happening, you heard a door not too far from where you were sitting. You immediately snapped to attention and looked around quick, as though you could see. You heard someone chuckle giddily, and it seemed… Familiar, but you couldn’t put a face to the laughter.

“Oh, poppet, you’re finally awoke~! I was beginning to think that I had killed you!” The voice was a happy one, one that would make the room light up if the situation wasn’t this terrifying. You found that you couldn’t respond, only sitting completely still as you were trying to remember who this man was. “..Ah! I presume that you’d like the blindfold off, yes?” He said, and you heard him walk closer to you. A few moments later the blindfold fall away, and you were attacked by a bright light. Which… To be honest, you weren’t really expecting light. However, as your eyes adjusted to the brightness, you found yourself in one of the cutest rooms you’ve ever seen. The walls were a pastel pink color, along with a pure white carpet. To the left of where you were sitting there was the largest, most comfortable bed you’ve ever seen. However, along with all the furnishings in the room (you couldn’t even count them all; it was like the most intricate dollhouse), there was a man standing very close to you, the largest grin on his face. And the grin would have been sweet, if not for the circumstances. He was dressed in pastel colors, a bright blue bow-tie along with a white dress shirt and pale pink sweater vest.

You recognized the man now.

“O-Oliver….?” You finally managed, and the man clapped his hands giddily together. “Hooray, you got it~!” He cheered, almost mockingly. You knew Oliver from the bakery he worked at. Well, the bakery that he owned. It was extremely well known in town, and you had stopped by whenever you got the chance. Oliver had always loved to talk to you, and sometimes he would even give you sweets, telling you not to worry about the payment.

You had never thought that you would end up like this.

“O-Oliver, what’s going on? Where am I, what did you do?” You asked quickly, hysteria rising at the weight of the situation set in. He had kidnapped you. The last thing you could remember was leaving his bakery, a freshly baked cupcake in a little bag (another free treat from Oliver). Oliver simply chuckled at you, clasping his hands in front of his waist.

“My, you have quiet a lot of questions, don’t you dearie~?” He smiled wide. “Well, you see…” He then leans foreword so that his face is even closer to yours. You can see that his bright blue eyes have pink swirls in them. They were somehow… Captivating. You forced yourself back to reality and shivered when you felt Oliver’s warm hand on your cheek.

“Why, I’m in love with you, ____~” He said, his thumb gently brushing against your cheek. You felt your blood run cold and found yourself unable to move or speak. Oliver smiled softly at you, and the smile may have been genuine, but you certainly couldn’t tell. This wasn’t right.

“Hm.. I suppose you need some time to process this? Not to fret, take all the time you need~. Just be aware that I won’t wait for very long, dearie.” He said as he stood back up, removing his hand from your face. “I’m afraid I’ll have to keep the restraints on for at least a few days, can’t risk you running away~” He said, laughing as though it was a joke. And then, with another smile and a small wave, he left once again and left you alone, completely frozen.

The ABC’s of Nyongtory ~ Prologue

Fandom: BIGBANG/ Nyongtory x Reader (Poly!Triad)

Synopsis: The beginning…

Warnings: Rated M - There is no actual smut in this chapter. However, they do discuss sexual situations in some detail, hence the rating.

Author’s Note: Oh, boy… here we go. I’ve been wanting to write this series for a while now. So I’m stupid amounts of excited for it, please forgive my enthusiasm. lol
If you haven’t read the FAQ for this fic, you can do so HERE.

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. This story contains fictional representations of real people. None of the events are true. This is from an American standpoint, so some of the situations may not happen the same way they might in Korea. I make no money from the writing of this fictional work.


You carefully balanced the bags of groceries in your arms as you used your key to unlock the door to your boyfriends apartment. Today was going to be a great day, you could feel it. Seungri was due to be back home later tonight after two months of touring & you had decided to come over early and cook for him as a surprise.

Finally you managed to get the door open and made it all the way into the kitchen to set the bags down on the counter. Then you walked back over to retrieve your key and shut the door. Looking down as you slid your shoes off, you paused in confusion at the two pairs of men’s shoes that were already by the door, one of them being entirely too small to belong to Seungri.

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Shield Fanfiction Rec List

I warn you now that 95% are slash pairings!! I did not write any of these and I give credit to all these wonderful writers. If you wrote a fanfic on this list and want it removed, just shoot me a message. I will add to this list as I discover more stories. Also anyone can feel free to message me about other fanfics to put on the list!!

Ambrollins (Dean Ambrose/Seth Rollins)

See Your World In Traces by spibsy

An FCW-era fic which covers from Seth and Dean’s twenty-minute match for the FCW 15 championship all the way until the night before Survivor Series 2012. Sometimes, when you compete against somebody, you come to appreciate their skill. And sometimes, you even come to like them. This is how Seth and Dean learn to like each other. (COMPLETED)

Working Stiff by SpaMightWrite

Jon Moxley ends up with a gig at Cyberfights, a company that produces somewhat questionable wrestling matches. There he meets Tyler Black, a cocky young man that intrigues him.

Then they fuck. (IN PROGRESS)

Tired Of Hiding by AshSPN

“You got someone in there?” Kane asks, sounding almost amused.

“Yeah, I do, actually. So try to keep quiet.” (COMPLETED)

Hysteria by phoenixjustice

Set Post-Hell in a Cell 2014 and the Raw the night after, etc.

“You stabbed me in the back, you son of a bitch.” “You are my Brother. I trusted you. I trusted you, Seth. After everything…” “Wyatt is just a tiny, annoying, blip on my radar; don’t ever think that my eyes aren’t watching you, Seth.” (IN PROGRESS)

Back In The Closet (It’s Just More Fun This Time) by AshSPN

Ambrollins, high school AU. Dean convinces Seth to skip class & they hook up in the janitor’s closet. (COMPLETED)

Art Of How We Grieve by AshSPN

Dean and Seth were both kids who were kind of cut from the same cloth. From around the same age, they were taken from their families for different reasons and put into foster care, where for a short period of time, they ended up in the same household: the Reigns household. They all live together until Roman needs emergency service and they have to be relinquished into the Care again to find new homes due to insubstantial funds.

Dean ends up in the Cena household. Seth ends up with in the Helmsley-McMahon household. They don’t see each other for years, always going to different schools, until one day, they don’t. (IN PROGRESS)

Take A Walk On My Side by moxplicit

Seth Rollins has a cute butt and Dean Ambrose is very confused.

It’s been more than three years that Dean and Renee started dating and build a more or less solid relationship. While Dean is all over her Renee seems to do her own thing and leads Dean right into the arms of shy Seth Rollins. While still being confused about the feelings he’s building towards Seth Dean not only reconsiders his relationship towards Renee but gets himself into a lot more trouble. (IN PROGRESS)

Blind Desire by AshSPN

“C’mere,” Dean is saying, making grabby hands at Seth, who didn’t look amused, but was heading to the couch anyway. He flops down and Dean is gently brushing his hand into the other’s hair. It made his tense muscles relax some, but it’s nothing compared to the way he just melts when Dean finally takes the risk. (COMPLETED)

The Nannies by AshSPN

dean and seth nanny/single parent au (COMPLETED)

Jeremy by Keeper Of Tales (CodenameLoki)

Dean’s a homeless junkie with anger issues and a goldfish cracker who’s his only friend.

Seth’s just a good guy with a penchant for putting his foot in his mouth who works at a coffeeshop.

Roman is the world’s largest EMT, and somehow he gets wound up in all of this. (IN PROGRESS)

Popularity and Wishes Don’t Mix by AshSPN

popular kid and the nerd au. (COMPLETED)

Jacket by AshSPN

ambrollins au where seth has a one night stand with a hot stranger and the next day finds out its his boss. (COMPLETED)

Tension by AshSPN

Honestly, you just have to believe Dean when he says that it was love at first sight. Or lust at first sight, whatever. It’s all blurry when it comes to the two for Dean. But honestly, with a body like the one that Seth has, who could blame him? (COMPLETED)

Grease is the Word by eric_idle_rules

Seth is new to school and is quick to befriend Dean.  Days are spent in class and afternoons are spent at the local burger joint and the drive-in movies. (COMPLETED)

He and Me by tsarina-lizzie

AU where Seth and Dean have kids who go to the same youth group. Will that bring them together? (IN PROGRESS)

Heartless by GatesVengeance

Seth thought he was happy in his relationship with Roman until Dean Ambrose came along. (IN PROGRESS)

Half An Arrow In My Chest  by thricechampions

Dean’s broken. Roman’s angry. Seth has a secret. And Randy… well, for some reason he’s determined to help fix the whole damn thing. (COMPLETED)

Bad Boyfriend by luvcmpunk314

Seth Rollins is a young lawyer on his way up. He takes his prized motorcycle into a local bike shop for repairs where he meets shop owner, Dean Ambrose. There’s immediate attraction, but Seth doesn’t want to get involved with bad boy Dean. But Dean isn’t used to hearing the word no. Can he convince Seth to let him be his Bad Boyfriend? (COMPLETED)

Paparazzi by GatesVengeance

Seth Rollins is obsessed with the band Justice and their lead guitarist Dean Ambrose. When he gets to meet the band at one of their shows, something about him sticks with Dean. Two years after they first meet, Dean and Seth have another chance meeting. What will come of their second meeting? (COMPLETED)

Rolleigns (Seth Rollins/Roman Reigns)

The Art Of Lying by spibsy

Roman’s heart has never been as strong as his body. It’s what makes him pull out his phone to text Seth even though he shouldn’t still have Seth’s number. He shouldn’t still have Seth’s anything. (COMPLETED)

Rolleigns Love by TheGirlInThePinkScarf

A collection of unrelated Rolleigns one-shots. (IN PROGRESS)

Rock The Boat by eric_idle_rules

Seth starts a new job and quickly befriends someone in his training class, Justin.  He has no idea Justin has a hot older brother until a work party a few months after they start the job. (COMPLETED)

Lines by ForeverandForAlways

Some lines are meant to be kept. Others are meant to be crossed. (COMPLETED)

Beautiful Boy by eric_idle_rules

The one where Seth gives Roman a tattoo (COMPLETED)


The Devil Within by CookieWolfScarlet

Seth had always believed that everything was normal within the sheltered walls of No.6. The government had nothing to hide and everyone lived their lives happily. Until Roman came and showed him the truth. (IN PROGRESS)

Rivals by megangirl97

Seth and Roman have been secretly dating for about four months now. Seth is out but Roman is still in the closet and keeping a secret from him. They attend different school and both play football. (IN PROGRESS)

Summer Solstice by Sparkles Blue

During the summer between high school and college, two friends try to shed their innocence as they explore their feelings for each other. (COMPLETED)

Black Velvet by subseeker

A night out. Too much alcohol. And a Seth in love. (COMPLETED)

One Night by subseeker

One night with our boys from The Shield. And one night can change everything. What will it bring for Roman? (COMPLETED)

Snow by subseeker

It’s Christmas Eve and Seth and Roman are stuck in a snow storm in the middle of nowhere. Too long held back feelings are revealed. (COMPLETED)


Ambreigns (Dean Ambrose/Roman Reigns)

A Place To Call Home by DearNoAttachments

Dean, Dean Ambrose, a 16 year old boy that never gets to enjoy his surroundings long enough without moving to another place. Finally, after a rough beginning his Mom, Athena settled them in a place that she thought she’d never do. Texarkana, Texas. What was there anyway? A neighbor named Roman Reigns who would, little did he know, change everything. (IN PROGRESS)

Latch by Sparkles Blue

Roman Reigns is a single guy who lives in the Big Apple with his cat. When Dean Ambrose moves into the apartment next door Roman’s and his cat’s lives are changed forever but they can’t figure out if it’s a good or bad thing. (IN PROGRESS)

Chandeliers by Minusmelle13

Dean’s a college student who leads a hectic life as a wannabe pro football star, Roman is a college professor who sees Dean’s true potential. Sparks immediately fly between them, causing Dean to reevaluate his life and Roman to realize he wasn’t truly living his. (IN PROGRESS)

Ignited by DearNoAttachments

Roman Reigns is a doctor, he has a great job sure but not a great personal life, he is single and looking for that spark. Who knew he could find that spark in a stubborn asshole named Dean Ambrose. Ambrose wants nothing to do with that though, all he wants to do is get into trouble.. (IN PROGRESS)

All other pairings

Chocolate Seas by subseeker

If anyone would have asked John Cena what had gotten him interested in the rookie Seth Rollins, he sure would have said that it was the amazing talent of the young man. But Randy knew better. He’d been there, had seen it… the very moment it happened. Those rich brown eyes had been the trap which had caught John… (Seth Rollins/John Cena, COMPLETED)

Into The Deep End by BigRedMachineUK

Sasha has always played it safe in order to keep her life as simple and risk-free as possible. Things change, however, when she garners the interest of a handsome, charming, younger man from a completely different world than hers. As she finds herself questioning her own rules, will she let herself take the biggest risk of them all? Is she ready to take that dive? (Roman Reigns/OC, IN PROGRESS)

Only Wanna Dance With You by QuietRebelGirlWithVodka

“Who the fuck is Colby?” Randy Orton is entirely too interested once he finds out Seth’s real name. Seth’s not sure if he should be intrigued, or terrified. (Seth Rollins/Randy Orton, IN PROGRESS)

A Ballroom for Ghosts and their Hysteria

He sets his fingers, he spreads his legs, he closes his eyes.

Everything is familiar and calm, quiet and soft. There’s nothing here but himself and his dancing thoughts. He could imagine himself a grand crowd, hundreds of faceless silhouettes turned to him, waiting awestuck and silent. He could fantasize about the women in their rainbow dresses, bedecked and bedazzled in their precious things and painted in the wide brush strokes of beauty. He could envision the men in their crisp suits, a rainbow of muted monochrome, the way they would sit so proper and trim all so handsome and impatient.

Fyodor smiles, feels the pull of his split lips as they bleed fresh and breathes slowly.

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ok setting aside my hysteria, that was a great ass finale, the last scene was so fucking touching and a great way to end it all. the end of a great ass era, ILY FOREVER TEEN WOLF AND I’LL NEVER FORGET MY TRUE ALPHA, MY RECKLESS DEREK, MY BAD ASS BANSHEE, MY SASSY STILES, MY KANIMA, MY CHILD LIAM, MY-MY-MY.. MY PACK. [/runs away sobbing.]