Cap adorned head tilting towards the flaxen decorated visage of one beauteous Royal, oceanic ceruleans hesitated only momentarily before the battle worn frame of the young swordsman dipped into a respectful bow, mindful of the wounds that adorned his features. Behind him lay the very carcass of one malicious Gerudo male, castle grounds surrounding them singed with the trace of the once merciless flames that had separated the two Hylians. While his body was weary from continuous battles and the war-stricken marks upon his flesh, a warm rush of relief was steadily creeping towards him, once panting lungs easing away from their strain.

Ganondorf had been defeated– the dark blood stained across the sleek steel of the Master Sword bitter truth of said fact. He’d saved them both, saved Hyrule and all that dwelled within its cradle.

He wondered then, what now?

“…Princess.” The mutter was breathless and weary, though bright irises tracked their way across her form in order to check for any injuries he might have initially missed. Should he lower himself into a full kneel or was his bow enough? Perhaps one day he’d finally learn the correct mannerisms when it came to dealing with Royalty.

And now, maybe he’d given himself the chance.