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aether, inspiring song, and rightful god?

Favorite lord?
Good thing we only get so many “official” lords in this nobility-heavy game. Definitely Eirika, but honourary mention to Eliwood. (And then there’s Nyna, Cuan and Ethlyn and Rahna and Ares and Lachesis, Innes and L’Arachel, Elincia, Flavia and Basilio, Xander and Sakura. Etcetera.) 

Favorite song(s) from the series?
aslkdfja;ASLKDFJALSKDFJA can’t choose. Alvis’s boss song is really good in FE4, but “The Prince’s Despair” in FE8 gets me EVERY time, and whatever the pirate-y song in FE14 is (idk the name bc I don’t have the soundtrack but Y’ALL know the one)…and you can never go wrong with FE7 and good ol’ “Together We Ride.” I always get so stoked playing ssb melee when that one comes up instead of the usual Hyrule Castle song. 

Favorite boss in the series?
Tie for Lyon and Alvis, and for the same reasons: they are both incredibly nuanced, at once sympathetic but unforgivable, slaves to their own faults but also pushed along – unfairly – by greater evils outside their control. You feel bad killing them and then hate yourself for feeling bad. And (my personal interest), they both have very complicated psychological situations; a lot of things they’ve dealt with unhealthily that are coming back to bite them (and the entire world) in the ass. But lbr I have a huge weakness for villains who are (mostly) good people (or at least shitty people with good INTENTIONS) but end up in a hole and have to just keep digging.


Ahhh. True Form Midna is another one of those characters that I’ve always wanted to draw and never did for no good reason blah blah blah. 
More of a sort of casual day for her, cause I didn’t want to obscure most of her with that cloak and draw that ridiculous hair.

Keeping an eye on Hyrule Castle through a non traversable portal or something idk.

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I kinda got back into Zelda this year, so I made this pair of posters to commemorate it. They look really good printed at their full size of 12x18! I’m planning on selling prints of them at SPX this year, so if you want a copy for your own, that’ll be the place to be!

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“Do you ever feel a strange sadness as dusk falls? They say it’s the only time when our world intersects with theirs… The only time we can feel the lingering regrets of spirits who have left our world.That is why loneliness always pervades the hour of twilight.”