hyrule warriors spoilers

A loooong time ago some anon suggested Cia and Lana fighting over Link, and I just pictured that, being the cutie patootie he is, maybe he’d agree to go on a date with both “just once.” It gets all kinds of complicated and wrong of course! But it’s all for Hyrule’s good isn’t it? Oh, it’s so hard to be a hero~


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Let’s talk about Linkle

So, there was a pretty huge divide when she was revealed. Some people loved her, others hated her. And why is she called Linkle? Well, there’s a lot they didn’t mention when they revealed her that I feel they really should have.

In Hyrule, it’s common for parents to tell their kids that they’re the legendary hero. It’s much in the same of how in real life, parents tell their kids that Santa delivers presents on Christmas.

Linkle still firmly believes that she’s the legendary hero;

So, basically, she’s just a huge dork that still believes she’s the legendary hero and probably still believes in Santa Claus too. She’s not “genderbent” Link from another dimension, and she’s not his sister, or anything like that.

I think they should’ve picked a different name for her, I think she’d be more accepted that way.

On the ligher side of this, Link is now the equivalent of Santa Claus. Enjoy that thought.