hyrule warriors

“As I fell on my knee in defeat.. I heard footsteps near me.  I looked up. That’s when our  eyes met.  All around us was blur, if there was others I couldn’t  tell.  

Why did you care for me?

Why did you want to help me?

In  my  life  of  emptiness  I  searched  for  strength… but  it  wasn’t what  I was  looking  for.

In  your  eyes  I saw  something  I had  never  seen  before. No  longer  did  I want  to  be  apart  of  the  darkness.  That’s  when  I  pushed  the  darkness  out  of my  heart.  I will not  be  ruled  by  darkness!!!

Because  of  you  and  your  love  Princess Zelda…. I opened  my  eyes.

The  reason  why  I  left  the  battlefield  you  ask?

How could I tell you I love you in war?