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On Entering Hyrule Castle, & Dealing With Guardians

so getting into hyrule castle isnt actually that hard? i recently started another save and went in there with three hearts n came out just fine!

It’s just a case of knowing where the guardians are and either being prepared to fight them or just avoiding them.

First off, when you see a guardian, take a photograph of it and add it to your compendium.

In doing so, as long as you’ve upgraded your sensor at Purah’s you can set your sensor to detect that kind of guardian and you’ll know when they’re near.

Outside hyrule castle, Guardian Stalker will be the most useful setting. Inside hyrule castle, set it to Guardian Turret.
(Each individual kind of guardian will require you to take a photo of it, you can’t set it to detect all guardians just a particular type)

now the icons I’ve marked on the map above are Very Big. You’ll at most be seen by two guardians at a time, typically a decayed guardian who is next to a stalker, although this mostly happened to me because i was seeking them out lmao

Anyway, there’s quite a few guardian stalkers inside of castle town

(this bit)

but! they’re all asleep except for the one by hyrule cathedral. As long as you don’t make any loud noises or get too close, they won’t wake up.

They also have damaged legs so they’re not much of a threat really, I have in fact just ridden through on my horse and opened the front gate and entered hyrule castle Still On My Horse

there’s some blight eyes around the square, if you shoot them you will wake up one of the big boys but as I said they’re hardly a threat.

anyway how about we get to actually dealing with those bad boys huh?

Fighting Guardians

Decayed Guardians

So, when you see one of these just hit the save button, and pull out your shield.

It’ll take a couple tries to learn the timing and the distance, but the moment after it fires its shot and you see this:

press A to deflect its shot, and it’ll die in one hit.

They’re not very attentive though, you can just walk behind it and it won’t see you, but it’s a good idea to practice this so you know how to do it if one of them spots you walking through hyrule castle.

If you don’t want to practice around hyrule castle, head to the plateau.

You can deflect a shot like this from any guardian and it’s the most effective way to combat them!
but they’ll take three or more deflections to be killed, it’s just these guys who will die in one.

Guardian Sentries

So, they follow a set path and just circle along that. If you get too close to their floodlight, they’ll spot you and try shooting you.

frankly, fighting them isn’t worth it, just wait for their floodlight to pass and walk past them.

If you do get spotted, just find some cover - they’re more resilient than stalkers so again it’s just not worth fighting them.

Guardian Stalkers

Go for their legs.

If you have a strong weapon (around 30 attack id say), or any guardian weapons especially you can break them very quickly.

It deals a lot of damage to them, disrupts their shots every time a leg breaks, and prevents them following you if you need to bail.

When their legs are broken shoot them in the eye a couple times and they’ll probably fall over, shoot them in the big weak spot underneath if they’re not already dead.

You can also just charge them repeatedly on your horse, particularly good if you have a guardian spear.

Guardian Turrets

You’ll encounter a lot of these within hyrule castle’s grounds. They have a very long shot range, and a lot of HP. Deflecting their shots takes different timing to stalkers & decayed guardians, as they’re so far away.

Instead I suggest backing out of their sight, and going around them. They’re usually on one side of a wall, so go around the back of the wall

Entering the castle grounds

you can enter hyrule castle from any direction, entering from the north has the fewest guardians to get past, but just from me to you the interesting stuff is in the east and the west of the castle.

Personally I prefer to enter in from the east on my horse, then paraglide across.

Alternatively if you want to find a lot of treasure, take a photograph of a chest, and head to the castle town ruins. turn your sensor onto treasure chests and you’ll find a Tonne Of Them in the ruins.

You can then enter through the front gate by using magnesis.

If you want more ideas on how to get in, visit riverside stable and talk to percy, she’ll give you a quest as well as tell you a variety of methods you can use and give you hints on what you can find.

That’s pretty much all i have to say but i want to clarify the map a little bit. as with the divine beasts, the map is 3d. The red gates are all different entry points to the inside of hyrule castle.

Once you go inside it’ll switch to a view of the internal passages. (still 3d this is just from above)

Now I don’t particularly want to spoil the contents of the castle, but some places you want to find for the story are the library, zelda’s room, and her study.

If you want clues for those, click below

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