Sunshine Girls and the Swear Jar

Dia: Swear Jar Monitor™ but is not to be trusted. Will make exceptions constantly – especially for herself. After all, if ruby sees her putting money in the jar, she’s a bad influence!

Kanan: Only swears when angry and that’s very rare. Usually she’s angry at Mari anyway so Mari’ll just drop her fee in the jar as an apology. Doesn’t mind when people curse around her but overzealous cursing from someone other than a close friend is uncomfortable for her. Don’t be That Guy. Watch Your Mouth.

Mari: Is one of Dia’s exceptions, only because Dia knows she’s filthy rich and won’t mind paying. She doesn’t curse that much anyway though? Sometimes she’ll swear but she’ll just laugh it off with a little “oopsy” and keep going. Nothing too harsh. Usually just “dick” or other sex-related words.

Riko: biggest hyprocite of all damn time. ALWAYS criticizes others for swearing but curses casually on a regular basis. Tries to argue Dia down about the swear jar but ultimately ends up paying.

You: curses like….well, a sailor. Is one of Dia’s exceptions because of her eerie persuasion skills. She’s not to be trusted.

Chika: curses when with other 2nd years but eventually stopped around Riko because Riko started to tell on her. Usually only says “damn” and then corrects herself to “dang”.

Yoshiko: only curses in her long tirades and pays up after, and even then it’s usually only “damn”. She doesn’t think it counts but Dia does.

Ruby: one of Dia’s exceptions but she doesn’t need it because she has never cursed…but she thinks she does. One time she said “darn it” and cried for three hours and thrust some crumpled up bills into the jar which Dia returned. Surprisingly doesn’t mind others cursing but will alert them if Dia is near.

Hanamaru: didn’t even know curse words existed until she joined Uranohoshi. Just interpreted them as regular words until she got detention. She sat down and wrote down every curse word she had used, calculated her total, and payed. Dia gave her a 50 percent discount and she hasn’t cursed since.

Those people don’t actually care about Niall, Zayn, and Liam. It’s all for sympathy. If they went on and on whining about “Louis is the underdog and is being treated unfairly!” no one would listen so they add Niall, Zayn, and Liam to their list of shit to bitch amd moan about so Li, Z, and N stans will listen as well. The thing is if Louis had the same popularity and the opportunities that Harry is getting they probably would have forgotten how to spell Niall.

Can you all do me a favor and stay clear of this person. If your artwork has been reposted by them, report them, do NOT interact.
This person is extremely rude and will get hostile when asking for credit. ((yet they ask for you to credit them if you repost their work, hyprocite))
AppleMiner has already been blocked and was seen as the bad guy for just asking for credit for her and her friend’s work.

Just report and move on, don’t cause drama because it’ll just make it worse.


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So I am for the most part oblivious to this Joss Wheden issue. I read your post and the link about his wife. But from just these few things I am a bit confused as to what's wrong with him. I tried looking a bit more through some of your Buffy tags, but seemed to failed to find more. Apart from cheating on his wife, what makes this guy so bad and a Hyprocite on Feminism? Because I'm trying to relate Unfaithfulness to Anti-feminist or Hypocrite on Feminism.

This is a whole minefield I don’t have the time or particular inclination to delve into with great detail right now. But some high points to think about, which might help steer you in the right direction.

On the issue of fidelity, it’s not “just” that he cheated on his wife, or that he lied to her for fifteen years, or that he consistently manipulated her into believing the things he wanted her to believe, or that he used her as a prop to maintain the image he wanted to project to the world, or that in his letter to her he basically blamed the patriarchy for him being a spineless little toad who wanted to indulge his most base desires and maintain a facade all at the expense of someone he claimed to love. It’s not JUST the innumerable ways he used his wife for his own selfish purposes for close to two decades rather than be a decent human being and tell her the truth. LIKE THIS WOULDN’T BE ENOUGH. But she had sex with him under the trust that they were both engaged in a monogamous relationship. He wasn’t. He lied. She was not able to give informed consent. He stripped her of her bodily autonomy. Repeatedly. FOR FIFTEEN YEARS.

Women’s autonomy over their bodies seems to be a real problem for Joss, given how he treated Charisma Carpenter for having the audacity to become pregnant.

But back to this new shit, there’s how, in his own words, he describes being a producer on Buffy. “I was surrounded by beautiful, needy, aggressive young women.” Joss was in charge. Joss was the boss of everyone involved in the production of this show. And he’s looking down from his position of power, likening himself to a hero or god in a Greek myth, at all the “needy” young women around him. And then he fucks them, which is all society’s fault, of course, certainly not Joss Whedon’s inability to not use women as literal props while he acts out his fantasies.

What part of any of this is NOT him being a hypocrite when he claims to be a feminist?

One of the stories that would always make me cry whenever I share it to others. Read until the end and in Shaa Allah you will be enlightened and inspired just like I am. 😊💚 الحمدلله على نعمة الاسلام


Thalaba bin Abdur Rahman رضي الله عنه was a young man at the age of 16. He always ran errands for the Prophet ﷺ.

One day while walking though the city of Madinah, he passed by a house with an open door. Out of curiosity he took a glance inside. In this glance, he saw a light curtain being blown away from a bathroom entrance where a woman was bathing. He immediately lowered his gaze. With an extreme feeling of guilt and hypocrisy, his mind ran. Thinking to himself, “How could I be of the companions, one that is close to the Prophet ﷺ, one who runs his errands and be so horrible as to disrespect peoples privacy?”

He feared that Allah would reveal to the Prophet ﷺ evidence of his hypocrisy. His guilt denied him to ever show his face to the Prophet ﷺ. So he ran away and headed towards the mountains.

Days went by and the Prophet ﷺ kept asking the other companions if they had seen Thalaba. No one had seen him. With the Prophet ﷺ worried about Thalaba, he sent a few of the companions to look for him everywhere, among them were Umar ibn Khattab رضي الله عنه and Salman al-Farsi رضي الله عنه. They looked everywhere in Madinah, and on the outskirts of Madinah, until they came about a set of mountains between Makkah and Madinah where some nomads where herding sheep. The companions asked the nomads if they had seen a young man with Thalaba’s characteristics. They told the companions about a weeping boy. He has been here for 40 days. He comes down from the mountains once a day weeping and he drinks the milk they offer him. Then he goes back up the mountains weeping, crying, always asking for Allah for forgiveness, and saying words of repentance. So the companions waited until he came down and watched him. He had lost weight. His countenance reflected sorrow as he drank the milk that was mixed with his tears.

When Thalaba saw the 2 companions, fear and terror crept inside his heart as though the angels of death came to take him. He tried to run away but they chased him and grabbed him. Thalaba pleaded with the companions, “Please! Please! Don’t take me to the Prophet ﷺ! Im too scared!”

The companions told him “What is wrong with you oh Thalaba?? Take a hold of yourself!…Please come with us oh Thalaba!”

Thalaba pleaded with them not to take him to the Prophet ﷺ asking them if Allah revealed a verse about him saying he was a hyprocite? That he was a munaafiq??

The companions were committed to taking him to the Prophet ﷺ as they said “Wallahi we have to take you to the Prophet ﷺ.. It is a command from him!” and he was taken back to Madinah where the Prophet ﷺ came to see him.

He asked again if Allah had put him among the hypocrites or revealed that he was. The Prophet ﷺ assured him that there were no such verses. He laid out Thalaba’s tired, weak body and placed Thalaba’s head on his lap.

He said “Ya Rasulullah remove the head of a sinner away from you!”

The Prophet ﷺ comforted him until Thalaba told the Prophet ﷺ “I feel as though ants are walking between my flesh and bones.” The Prophet ﷺ told him it was death and his time had come. He witnessed while Thalaba’s head was on his lap, Thalaba proclaiming “There is no God worthy of worship other than Allah, and that Muhammad ﷺ is the messenger of Allah!”

The Prophet ﷺ washed Thalaba and carried him to the grave. It is narrated that on their way to bury Thalaba, the Prophet (SAW) walked on his toes as though he were in a crowd. When Umar (RA) asked about this, the Prophet ﷺ explained that he was being crowded with the angels.

“Tell the believing men to lower their gaze (from looking at forbidden things), and protect their private parts (from illegal sexual acts, etc.). That is purer for them. Verily, Allah is All-Aware of what they do.” [Surah Nur : 30]


Maa Shaa Allah! The Sahabas would weep and tremble out of fear of Allah’s judgment and punishment for committing something (even unintentionally) that is disliked by Allah, yet we see some Muslims today neglecting sins believing that “Allah will forgive them anyway”. Yes, Allah is the Most Loving, Most Forgiving, & Most Merciful but He is also Just and Severe in His Punishments. When you sin, you ask forgiveness from Allah and He will forgive you. You commit the same sin again, then you ask for His forgiveness again. And the cycle goes on and on. But brother/sister, if you die in that state of committing sin without repenting or asking for forgiveness from Allah, what do you think will be the consequence? Subhānallah.. Earning the anger of Allah is certainly a Great Loss and you will be punished accordingly. It is not enough to just ask forgiveness. Leave the sin and repent completely and whole-heartedly. And ask Allah to keep you on the right path.

Remember also that when we ask forgiveness from Allah, it is granted to us only if we are sincere. And one of the signs of being sincere is leaving the sin completely for the sake of Allah. If you ask Allah for forgiveness but you do not feel it in your heart, then brother/sister, you are doing it wrong. Reflect on your mistake and sincerely ask forgiveness from Allah. Take your Deen seriously as this is the gift that Allah gave you to achieve Jannah. The key is already in your hands, never let go of it! Praise Allah and take advantage of this Ni'ma. And know that there is nothing better than the Jannah that Allah promised for the Believers. Allahu Akbar!

“And Allah does not give this Honour to anyone.” A beautiful reminder/thought we should always ponder upon. Let’s ask ourselves, Are we deserving of Jannah? If not, let’s work hard for it. In Shaa Allah.

Reminder for myself before anyone else. ☝️
Note: Photo not mine. ©owner

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I think Eric was really confused with his own being. I mean, "I hate racism but look at those fucking n***ers!" or "I hate young smokers" but is one himself, or even "I hate liars but I lie a lot"... It's so heartbreaking to read his things and trying to understand him. I feel like my soul is getting cut while reading his mind and no one saved them from that.

He was a hyprocite and it is confusing to understand him at first . As you go over it a million times you start to figure it out when you really think, like deep down thoughts it starts making more sense 

People are so hyprocit sometimes. Park Bom was so hated (and still) about the drugs scandal and if I remember gd also had a scandal with drugs and they forgiven him. The group t-ara had a scandal over bullying among members and was condemned by the entire nation with a lot of hate. Ikon had a same scandal about bullying (with real physical assault) but almost no one talked about it and they are forgiven. Male idols are always forgiven. It’s a real pity that female idols can’t relate with this.

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Oh please stop with the 'no one is saying zayn is a drug addict act.' you and whatiwishicould having been implying it since nov. You didnt outright say it, but you both did imply it. Say what you think and stop being a hyprocite. You say we dont need to shut down drug addiction discussions, which i agree completely, yet when it was louis, it got shut down so fast. And this is where i have a problem. If you are really worried, then discuss both of them and not one.

Louis going to the bathroom is proof of a coke addiction – not reasonable.

Louis acting happy on stage (as elounor break up rumors start spreading fast) means he must be on drugs – not reasonable.

Louis looking stressed out and rapidly dropping weight in 2013 very probably might be drug related – reasonable.

Zayn going home because of ‘stress’ with dire consequences for the band after he himself dropped a lot of weight and missed some major public appearances might be drug related – reasonable. In fact, it’s the public’s most common go-to. I received this email yesterday afternoon from a friend who does not care about 1D and pays no attention to them at all:

Zayn with ‘stress’. That’s usually PR code for 'in need of rehab.’

And I’m sorry, I have eyes, I see Zayn looking very unwell, I might write a tag like ‘I hope he’s okay’. That’s not me ‘casting shade’. That’s me worried about his well-being, in an environment in which even trying to be tactful by saying he looks ‘gaunt’ gets you immediately attacked as a ‘hypocrite’ (because I said during the Bandaid appearance that he looked like Michael Jackson).

And yes, I see Zayn looking like that after missing The Today Show, and I very much fucking hope that he’s okay.

People are very, very afraid of drug addiction, which has led to this environment in which fans are afraid to even whisper the word while the rest of the world shouts it. Because they perceive it as character assassination, because substance addiction is stigmatized, because apparently only ‘bad people’ or ‘weak people’ have substance use problems–which is a common attitude, but it’s total bullshit. That is an extremely harmful attitude that hurts a lot of people. Stigma hurts people. And I admit that when I saw Louis rapidly dropping weight, and I saw Zayn losing so much weight and looking so unwell and missing so many appearances, I kept my thoughts to myself because it’s such a loaded topic. But at this point, regardless of whether it’s true or not, it’s become an elephant in the room, a room full of stigma and fear and censored thoughts–and at this point, I think somebody needs to open the window to let a bit of air into the room. So yes, let’s talk about it and stop pretending like the possibility doesn’t exist.