Spirotechnics are related to two types of mathematical curves called hypotrochoids and epitrochoids, which are created by tracing the path of a point on one circle while it is rolled around the perimeter of another.

The distinction between the two is that hypotrochoids are created by rolling a circle inside a stationary circle, and epitrochoids are created by rolling a circle on the outside.

In Spirotechnics, multiple hypotrochoids and epitrochoids are nested within or outside each other, producing an endless variety of shapes.


Benthic Geometry

Vector graphic illustrations inspired by microscopic marine organisms. The complex, symmetrical forms found deep in the ocean are both alien and beautiful - ideal influence for an extensive body of mathematical compositions.

The Digital Geome Aquarium

If you want to see some of these come to life…


*Please credit these images to: Robbie Anson Duncan