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[Luka Klikovac]

“The Gift II: the Giftening” to Air October 4
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Butterflies by KathyATipton

MSN has published the air date of one of the episodes that were teased at the Comic-Con panel: October 4, 2014. Apparently it will premiere on Disney Channel. It has the unusual title of “The Gift II: the Giftening,” according to MSN. That suggests that “The Gift” and “The Giftening” are not so much separate episodes than in a hyper- or hyponymic relationship to each other. Note, though, that these data are known to change from time to time.

Now lets wait for more about “The Funk,” “The Stray,” “The Rider,” “The Liar,” “The Big Job,” “The Helper,” “The Enemies,” and of course “The Buddies” to become known.