During “Hachimitsu to Clover” in 2006, the members were so happy that Sho got to play the main role in a movie for the first time and what’s more, it’s his first “ROMANCE” movie. So they rent a theater just for themselves, dragged Sho along, forced him to do a stage greeting and made him sit to watch his own movie with them.

Hardly able to do a backflip on his own, the members play “hyponosis” with him on a live SP episode, and Nino commands Sho to do a backflip. And so he is bullied into doing one with the members’ support, who all pitch in by supporting his body and grabbing his legs to flip him over. 

“Because of a cold, I was late. The staff members got really angry, just when I don’t know what to do, Nino suddenly knelt down in front of the staffs. He really didn’t have to go so far, but I was really touched at the time! I have a friend who picks me over their own pride…”-Aiba Masaki

“Ah the other day I watched a stage play entitled “Richard III”. I accidentally sat next to Kanzaburou-san. His wife was also there. And over there, Jun Matsumoto-san also came to watch. And when we bade farewell afterwards, he said, “Ohno will come to your show, so please take care of him.” I was surprised at how everyone in Arashi amazingly knew the members’ schedule well.” –Tetsuko no Heya

“The proposals for making Sakurai-kun happy came almost from Aiba-kun.”-HnA staff

“After releasing his first solo single "Kumorinochi , Kasei” as the double A-side of “Believe” and performing the song in Music Station in 2009, Ohno declared that he’ll never release a solo single again when he realized how uneasy he felt without the other 4 members.“

"For me, what we do together as five is more important than what I do alone.”-Ninomiya Kazunari 

“It was one of the lovely views whenever the other four rushes to Jun when they suddenly hear a i-think-he-broke-it sound,when he’s holding something (eg. the golf incidents in VSA and Shukudai). Some kind of an immediate rescue.”

A director who once worked with Nino, later worked with Jun. During the first time they met, Jun bowed to him and said, “Thank you for taking care of our Ninomiya.” The director was bewildered by it. “They care about each other to that extent, it’s surprising." 

Comedian Watabe-san works in Shiyagare and Aiba Manabu, but Aiba Manabu filming usually starts around 7 am after the Shiyagare filming ends around 2-3 am. Once, after the filming with Sho and Nino ended, Watabe-san was about to go home in his car when Sho suddenly knocked on the window. "Please take care of Aiba Manabu tomorrow.”

“Arashi did prank Ohno (HnA 2008.07.03) to commemorate/promote his first leading role in a drama. Part where annoyed Riida was about to cry, because of what was happening in the unreal commercial. He was surprised with the appearance of those four adorable dorks.. Then his face turned out to be happy. Sho: “Sorry, the cm isn’t happening.” Ohno: "You guys are the worst!”

/5 days before 5x15

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“I started watching this video eating a piece of bread.

I now have a piece of toast.”

A surprisingly funny comment on youtube.

The video has so much going on.  I might just blog this 20 times today.