A Spirograph Tells Our Past to Wait

Andira Dodge  (@wordrummager)

It’s a windstorm. Swallows and ghosts
take turns filling the center
with spare limericks and stretched Silly Putty;
a cracking sky is the only melody.
We kissed a brief ‘hello’ – so much like
a ‘50’s pleated skirt, pressed for time,
it’s a wonder we don’t fly kites
in our sleep.
A week ago we saw signs
in the bellies of starlings
but after reading the newspaper,
fresh and grey,
we could only sigh in an era’s bereavement.
Spectacular color fills old barnwood
as it splinters. Cohen aside.
The surprise of a spinning June
is in road construction and its detours.

Oh brother

There’s a glorious world
Of friends and foes
Of feats and toes
To tickle and test your mind
Oh brother, you can’t even see
The road at your feet
Or the twists
    Your tongue
I have hope for you yet,
That you’ll learn to regret
You’ll learn to fear and love.
You’ll taste the sweet lies
The answers and cries
Of your soul
    When you discover
      that it can be set free. 
But don’t be fooled
The days are long
And hard won.
The years go fast
You’ll forget your past
And remember to jump and run
And question the lectures of old fools
And young fools
I hope you’ll learn from them too

Thesis 1: The Changing of Tires in a Well of Sadness

I feel bad for the Funk Ark.
I’ll nibble on this toast while I smoke this Coolidge.
Is your unfair-advantage heart nodding?
Don’t ask if you are a way, shape or form.

There are several things we could call this:
the red M in the men’s restroom
the infinite variety of eggs
the artificial sweetener that smells galore in your highness’s gut.

I did my part
and got up at the crack of dawn.
Now do yours, finger tips, and play the keys
until I have a thesis full a stars.

art by Julien Pacaud

Life is meaningless
              and isn’t that lovely?

The high school kids
I stopped recognizing
       Argue like apes
     Matrimonial distractors.

The only thing left to explore
Is something people think
are fairy tales,
and conveniently
          I don’t have enough
          of the time I used
          to play for. The way
          that I once prayed
          for you is different now.

Lets let the astronauts
Lets let the congress
Forget how the natives
never forgave us,
We can’t pay yet.

Stop payment
on this record.