hypocritical monkees fans for the fail

Monkees fan letters from Monkees Spectacular.

“Dear Monkees, Please don’t become HIPPIES! I love you just the way you are. Don’t ever change because I couldn’t stand it all over again. The very first time I heard your record, "Last Train to Clarksville,” it made me happy because there were such happy things coming out of the record. Then, when I saw you on TV, I just couldn’t believe how cute you were. You’ve always made me smile and laugh that is, up until now. Now I’m worried about what’s happening. 

- P.D., Chicago, Ill.“

"I think the Monkees look like hippies! Before, I thought they were the greatest, but now I’m not sure. Since Micky ha his hair curled and wears that thing that looks like a rug, he’s not my favorite anymore. Mike and Peter aren’t too bad but their sideburns are too long. Now Davy’s my favorite. His haircut is nice and short and I hope he’ll keep it that way. If the other three would go back to their old style I’d love them just as much as Davy. (Still I’m a true Monkees fan.)

- G.D., Providence R.I.”

“My friends at school have been talking lately about how the Monkees have turned into hippies. Well, i think that’s outasite! The beautiful beads, which I love wearing myself, are so colorful. I think Davy and Peter look the cutest ever in their Indian rajah coats. Micky looks great in his American Indian headdress. Don’t change, you all look super groovy!

- C.N., Anaheim, Calif.”

…Yeah, we’re gonna go ahead and vote for C.N. from Anaheim, thanks very much…