Tumblr in a Nutshell
  • Tumblr:Please don't bully people. No one deserves to be bullied.
  • Tumblr:*sends Joss Whedon hateful messages, death threats, and suggests that stop doing what he loves and kill himself over a sequel they were disappointed in and his decision of headwear in a Twitter profile pic*
  • Joss Whedon:*deletes Twitter page*
  • Tumblr:*laughs and makes fun of Joss Whedon for deleting his Twitter page, patting each other on the back for making it happen*
  • Tumblr:Remember, bullying is wrong!
  • Ellie:*swears so often a sailor would blush*
  • Fans:
  • Ellie:*reads a gay porn magazine and jokes about sticky pages*
  • Fans:
  • Ellie:*stabs zombies and humans in the eye, slices necks open, and burns people alive*
  • Fans:
  • Ellie:*hacks away at the face of the cannibal child predator who tried to rape her*
  • Fans:
  • Ellie:*chastely kisses the fellow teenage girl she's in love with*
  • Fans:This is just sick and wrong. So inappropriate. She's only 14! Maybe it was a friend kiss. But either way this is just such a mistake. Gays in video games? This is the end of the world. I refuse to give my money ever again to people who would peddle such filth.

Study for Hypocrites (illustration for Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri/Inferno, Canto 23), after Francisco Goya after John Flaxman, 2015

Acrylics on paper,  29.5 x 41.7 cm

“Là giù trovammo una gente dipinta
che giva intorno assai con lenti passi,
piangendo e nel sembiante stanca e vinta.

Elli avean cappe con cappucci bassi
dinanzi a li occhi, fatte de la taglia
che in Clugnì; per li monaci fassi.

Di fuor dorate son, sì ch'elli abbaglia;
ma dentro tutte piombo, e gravi tanto,
che Federigo le mettea di paglia.”


“We found, down there, a people painted bright.
Their tread, as round they went, was very slow,
weeping, worn down and seemingly defeated.

They all wore robes with hoods hung low, that hid
their eyes, tailored – in cut – to match those worn
by monks who thrive in Benedictine Cluny.

So gilded outwardly, they dazed the eye.
Within, these robes were all of lead – so heavy
those capes that melt in torture would seem mere straw.”

(trans. R. Kirkpatrick)

All these people talking about how they feel bad about this lion and how hunting is wrong, and how animals do not deserve this. I entirely agree with them. But yet, these hypocrites still go out and have dead animals on their plates and paying other people to raise their food for slaughter. Seriously, shut the fuck up with your hypocrisy.

J'suis tellement fatigué. De tout.

Fatigué des études, des contrôles, des devoirs, de l'amour que les gens rendent tellement compliqué, des gens hypocrites, de l'avenir, du présent, du passé, des faux amis, de m'prendre la tête pour rien, de mon manque de confiance en moi, de mon physique, de ma flemmardise, des gens qui ne sont pas ouverts d'esprit, des gens égoïstes, des profs, de l'orientation scolaire, des gens qui m'font du mal, des menteurs, de ma ville, des gens qu'j'peux croiser dans l'métro, dans le bus ou dans la rue, du regard des gens, d'leurs sourires, de la méchanceté gratuite, des rues sales, d'certains fumeurs, des gens qui se pensent supérieur, d'ma possible naïveté, de…tellement de choses.

Au fond, j'veux juste un câlin, m'détendre, écouter d'la musique. M'évader.

—  nihon-dream