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Hypocrite In A Hippy Crypt - “The Town Crazies”

So this nineteen year old Indiana-dweller wrote some tunes about crazy people, oceans & murder, and then recorded them in the basement of his dorm. And GUESS WHAT, they’re wonderful. We’re talking acoustic/lo-fi/folk-pop/psych/..dorm-basement kind of wonderful. This track in particular has got me hooked, head HERE to grab it for yerself. 

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Funeral Playlist by Hypocrite in a Hippy Crypt

Everyone else in the tag for this band just posted Town Crazies, but honestly I think this song is where it’s at on the album. . _ .

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The Town Crazies
  • The Town Crazies
  • Hypocrite in a Hippy crypt
  • Tweaker In The Park

Track - “The Town Crazies” by Hypocrite In A Hippy Crypt

I’m pretty late on getting around to Hypocrite In A Hippy Crypt, but somehow these catchy tunes have stayed below my radar for the past 3 months.  

Album opener “The Town Crazies” is, simply put, about a crazy woman.  I’ve never heard insanity sound so good.  The fuzzed-out acoustic decorum suites the track oh so nicely.  It’s catchy, it’s crazy, it’s really good.

You can listen to a couple other tracks over at bandcamp or you can buy the full-length album “Tweaker In The Park” over at AmazoniTunes or Gulcher Records.

Freak Me Out
  • Freak Me Out
  • Hypocrite in a Hippy Crypt
  • Freak Me Out

Promoted Band:

Hypocrite In A Hippy Crypt - Freek Me Out

Hypocrite In A Hippy Crypt is working on their second full lenght album to be released soon. The band is sharing with us their new work, derivating from an acoustic indie rock to a noisy one, or at least this is my first impression. We will have to wait to see what the band from Indiana is cooking.


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Hypocrite in a Hippy Crypt - Bits

Download Bits

Hypocrite in a Hippy Crypt is one of these bands that have something. May be is only me who see it, but they have something. And slowly, the band is presenting their work, some times more finished than others, but always with this touch of i don’t know what. 

Bits, included on a original cassette tape mini album called All I Ask Ya, Alaska, is a proof of the originality of this band. 

All I Ask Ya, AlaskaReleased on April 24th on Already Dead Tapes and Records.

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Treat your ears right. Listen to this track.

♥ Hypocrite In A Hippy Crypt ♥


this song. Band name is a bit of a mouthful, but a jam is a jam.

Put the first 10 songs that come up on shuffle w/ your fave lyrics from each then tag 10 new people

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High Places- Banana Slugs/Cosmonaut

Though I know my limitations, and I know that I don’t
But still I know the constellations, and I know the
falling snow
And we’re all full of questions that we would like to
Just exactly where we came from, and exactly where we’ll

Hypocrite in a Hippy Crypt- Funeral Playlist

Is it beginning to unweave, or are you waking up from a lucid dream?
Now I’m writing a funeral playlist, and you’re checking for all the songs I’ve missed
You won’t find them, you won’ find them. 

Puscifer- Humbling River

Pay no mind to the battles you’ve won
It’ll take a lot more than rage and muscle
Open your heart and hands my son
Or you’ll never make it o'er the river

Modest Mouse- Paper Thin Walls

 It’s been agreed the whole world stinks so no one’s taking showers anymore

First Aid Kit- Josefin

And if you struggle hard, rest on your brother’s shoulders
And if you shall ever wander, listen to your wise mother

Conor Oberst- Enola Gay 

The world’s mean, gettin’ meaner too, so why you gotta make it all about you?
There’s no harm in stepping to the side
Light your hurricane lamp when the sky grows dark
The wind’s pissed off and the sun’s at large

Margot & the Nuclear So & So’s- A Children’s Crusade on Acid

And a hundred thousand times a day, the yellow lights turn red
And a hundred thousand miles away, I’m turning myself in, oh Christ, I am.

Ween- the Argus

Lying in beds of garlic and orchids
He closes an eye, which closes another
And in sleep he dreams of watching and looking
And feather clouds dancing he curls up his lid and sleeps

GDP- Limousine

Pardon friend, evil thoughts from tarnished hearts amend, 
to write them down is not to harbor them

The Unseen Guest- Let Me In

and sometimes in the night, you answer the phone,
and they breathe down the line just to see if you’re home.
They sing in your garden like dogs, when they fight,
and that noise that they make drills holes in the night

La Dispute- Why it Scares Me

My movements are stage directions
Was that a change in topic or a beat in a scene,
Have I been taking my emotional cues from a script I wrote at 16?
(Also basically the whole song haha)

If you want to do this just copy the format, picking people is hard for me lol

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Hypocrite In A Hippy Crypt - Missed It

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