hypocrisy of the religious right

Madonna, the real fighter and a taboo breaker, not just a fierce entertainer!

Most singers (especially Beyoncé, no shade), are too safe! Yeah you’re in the top 40, got a ton of grammies, your hair is hot and you look like a real diva on stage! You got the word fierce attached to you in every tabloid, but what the hell are you really fierce about? What do you do to make this world a better place? Started from the bottom now you’re here, great! But now what??

Madonna has been taking so much shit since the 80s because she’s not worried about looking fierce! She uses her star power to stir things up in areas where no one wants to get their hands dirty. Because she wasn’t phony, she was just too real, too much for some people to take in. Hence she wasn’t taken seriously even by the Grammys until all the way up to Ray of Light in 1998.

In the 80s she fought against homophobia and sexism and that was not an easy task, especially back then. The world was A LOT more prejudice towards homosexuality and women rights. Madonna exposed the religious hypocrisy, and spoke against the war and got a lot of hate for that too. She even got banned from American radios during the “Bush years” for exposing the corruption of politics. 

Now she’s fighting ageism and is ridiculed for it! Thankfully Living for Love is playing all around USA, but she just got banned from one of UK radios for being “too old”. When is this going to stop? But we all know that the problem is not with Madonna’s age or her passion for justice and freedom! It is with those people who always viewed Madonna as a threat, afraid she might break another taboo, make others think, expose another ugly side of our society.

All the while there is some diva on stage being all fierce with the same boring look in her eyes and predictable moves. Then there is Lady Gaga taking credit of Madonnas hard work against homophobia and sexism and I wont be surprised if in 30 years from now, same bitch will act like she conquered ageism too… 

The world is not fair sometimes. But that’s exactly why Madonna got herself so deep in Kabbalah. Most of this credit one gets from other people is only an illusion. What you really want is for the Light to know what’s up, because the fate of your soul’s journey depends on that, not what other people credit you with or not.