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I'm bipolar and sometimes my mania can make it hard to control myself around others. So what i do is write a name or quote or draw something on my upper thigh, right where my hand hits in a normal position. If i feel a particularly bad bout of Something (anxiousness, hypochondria, restlessness, general manic things), i put my hand over the word/drawing and think about what it means to me, ie robb stark from game of thrones and kindness/bravery. Good meditation technique for anybody who needs it!

wowwww!!! this is so, so creative and sounds so warm and affirming. i’ve not heard of this technique before but i might actually give it a try!!!!!! and i’m sure many people reading this will find it useful. thank you so much for sharing. i’m wishing you all the best in your treatment journey and hope you’re having a gorgeous day, whenever u see this <333

(it’s mental health awareness month! this week we’re talking about self care/treatment <3 send me thoughts if you have them!! 🌸)

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what’s wrong? :(

I missed a call from the university/my doctor about my blood tests being in and it triggered a massive panic attack because I’m so scared that I’m dying even though I know I’m not because the doctor said so and she told me she was only ordering the blood test to check for mono, which she suspected was why I’ve been sick for so long (four weeks) and why my tonsillitis wasn’t reacting to the antibiotics she prescribed over a week ago.

But I react poorly to health scares because in late 2015/early 2016 I had a nice big breakdown which manifested in massive anxiety and I developed hypochondria of all things and.  I managed to beat it back eventually but I guess being sick for so long and just not knowing on top of everything else that’s going on in my life (being in a new country, feeling isolated, the stress of having to change my Masters program which involved multiple meetings with program heads + the dean of postgraduate studies, being seriously ill for so long, being on so many antibiotics that I have to carefully schedule my aleady poor eating habits around, etc etc) is just.  It’s gotten to me and my hands are still shaking and I almost dropped my mug of hot honey & lemon water because of how bad they were trembling.

Logically I know that if the results were concerning they would have tried harder to get ahold of me but I’m just so tired of being sick and not knowing and I just.  Had a meltdown.  Still am.  Making food to make it better but who knows.