hypo fire

Call for Photos

Hi all! I’m putting together a guide on how to identify common base morphs and I need your help!
I am looking for people willing to submit exceptional photos of specific single gene animals. I need multiple examples of the following genes:
Albino, Axanthic (please describe line), Banana/CG, Butter/Lesser, Black Pastel, Cinnamon, Enchi, Fire, Hypo, Mojave, Mystic/Phantom, Orange Dream, Pastel, Pinstripe HRA, Spider, and Yellowbelly.

SINGLE GENE ONLY! The photo must belong to you. You will receive credit in a caption on the guide, with a link to your facebook page, blog, or website (your preference).
To be clear, the photos must be focused, full body pictures with good lighting.
This guide is going to be a publicly accessible resource.
Thank you!!

even if you dont have these morphs, a boost can go a long way :)

anonymous asked:

Do you have a favorite Ball Python morph? Mine is Banana Cinnamon, so bright and sweet <3

Banana cinnamons are really nice! I like how cinnamon really brings contrast into banana. My mind changes a lot but for a while now I would really like to see a particular version of a hypo lesser leopard fire.
Here is a hypo fire lesser from Noble Reptiles.

When it comes to leopard lessers they can be extremely variable. I prefer the ones with very drippy patterning over the ones with long dorsal striping. Here is an example from Midnight Morphs.

So I’d like to see (or in my wild dreams own) an animal with the coloring close to that of the top one but a drippy pattern similar to the bottom one. 

A box of wonderful from JD Constriction.

The genetics were not listed but I’m pretty sure we have (left to right; top row to bottom): hypo axanthic, fire pastel yellow belly axanthic, Leopard axanthic, pastel axanthic, fire pastel spider axanthic, fire pastel axanthic, axanthic pied, enchi or blade axanthic, fire spider axanthics Leopard axanthic, vanilla (?) Axanthic, spider axanthic, pastel spider axanthic, pastel axanthic, vanilla (?) Axanthic, and pastel yellow belly axanthic.

The ones with question marks are the ones I was unsure of.