hypo fire

GUYS. My baby bearded dragon came in the mail! Just look at his beautiful colors and sassy stare. I’m already in love!

He was raised in a tank with no reflective surfaces, and he’s totally convinced there’s another beardie in his space. 😂 He spent most of the morning trying to be taller than his reflection so it knew not to steal his crickets. He’s so active and curious about everything, it’s adorable.

p.s. His name is Frodo 😏

A box of wonderful from JD Constriction.

The genetics were not listed but I’m pretty sure we have (left to right; top row to bottom): hypo axanthic, fire pastel yellow belly axanthic, Leopard axanthic, pastel axanthic, fire pastel spider axanthic, fire pastel axanthic, axanthic pied, enchi or blade axanthic, fire spider axanthics Leopard axanthic, vanilla (?) Axanthic, spider axanthic, pastel spider axanthic, pastel axanthic, vanilla (?) Axanthic, and pastel yellow belly axanthic.

The ones with question marks are the ones I was unsure of.