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what order do yall perform in?

Normal regular shows usually go:

Nam + Jin: introduces the show

Jimin: Starts off the show smoothly with a hypnotic trapeze act

Nam: announces next act

Tae: Starts the madness, after doing so introduces Yoongi

Yoongi: Starts with normal juggling then moves onto dangerous acts

Jin: Announces next act

Jimin + Kook: Special double act

Hobi: 。・:*:・゚☆ mime time 。・:*:・゚☆

Nam + Jin: finishes the show off with a BANG! (Literally)

But again it depends on the type of show, special shows are longer with hosted killer acts

Day Four: Mother's Day

Scenario: Levi and his son are doing something special for Hanji for Mother’s Day.

Pairing: LeviHan, Levi Ackerman and Hanji Zoe (or in this case, Hanji Ackerman XD)

A/N: LEVIHAN BABY!!!!!! GAHHH!! Sorry. I was going to originally write something really sad for this prompt, but Mother’s Day is Sunday and I felt the need to write this instead. Your feels are welcome.

            “Daddy… It’s early. Why are we up? And why does Mommy get to sleep in?” The small boy rubbed his eyes sleepily as Levi carried him into the kitchen. The short man placed the boy on the ground opening the fridge and pulling out fresh fruit, cream, caramel and the wraps.

            Because Mommy always sleeps in, Levi thought as he closed the door. “Because today is a very special day for Mommy, Xander, so you have to promise me to keep very quiet and help me out, okay?” He turned to face his son, who had crawled up onto a barstool and had his thumb in his mouth. “And take your hand out of your mouth. That’s disgusting…”

            “Mommy never said it was…” the boy muttered, but he dropped his hand. Levi looked into the child’s intelligent brown eyes as he tried sorting things out in his mind. Xander was the spitting image of his father, except for those eyes. They were all Hanji: Curious and intelligent and hypnotic. The boy acted like his mother too, though there were moments when Levi saw himself in the kid.

            “Mommy is not always very clean, Xander. You’ll have to forgive her for that and love her for it anyways,” Levi replied as he started chopping up strawberries and apples, handing a couple of slices to Xander when he reached for them. He smiled and pulled his son close to kiss the top of his head.

            “Daddy, what are we making Mommy?” the boy asked as he watched his father pile the fruit and place a wrap in a frying pan to heat it up. Levi smiled, something he hadn’t done a whole lot before he’d met Hanji.

            “We’re making Mommy crepes. We’ll bring them into Mommy and Daddy’s bedroom when they’re done and wake Mommy up,” Levi explained. Xander nodded excitedly.

            “Yeah!! We’ll make Mommy have breakfast in bed, since she doesn’t feel well when she moves anymore!” Xander paused, thinking. “But, Daddy, why is today so important to Mommy? It’s not her birthday.” Levi knelt down next to his son.

            “Xander, today is a day when we celebrate everything our Mommy does for us. She takes care of you when you’re sick and teaches you all sorts of things. Your Mommy is an incredible person. And today, we get to make sure that she feels extra special. Even more so than we normally would.” He brushes the child’s bangs out of his eyes and stands back up carefully folding the fruit into the wrap and drizzling cream and caramel over it before folding the wrap in on itself and sliding it onto a plate. “Xander, will you go grab one of the serving trays out of the dining room, please?”

            “Yes!” The boy ran into the adjacent room and Levi poured a cup of herbal tea for his wife just as their child ran back with a tray. “Here, Daddy!”

            “Thank you, Xander,” Levi smiled and kissed his son as he placed the plate and mug on the tray and picked the boy up with one arm. “Ready to go wake Mommy up?”

            “Mmhmm,” Xander smiled and Levi walked back towards the bedroom he shared with Hanji. The brunette woman was just waking up when the two males entered the room and she smiled as she sat up and sniffed.

            “Yum, something smells delicious. What is this all about?” Her eyes locked onto her husband’s as Xander wriggled out of his arms and onto the bed to sit next to his mother.

            “We made you breakfast, Mommy! Today’s a special day!” The boy beamed at her and hugged her head as he kissed her forehead, something he’d seen his father do many times. Hanji smiled and hugged her son close as Levi put the tray on her bedside table.

            “Well, thank you very much, sweetie. I love you soooooo much,” she said, pulling the boy into her lap and rubbing her nose against his. She turned to back to face Levi. “And thank you too, honey. This was very sweet.” Levi smiled and wrapped an arm around her shoulder pulling her close.

            “Happy Mother’s Day, Hanji,” he whispered and lightly kissed her lips. “Xander, there’s something I left in my office. Can you go get it for me?”

            The boy nodded and jumped off the bed running out of the room. Levi handed Hanji the mug and raised it to her lips.

            “Here. This will help with the nausea.”

            “I remember. Thank you for this, Levi. This makes me feel much better.” Hanji smiled and hoisted herself up a little more, quite the effort with her very swollen belly. “You know, I think there’s more than one kid in here. I don’t remember being quite this big with Xander.” She laughs and Levi smiles.

            “Well, regardless of how many kids you have in your stomach, I still think you’re beautiful.” Hanji blushed and leaned into her husband’s arms and placed a very emotional kiss onto his lips as he laced his fingers together holding her protectively, just the way he had five years ago when she’d first found out she was pregnant with Xander.  

When the audience filed into Theater 9 at the Century 16 multiplex in Aurora, Colo., early Friday morning, they were there to experience that state of consciousness that only movies can provide. Somewhere between waking life and hypnotic trance, the act of watching a movie is one of voluntary surrender, of letting go of our daily psychological defenses and allowing our imaginations to be colonized by the enveloping sounds and images on the screen.

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The top 5 things that have surprised you about hypnosis. :)

Hi @friedcherryblossomprincess!

First of all, sorry I didn’t respond to this earlier- I completely forgot it was in my inbox!

1. That it worked at all. I have spent a lot of time fence sitting about what hypnosis was and whether it was really a thing (blame my lack of natural subject abilities). I still have the urge to ask subjects if they’re roleplaying sometimes.

2. That I didn’t have to say ever word in a script perfectly to get an induction to work. Early on I thought scripts = magic and was very worried about deviating by even a few words. It was nice when I realized that this was not the case- that I could, in fact, do an effective induction in my own words and off-book.

3. That I didn’t need to do a formal induction- I could just say induction-y things off the cuff and it would work as well as formal, recognized procedure. There’s very little required in an induction to make it work. In fact, I know some people who will skip inductions all together- in the right circumstance you really just need to let your subject know you’re a hypnotist and give them suggestions.*

4. That subjects have a variety of experiences while hypnotized- they may or may not have their inner voice commenting, that they may or may not be doing some additional non-prompted imaginative effort to get suggestions to work,  that they may need different words or images or modalities to make suggested things happen. I used to have a very Victorian model that a hypnotized person was a blank slate upon which I would act my hypnotic will- and that all hypnotized people experienced trance similarly. Now I realize that hypnosis is much more of a partnership, one where the subject is actually doing a lot of the heavy lifting (even if not consciously).

5. That subjects sometimes have different talents. Response to suggestions has to do with a person’s depth but also what they’re naturally good at.

6. (Bonus) When you’re hypnotizing someone, you’re hypnotizing them the entire time. Hypnosis doesn’t end at the induction- as a hypnotist you’re trying to keep your subject feeling suggestible/taken care of/hypnotized/whatever until you officially bring them out of trance. If someone responds non-optimally to a suggestion, you can work with them to improve their response. You can also be reassuring if you’re leaving it and verify for them that they are still deeply hypnotized even if that particular suggestion didn’t work (maybe by moving to something that does).

*Reader: This scares the hell out of me and I have no clue how to do it. I’m so old school that rapid induction+ quick deepener feels too short. The closest I’ll do is some “suggestibility exercises” first before I formally hypnotize someone- I like this tutorial from Hypnosis Without Trance on doing a hand stick in this manner

ETA: I’d like to hear other people answer this question. @friedcherryblossomprincess? @soundshypnotic? @rightthewaydown? @mr-prism? @mrs-prism? ( @tennfan2- I think you already answered it in a previous post.)

“hello welcome to britain’s got talent what’s your act”
“ok go”
“i already did, and hypnotised everybody to forget”
“:O you win”

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the cloaked male laughed, hypnotizing skylar to act like a cat for a week as he carried her to chase's house, dropping her in front before dashing away. Leaving the cat minded to sleep on the ground [[ thefourodds ]]

Chase sighs hating his new job besides his volunteering as he gets up and goes to take a walk outside but trips over Skylar and hits his nose on the tree and feels blood sighing and looking at Mylar and picks her up and sets her on his couch and sneezes blood while getting a towel