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Can we just acknowledge how when Harley's doing the Sexy Dance™ with the other person she makes a point of looking/smirking at J?

YESSSS ya noticed it too!! I totally freaked out when I saw it (≧◡≦)

Let’s also assess that the women she’s dancing with wears a Batsy mask. She’s nailing “Batsy” on a wall, playing with the women like a cat with a mice. Ya watchin’ me, Puddin? Look what I got for you ♥ J’s just starring at his lil monster and her game, totally hypnotised. There’s such a high sexual tension. But I also noticed something like bitterness and rage in Jokers expression. He’s thinking about what Batsy did to him and what he wanna do to him in return.


Characters: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Smut, fluff, Whipped Cream

Word Count: 1539

A/N: Written for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing ‘s Celebration Challenge - Prompt NSFW23

You couldn’t help the grin that spread across your face as you woke up that morning, rolling to face Dean as he slept, the peaceful rise and fall of his chest almost hypnotising as you looked over his features for the millionth time. Reaching out, you lightly traced his brow, round his eye and down to his cheekbone, lingering over the freckles that laid there. He stirred slightly and you moved your hand not wanting to wake him up.

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 THE delightful new series of The Great British Bake Off will make the rest of 2016 seem like a scary, nasty dream, the BBC has confirmed.

The whole of the UK will be enveloped in a dreamy cloud of creamy, buttery happiness.

A BBC spokesman said: “If people see enough gingham bunting and lovely cakes, they become hypnotised into believing that the world is a cross between Trumpton and heaven".

Broken Foot Theory

In the episode The Insecta Trifecta Raph leads the team and my first thought was that Leo had been hypnotised and become evil but then we saw in a promo that he had been captured with April and Karai by Baxter Stockman and I assumed that’s why Raph’s leading the team to go save them but then I had a new thought.

My theory is that as Leo is being naughty and has sneaked off to join Karai and Shinigami to stop the Foot/Purple Dragons (setting money and buildings on fire, beating up Hun ect) and getting himself in danger and maybe his brothers in danger because they went to look for him. 

Also from one of the promo it looks like the Auman Chemical plant gets blown up and we saw Mikey Raph and Donnie inside it and as the plant is on the Purple Dragons territory, I wonder Leo, Karia and Shinigami blow it up not realizing Mikey, Raph and Donnie are inside but luckily they will escape unhurt.

So when Splinter find out he will strip Leo of leadership temporally and gives it to Raph instead.

The Video of Ashton crawling got me thinking.. What if one night you decided to take charge so you bought a black lace set of lingerie and got all dressed up. When Ashton would get home you’d step out and he’s be so hypnotised and drop to his knee’s, moaning/whining about how sexy you looked. You’d be smirking and raise a finger telling him to come towards you. He’d crawl towards you, keeping eye contact the whole time. God he’d look so hot his sandy locks falling onto his face and his bottom lip tucked between his teeth. When he got to your body he would worship you like a goddess. Kissing up your body from your feet, over your thighs and up your body…

Do they not notice?
Or are they just fucking dumb? 

What happened to the clear skin of my wrists?
Are bare thighs past tense? 

It fucking hurts when you touch me there
It fucking hurts when you touch me anywhere 

Please let go of me
You don’t know half of the story 

No I may not be as fucked up as she
But, please, give me some credibility 

I know you never wanted me
Don’t go attempting to hypnotise me 

I want to be fucking skinny
I wont eat for you 

Don’t take my personality personally
Please just let me be 

I hate it when you’re clingy
What happened to personal space? 

Why are you so obsessed with me?
Is this just temporary? 

Why don’t people notice?
The lines I’ve made myself

Why doesn’t anyone tell me
That I should fucking stop 

I’m not asking you to kiss it better
I’m not telling you that I’ll listen 

I just want someone to tell me
I’m not invisible 

Can you even here me? 
Do you even see me? 

Why don’t you care?
Why should you care?

Do they not notice?
Or are they just fucking dumb?

What happened to the clear skin of my wrists?
Are bare thighs past tense?

It fucking hurts when you touch me there
It fucking hurts when you touch me anywhere

Please let go of me
You don’t know half of the story

I hate it when you’re clingy
What happened to personal space?

Why are you so obsessed with me?
Is this just temporary?

I want to be fucking skinny
I wont eat for you

Don’t take my personality personally
Please just let me be

Boss is coming back!

It’s me, I am alive! Great news right? Boss isn’t dead so someone is still around to give instructions!

I was away doing some things but come back soon, so if you want to be a good jock boy or interested in hypnosis shoot me a message.

But boss what should Include?

I got tired of messages like me want hypnotise.


Tell me your age, what your looking for and if you want a cheeky photo!

Gotta impress boss right?

See ya later.

Where Does The Ghost of A Lover Go?

You were born into the heart of winter. 
the land where the sawtoothed wind
bit into the flesh and left a handful of freckles - the lovebites. 
In your fantasies,
the luscious mangoes dangled in the orchards,
where the snakes, hypnotised by the perfume of the ripe fruits
slumbered peacefully.

Last night, I dreamt of your dead body
lying over the meadow, covered with aconites.
There were torn pages from Anna Karenina, flying in the wind
limp and yellow
“Is it the winter? Is it the winter?” I kept screaming 
“No,” you replied from the otherworld
“It’s the summer that became the death of me.”

- bhushita

The Poems of Jamie Alex

I am assailed by a series of ideas.
I want to say that I am hypnotised.
Instead I close my eyes and think
Of the girl I should have been, of
The man I am becoming. I get it.
I want to participate. But silence
And waiting are my only option. The
White roses are emerging on the 
Climbing bush at the garage wall:
It’s a second showing for the summer.
The first lot faded beautifully, strangely,
And now a brighter chance is happening.
If you would put out a hand and greet
Me, I would become a new rose. I need
Summoning, it seems. I am a rose dream.

260: 120

How did this game suddenly become so nerve-wrecking?! You didn’t have to be in Hufflepuff or Slytherin to be entirely hypnotised by the game this Saturday. Literally everyone was sucked into this game for the whole 90 minutes that it lasted, and those who weren’t there probably regret it now. It all turned out to be so much less harmless than previously believed.

The first forty minutes of the game were a laughing stock, let’s be honest. Never have we seen so many balls dropped, so many snitches escape, and so many Bludgers wobbling through the air as if they were drunk.

After Hughes and Flint nearly drove into each other at full speed almost three times, making everyone wonder if they were perhaps long-lost friends who were just in need of a good ol’ hug, an actual collision happened between D. Nott and V. Weasley. For the first time this season the Quaffle wasn’t caught and hit the ground, ensuing the first Time Out of this match, asked for by the Slytherin Captain.

We are not supposed to comment on the things happening outside the game, but D. Nott and V. Weasley’s interaction on the ground did not seem friendly. What a luck R. Weasley is not the weak type of person. Further proofs for that came in the following thirty minutes when the mood of the game entirely changed. Suddenly there were Bludgers everywhere, as though the Slytherin Captain had ordered to stick to ‘Plan B’ now. And Plan B was anything but focused on getting the Quaffle through the hoops.

The Hufflepuff Beaters, Jeong and Lee, were in constant motion while Slytherin’s Beaters, Warrington and Higgs, were quite obviously following the new plan to shoot Bludgers at everything that had a head and sat on a broom. One Bludger even hit Abbott right in the chest after Warrington attempted to batter a Bludger towards Potter and Higgs redirected it away from her, causing to hit the surprised Hufflepuff Captain instead.

The second Time Out was demanded by Abbott when the Hufflepuff Seeker Nasser was fiercely hit by one of those Bludgers and knocked off her broom. At this point it still stood 20:30 for Slytherin.

Nasser was asked to stay on the ground for a while. Even though she insisted that she was fine she mounted her broom while holding it upside down. It seemed therefore very obvious that Abbott then told his team to give their best once more - even if that meant to play as brutal as allowed -, and that they needed to make as many points as possible while keeping V. Weasley from finding the Snitch while Nasser was looked over by Mrs Longbottom.

And it worked. Both teams played dirtier and fiercer than the Hogwarts Quidditch Rules allow it, and by the time Nasser was back in the air, it stood 100:100, and Higgs, Abbott, Macmillan and Jeong were basically with one foot in the Hospital Wing already. Five brief minutes later and Nasser held the Snitch in her hands.

With that, Hufflepuff is one step closer to winning this season’s Quidditch Cup! Only if Slytherin wins with more than 60 points in the next match, or if Gryffindor wins with more than 200 points, the Cup can still be snatched away from either one of those houses. To us, it sounds a lot like this is worth a party, no? Even if - given the amount of injured players - the party will probably have to be held in the Hospital Wing…

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Lies - Ep.1 Aftershave

Lynx. Apollo. Cheap from Tesco’s. He sprayed it daily after showers and before he went out. Always carried a little bottle with him for emergency purposes.
The young asian adult walked through the shopping centre,his beautiful aftershave scent followed, draped around him like a cloak. Many damsels were left mesmerised, confused, in love even, with the strong fragrance of his body that hugged their hormones ever so handsomely. The pleasant smell shooting cupid’s arrows recklessly everywhere as it and the adult travelled together.
Men know little about what a good odour could do to a female’s feelings, their hormones, heads, and hearts (good thing they don’t know anymore).
This average-looking, 6'1", slim man, rarely attracted women with just his looks - but his aftershave became his wingman and worked wonders for the boy. Girls would turn on their heels, women were hypnotised in infactuation. However this young man did not understand nor notice how his heavenly aftershave would leave girls feeling. He did not know how many ladies yearned for his number. He did not know the emotions provoked in some teenage hormones. He just did not know. He only thought: no girl will be attracted to me; no girl will want me; no girl will love me; arranged marriage is coming my way. But he was wrong, for God had other plans…


Okay that’s the first part and there’s much more to come. I hope you guys like this. If you want more let me know through likes, reposts, comments, and messages, just show your love. Any criticism is appreciated xx