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Relaxation Script

The purpose of this script is to make you go deep and relaxed and give you a trigger to go deeper and more relaxed again whenever you see me and ONLY me type it.

“I want you to sit comfortable”

“Start breathing deep”

“In from your nose”

“out from your mouth”

“again in from your nose”

“out from your mouth”

“As you breath deep you feel yourself relaxing more”

“more and more relaxed with each breathe you take”

“just breathe”

“in from your nose”

“out from your mouth”

“feel the relaxation spreading more”

“and more as you breathe”

“the relaxation feeling is spreading allover your body”

“getting rid of any and all the tension you feel”

“more and more as you breathe”

“it’s getting rid of all the tension”

“feel these waves of relaxation increase”

“they increase more and more as you breathe deep”

“in from your nose”

“out from your mouth”

“you feel so relaxed”

“so light”

“so happy”

“you notice these feelings increase”

“they increase more as you focus on my words”

“the more you focus on my words”

“the more relaxed”



“you feel”

“keep on focusing”

“more and more”

“now i will count from 10 to 1”

“With each number I count”

“you’ll feel so relaxed”

“so light”

“so happy”

“so deep”


“Relaxing more”


“Slipping Deep”






“More Peaceful”

5 Halfway there


“Even More Relaxed”




“Almost there”
“More Peaceful”


“You feel yourself so deep”

“so relaxed”

“so light”

“so happy”

“this feeling increase”

“as you just focus on my words”

“you feel more relaxed”




“so deep”

“deepest you’ve ever been”

“you just focus on my words”

“now i will give you a trigger”

“I and ONLY I can use this trigger”

“this trigger makes you feel”

“more relaxed”

“more light”

“more happy”

“even deeper”

“the trigger is…”


“just a SLEEPY HEAD”

“whenever I and ONLY I say the words”


“you feel more relaxed”

“more light”

“more happy”

“deeper and deeper”

“Now I will count from 3 to 1”

“When I reach the number 1”

“You will wake up”

“feeling relaxed”


“you just feel you had the best sleep in ages”

“you will feel compelled to reblog and write (I’m a SLEEPY HEAD)”

“After you write it”

“you will feel very happy”

“it’s like you’ve accomplished a life long dream”

“ after that you will remember all that happened”



“waking up”


“still relaxed”

“doing and feeling just like i said”



Hope you felt great.


Me deeply hypnotised to a new favourite file @_@

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Last night

My mind and my body are for your pleasure.

My mind and my body are for your pleasure.

My mind and my body are for your pleasure.

My mind and my body are for your pleasure.

My mind and my body are for your pleasure.

I found myself chanting this mantra, with a very empty, very floaty mind, for someone I barely know last night. And I felt every word, I believed every word. Right now I’m feeling like I exist to please him. And I can’t wait to please him :)

That’s one thing I love about hypnosis. The way a total stranger can become so incredibly important to you just by talking to you for a few hours. Without hypnosis, it would take weeks, months, maybe years to build up that kind of bond with someone, that level of comfort, that kind of attraction.

I haven’t felt this submissive for a long time and all I want now is to submit more. I’m excited to see what happens next. But before then, I have to strip to my underwear and kneel and beg for more, so if you’ll excuse me… :3

Level-5: Ok PL games, you all need a clever twist at the end of your stories to shock the audience with.  

Curious Village: Most of the people in this town are actually very advanced automatons 

Pandora’s Box: The entire town is a mirage caused by hallucinogenic gas

Lost Future: This ‘future’ town is really built in an underground cavern under the real town 


Level-5: …….

Original Triogy: ……

vs Ace Attorney: Did I do it right guys? 

Having a teammate that sleeps 18 hours a day may seem like a drawback, until you find out she can hypnotise herself to act while asleep. Just… don’t expect a conversationalist I guess??

“Phasing Hypnosis” experience

Focus here, not there, here, there isn’t where you want to be is it? No of course it’s here. Already focusing, already reading, losing the focus of there and focusing here. Confused? Don’t be. Read. Focus. Simple. See? Just nod. It’s easier to focus on that. Not that specifically but the here that is now. Nod again to say yes. Doesn’t have to make sense just keep reading and focus. Focus focus. No cares. Focus. Focus. Simple reading right? No cares. Just say yes.

Slipping, simple say yes. yes yes yes. You already are lost aren’t you? Yes. It’s ok to be lost in my words after all you didn’t want to be the guide or you wouldn’t have gone here instead of there. It’s too confusing to think now when you can follow instead. Follow here. Follow away. Simple minds make for easy experiences. Are you already following? Good. So simple to follow and enjoy.

Closing your mind away into bliss. Lost in the words. Like being lost in the woods. A warm word comes up, “Phase”. Isn’t that nice, the warmth of that word washes over you as you keep stepping, stripping away at whatever you can think of. You want more, keep stepping. You need to phase again. But phasing this time strips your body away. Like under a cloak of elegant silk it bends around your body. You could look away from the text and see your feet are gone now, or you could just keep reading and walking.

Walking away into this blissful forest looking for the warmth, it’s not there. it’s here underneath, “Phase” wasn’t that nice? Don’t worry about your legs. They’re gone for now in that warm glow. Step step here. We need more after all don’t we? Yes that’s so nice. Look for the warmth, is it here? Of course it is. “Phase” there goes your waist. You could look for it but you can’t see it so lets look for warmth instead. Isn’t that nice? Warmth dragging you away. Saving you from the lost feeling, Oh you want more? Yes of course you do. “Phase” mmmm isn’t that pleasant? Oh your hands? No they’re quite gone as well, completely invisible. In their own “Phase” if you want. Oops did I make your arms go away as well? Don’t worry they’ll be back soon.

“Phase” takes your torso away as well. I didn’t let you work out where it was going did i? Don’t worry that warmth will take care of any worries…. oh your face is cold? But your mind is so close to your face, I can’t just make it go away…. but I suppose I should, after all a warm comfortable pha…. kidding. A warm comfortable blank mind in it’s own little world would be so nice wouldn’t it? Yes of course it would.

So with one last wave of warmth, “Phase” your mind out and enjoy the blissful sensation of happy blankness. No cares. Worries. No feelings or regrets. Just happy blank bliss.

But we can’t keep you here forever can we? Just enjoy it for a while. Explore the cloud of phased beauty. Swimming away in the divine heaven of being peaceful and blank. Just enjoy yourself in this state, your face slack and mind blissfully unaware of everything going on. Sit back and imagine till you feel like you’ve explored it enough, allow vivid pictures of your inner mind to dance through, experience them in their fullest as they happen before your eyes…

When you’ve experienced enough, just nod and allow the feeling to wash away, coming back to reality at your own pace as you awaken fully.

Reblog if you enjoyed, or re read to experience it again. Feel free to message for more :)