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Does the entirety of your glitchtale series have hypnotic suggestions engrained into it? Because I see no other way people would fall over themselves over this gray, mediocre mush you've created. The plot is so predictable, I could tell you everything that happens by the second episode. You say you "killed off" Sans to make room for other characters, but you don't do anything with half of those characters. And on top of that, you don't even have the stones to kill Sans!

Glad you disliked!

Try to not spoil the end of the season for everyone else, since you already predicted it all.

Also killing off a character or not doesn’t give you more value over other writers, the way you use the character is what counts.

Cheers,  take care mate.


by: mldrgrl
Rating: PG-13ish
Summary: Set somewhere around the end of season 6.  They have to beat the heat somehow.

The air conditioner in Scully’s motel room rattles too loudly for her to sleep, but it’s too hot to turn it off.  The ancient, noisy box doesn’t provide much cold air, but it’s enough to beat back the humidity.  Restless, she gets out of bed and slips on a pair of sandals.  She distinctly remembered seeing a vending machine by the manager’s office, maybe she could get a cold water, or at the very least, a bucket of ice.  She doesn’t bother putting on another layer of clothes over her shorts and tank top.  It’s after midnight, there were only four cars in the parking lot at this motel and one of them was the rental she and Mulder picked up at the airport that morning.  Who would be out this late in the middle of nowhere?

Mulder.  Of course, Mulder is out this late in the middle of nowhere.  As soon as Scully steps outside, she sees him, sprawled in one of the tiny plastic chairs that dot the front of the rooms beneath the windows.  He’s got his running shorts on and he’s wiping his face with the front of his t-shirt.  When he sees her, he bends his wrist up and flutters his fingers once in a wave.

“Can’t sleep?” he asks as she shuffles by.

Scully raises the ice bucket in reply and wipes a sheen of sweat off her upper lip that’s already formed in the few moments she’s been outside.  He nods and she keeps shuffling towards the office.   The vending machine won’t accept her dollar.  Even though it’s lit, it doesn’t seem to be on.  She sighs and fills her bucket with little rectangular pellets of ice and shuffles back towards her room.

“I was thinking,” Mulder says, as she passes him, “what if the witnesses stories aren’t rehearsed, but it’s part of a post-hypnotic suggestion?”

She pauses and sighs.  “We can talk about it tomorrow,” she says.

“Technically, it is tomorrow.”

“Mr. Rappaport won’t be any less dead in the morning.”

Behind them, a bug zapper hanging next to management’s door sizzles and snaps about every ten seconds.  It suddenly occurs to her that the glowing blue light is irresistible to the bugs in the same way that lights in the sky are irresistible to Mulder.  Can’t stop, won’t stop, even if he - if they - get burned.  

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Bodybuilder hypnotised by a friend for a laugh and some help with working out


Note: I didn’t watch this all the way through. I skipped around and saw there was a post-hypnotic suggestion to leave a comment at the end.

We all knew this was coming.  Fidget spinners and other related toys are all the rage right now.  Your teacher friends are confiscating drawers full of them as we speak, while companies quickly capitalize on the trend before kids move on to the next thing.

When I first saw this I thought “I know a hypnosis induction toy when I see it.”  And sure enough, a video presented itself.   These things are showing up at all sorts of shops in malls and elsewhere, so do your hypno-enthusiast friends a solid and when you steal one from your child or student, give this a try.  Also report back to us and let us know how it went!

This Means War

I posted this like a day or two ago, but something glitchy was going on with the tags, and shit wasn’t adding up so…sorry if you seeing this again lol

This is kinda nsfw/nsfr so…Be warned.

For Sasuke, the past couple days had been his most uncomfortable. The warmth around his neck and ear area just never seemed to dissipate, and his body just felt plagued with heat in general. It’s not like he was sweating either; his body just felt like some pent-up, jammed engine ridden with tension and no way to release it.

“Damn, even the store is freezing,” Kiba perched as they entered. Sasuke squinted at him curiously, then his face continued to contort when the others agreed before his features slowly relaxed in realization.


So it was just him.

He looks around at the group cautiously before slowly unzipping his sweater trying not to draw attention to himself.

“Supermarkets are the worst during this time of year,” Shikamaru remarked holding his jacket closer to his body.

Tenten rummages in her bag taking out a piece of paper.“Well, we made a list so we can be in and out if we all pay attention and pitch in,” 

Naruto huffs. “Then why’d we bring the laziest guy we know?” 

“Because he’s also the smartest, and we could use the balance-”

Naruto proceeded to question what she meant by that, but Sasuke’s thoughts had drifted away by then. They became concerned with the state of his body again-ridden with this unnecessary heat. He became even more miserable at his inability to find a solution to this problem considering where he was not at the moment:


Why was he here again? 

Certainly not for that boisterous, yet respectable, but still boisterous loud mouth Lee. It was 9:30 am on a Saturday, and he wasn’t in bed, but he was carrying out errands for his surprise birthday party. While he wouldn’t say his pride had completely healed from all those years ago when the kid handed his ass to him in middle school, the two were friendly, but he, nor even Naruto was worth enduring this torture.

So why then, he questioned himself as he sighed into a slouch crossing his arms, had he dragged himself out to grovel in his psychological oven?

“Oh, You guys finally made it.” Tenten spoke.

Obsidian captured lavender, albeit only a moment, and Sasuke inhaled trying to disguise the heat that was now burning with extreme fervor and rampaging his mind. He watched blue-black hair fall sparingly from behind her ear to the forefront of her modestly covered shoulder as she approached them.

“Yeah, we got most of the presents from the list.” She said, lips moist, he noted. 

Squinting to himself in deep thought, nodded.

Of course, it was she that compelled him to be here. The witch, no less. 

Ino began,“We would’ve been here sooner, but we shoulda planned ahead for picking up those nunchuks-”

And he’d spaced out again. He watched her, waiting. Waiting to acknowledge his presence. She observed the conversation, participated in it, made the facade look real. 

Hinata Hyuga. Sasuke Uchiha. Two separate entities, who never speak to each other unless the situation calls for it, who acknowledge each other if only for manners, who have nothing in common but their friends-

Had been one, just last night. 

As well as the night before that one too.

“Alright guys, lets just get the supplies we need and be on our way.” Tenten said, but whatever came next fell deaf on Sasuke’s ears.  

He was a patient guy, or tried to be, anyway. They weren’t dating by any means so was he worried that she acted completely ordinary towards him for the most part despite fucking the shit out him?  


But would he prefer her to initiate some sort of greeting considering she initiated…that? 

It’s only right, is it not? 

In lieu of a greeting, she nodded at him with a half smile on her lips. It was the complete mirror of what she would always do even before their recent rendezvous. Not a crack in that wicked mask of hers.  

Sasuke gave a barely audible grunt in response, not looking her way, but alas his attempt to feign aloofness at her presence seemed to be going awry as something seemed oddly familiar about her today, and beyond simply knowing each angle of her body’s curves…he looked her up and down as she walked away observing her usual modest attire-she had on joggers, and a sweatshirt, clothes that were surely too big for her. He wanted to scoff, the woman was a true witch. She hadn’t put even a spec of clothing on the entire time she was at- 

His breath hitched recognition greeting him like a pile of bricks. 

Those were his fucking clothes. 

Sasuke rubbed his neck that had been showered in hot breath and heated lustful kisses, it was stinging like black top on a summer’s day. He wanted to be angry or annoyed at least. He wanted that to be his reaction so badly; it would at least then affirm that he wasn’t totally hooked. 

But watching her shift her weight from pronounced hip to the other in his pants, and seeing how nice his hoodie suddenly looked on her, the discomfort in his pants just had to disagree. 

“I found the wrapping paper.” Hinata announced. The girls examined the tall cylindrical tubes of paper, and compared the choices, well excluding Hinata, not exactly being known for decisiveness-only on the surface that is. Yet, to Sasuke’s interest, her hand still clutched the tube. Skeptical, Sasuke’s head lifted. 

He just barely catches the glance she sent his way, and his eyes narrow at the deceitful woman. He studies her from his peripheral, and immediately wishes he hadn’t. Her hand slid down once, and right back up…then down again, and up-he couldn’t be imagining this. Not at all. Then she did it again until Sasuke became convinced she was no witch, but a demoness. 

His focus evaded him and some flame engulfed him remembering those same fingers shifting along his own shaft, teasing, daring. He also remembered the how she looked up at him, subtly mischievous and all desire, before she took him up in her mouth, tongue doing just the right things at the right places-swirling along the tip, releasing with him with a pop at the head just before his release.  

Sasuke seethed at himself-he was completely losing his cool. He was so entranced by her sensuality-he’d take her right now if he could.
The group round the corner with Sasuke loosely following behind, but she doesn’t even chance a look in his direction, and opted for an innocent conversation with an unsuspecting and ignorant Kiba. 

Sasuke scoffed at her efforts. How wasn’t it obvious they were having sex? 

She’s got everyone fooled with her potent magic from her quiet mannerisms, politeness, to her ability to make people forget about her without her trying. He rolled his eyes at her false antics. She truly had everyone fooled, but not he.  

He knew the truth.  

From the way she would no doubt be at his place first thing tonight, demanding not even asking for him just because she knew like hell he’d ever deny her. From the way she’d grind her hips into him making him eager to strip, from the way she’d somehow, mysteriously, be on top, taking power away from him without his being aware, from the way she’d tease him, provoke him,challenge him-he knew just who he was dealing with.  

Unlike these suckers, he snidely thought. 

But then publicly to see her act so apathetic toward him…He felt…disrespected, seeing her so calm and normal and aloof toward him despite their recent involvement. The Uchiha huffed. For her to so blatantly test him, Sasuke was close to trying something equally if not more provocative as a rebuttal. As if he didn’t have her pressed up against the wall, bodies so close their breaths were one, but still yearning for more-her legs skillfully wrapping around his waist pulling him in, groin hardening in the meanwhile, like he didn’t make dirty little promises and keep them. He caught himself before licking his lips keeping his face placid. He wanted to see her writhing from in between her legs again, face, in her heat; her back arched, hands tangled in his hair, legs enveloping his back, walls soaked and swollen with juices, pleading, begging… if only to remind her. 

“Fuck,” He couldn’t keep his groan to himself, and his head meets the cereal box shelves. 

“Huh? You good, Uchiha? Need anything?” The Inuzuka was looking at him with a risen brow, amused look on his face. Sasuke looks at him, but very much takes in as much of Hinata as he can from his peripheral vision. 

Sasuke uncrosses his arms, face stoic. “Very,” The Inuzuka boy is nice, but he’s a little too dull to catch on Sasuke thinks as he stared directly at her. “I think I got everything I need just last night.” 

He paced away from them enjoying the slow transition from calm to mortified to determined dance across her features. He smirked. 

Friends with benefits? As if. 

This was war. 

His five seconds of glory had been just that. They ended up in a separate aisle as the group dispersed looking for different things, it was just the two of them…how she managed to do that, apart from hypnotize him with the suggestive sway of the hips and sultry eye glance, he couldn’t say for sure, all apart of the demoness prowess he concluded. 

Even alone, the two stood a plentiful feet apart on opposite sides of the aisle looking the other up and down with suspicion-well, mainly Sasuke did anyway. Hinata stood idly looking at the shelves of markers and pens like she hadn’t cast her final spell on him to lead him here. Like she was some innocent customer. 

“Uchiha-san.” She greeted finally. 

“Hyuga.” He had a mind to say nothing, but stare. 

She softly looked to him, opal eyes looking genuinely concerned. “You look like you have a lot on your mind.” Look at her, not even stuttering. 

He shook his head. “No.” 

The corners of her lips upturn. “Are you sure?” 

His face was stoic as he spoke. “You fucked my brains out last night. I can assure you it’s autopilot from the head down.” He explained, it was half the truth-she damn sure did fuck him to the sun and back, but he was a mess ready to ask for more. 

“All the way down?”

There it is. 

Sasuke felt his own lips twitch, and sat back against an empty shelf securing its sturdiness. “I don’t know how I feel about a foot fetish, but we can see where-” 

She advanced to him, standing parallel his sitting stature occupying her attention with the shelves behind him, ass just beside his face. 

She reorganized things. “Is clarification,” she lifted a knee causing Sasuke to raise a brow until she placed it right between his legs slowly moving toward his pulsating heat. “really needed?” 

He matched her gaze, looking up. “Someone might see.” He watched the reflection of mirror in the corner looking out-he didn’t care, but he knew she did.

She answered putting her leg on him, beckoning his manhood to action. He looked up at her with a less than humble look as he grabbed her leg pulled her closer, his own hand snaking its way up the valley betwixt her legs. She shuddered over him, and her elbows support her on the shelf above Sasuke as her head bowed. 


“Sasuke.” He corrected circling her hair behind her ear, and holding her cheek in his hand. “I want you to call me that right now. They’re not around.” She nodded headily as his fingers ventured for her waistline. He planted kisses on her face, everywhere but her lips dodging her purposely. It was only pay back for last night. After using her mouth, she’d finally straddled him laying him back with her hands, and grabbing hold of him while steadying herself with the help of his strong bare chest-he should have known from the way she smirked above him-she began grinding her wet lips against his shaft, earning herself a whine, but Sasuke could have came right then and there if he had been less careful. It wasn’t until she earned a reaction, his painful moan, that she sunk down unto him, stretching and filling herself with him. 

Hinata let out a small fit out chuckles, and Sasuke sighed contentedly admiring the view of red-dusted cheeks, and pearl white teeth. 

“So even if Naruto sees, you don’t care.” He looked to her. 

She pursed her lips, and looking elsewhere, Sasuke expected as much. “I wouldn’t want him to,” She fiddled with the ends of her hair. 

“Why.” Did he really have to ask? Why did he care? 

“He’s one of my best friends. It was a long time ago, but we-” 

Sasuke put a hand up at her. “Correction: My best friend. He’s mybest friend.” Sasuke stated, and set his hand down signaling for her to proceed. Petty move, he knew, but he didn’t want her in a position that so blatantly put her in the middle. 

Hinata looked at him absurdly. The man was an outright enigma, jealous of Naruto and possessive of him in the same beat.

She held back a laugh, nodding with a humorous grin. “Well, not that it meant much back then, but I don’t want him to think I’m doing anything out of spite.” 

Sasuke blinked at her slowly. That thought hadn’t crossed his mind at all. “Aren’t you?” He asked, more curious than he’d like to admit.  

Hinata gripped the end of her (his) hoodie. “He’d know already if I were being spiteful, n-not that I would, but…” He saw a break in the sorceress’ mask-she was blushing again. “so would you.” 

Sasuke’s head cocks up smirking unabashedly eyes glinting with some result of liking her answer.

“So you really do just…want me?” 

HInata’s face reddened, but he saw resolve in her eyes. She bit her lip holding back a smile. “That’s some ego. You talk too much, Uchiha-san.” 

His head leaned back. “You scream too loud, Hyuga.” She exhaled rolling her eyes, and he took the opportunity to grab her waist again and bring her in to him.  

She huffed at him looking to the side. She placed her hands on his shoulders.

“You’ll have me faster if you beg.” Her eyes were gleaming; she knew just enchanted he was with her potent magic, and so did he. Though even if he could, he’d probably never try to break free of it.

His head cocks to one side before his eyes lift to give her a lopsided smirk.“You look good in my clothes.” He says toying with the hems, and waistlines to freak her out. She squeezed his hand. 

She pulled away, and sat up her demeanor returning to that of her true form. Her head tilted with a half smile. “That’s flattery, and not to mention,” She responded before backing away. “Who said they were yours?” 

His trance shattered around him, and his line of sight narrowed at her. “That’s…” He knew she was fucking with him. She was. “then whose are they?”
Her devilish smile widened before being replaced with a look of feigned innocent curiosity. “I wonder…” and then she’d completely detached herself from him.  

He blinked as he sat up, and robotically grabbed the hood of the jacket without hesitation looking for his family insignia. He sent her a glare. 

“Can you really not recognize your own clothing?” 

Sasuke nodded to her watching in the reflection of a mirror as Kiba and Ino approached. “You brought this on yourself.” Sasuke says simply, capturing her lips

More Post-Entranced Thoughts

I wore a bathing suit today for the first time in years.


In public.*

I’ve had insecurity about my body and wearing swimsuits for years- dating back to when I was in my teens and freaking out about being a size 8. I’ve declined going swimming and frequently felt the need to completely cover up when I did go in the water.

I don’t know what changed. I think it has something to do with Entranced? Cute people wanting to play with me? People complimenting me and saying I was attractive? Unintentional (or intentional) post-hypnotic suggestions that helped me feel better about my self and my looks? Doing an explicitly sexy thing in front of people and getting good feedback? General confidence from spending several days doing a thing I am good at?

I don’t understand how it was so easy- so easy that I didn’t even notice something was different until already being at the pool for a few hours. But I’m going to hold onto this feeling as long as I can.

If you were somehow intentionally or unintentionally responsible- Thank you.

*Very public, actually- a very popular park/swimming pool


Volunteer describes how it felt being hypnotised during a show, and acts on some post-hypnotic suggestions

Darkiplier in 2017: An In-Depth Look (Part 3)

Beyond Markiplier TV, there hasn’t been a confirmed appearance of the real Dark. Though, like the previous months, His presence on the channel has been teased to a great degree. Witness Mark’s slowed-down and deepened declaration of “I am the avatar of Death here” three minutes into the Let’s Play of Shotgun Farmers, the series of art pieces focusing on the Red Man in Passpartout (which, if you’ll recall, one of Dark’s visual alternates when His shell cracks is red), the decidedly creepy thumbnails for “Greetings” and “I Found You” (which are not subtitled with the name of their respective games, and together potentially spell out a chilling message from Dark Himself), the description for Going Home (“Home Sweet Home! But is there something lurking in the darkness?”), and the entire damn premise for the interactive oddity Dinner With An Owl.

“Dinner With An Owl,” particularly, has a weirdly specific plot: It’s a game where you’re locked in an endless loop as a dinner guest to a cultured, well-mannered monster who wants to make a deal with you… and who will take possession of you… and you can never hope to leave… because you’ll be there, with him, forever…

Doesn’t ring any bells for you? I’m not surprised. After all, it’s not like we’ve been down that road before, right?

Originally posted by lum1natrix

Oh wait. Yes, we have.

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Rewatching a few episodes tonight as I try to get a friend into VB and came across a thing that was REALLY OBVIOUS but I had somehow never actively noticed.

Upon freezing everyone in the courtroom in Trial of the Monarch, Phantom Limb orders “a level three memory wipe” on everyone but Dr. Orpheus, because he is a necromancer and “memory wipes don’t work on his kind”, so they use hypnotic suggestion instead. The point, of course, is to make everyone forget Tiny Attorney so they can take him away.

Immediately upon unfreezing, Rusty asks about Tiny Attorney and Brock tells him not to worry about it.

I don’t know how I hadn’t noticed this but now I have to ask. Apparently “Level 3″ memory wipes don’t work on Rusty. Is that due to a built-up immunity in the past, or something inherent in him like Dr. O has? What level memory wipe does he require?

I’m also a bit out of my game and questioning if we’ve ever seen a mind wipe work on him? I don’t think anything actually specified that he’d been wiped along with the boys when they kept discovering SPHINX in the back yard but I’d have to check again. Hm…

anonymous asked:

Okay, but hypno omegaverse RusAme where Alfred and Ivan are a pair of Alphas in a happy relationship, but they have issues when it comes to mating because neither wants to surrender to the other because instinct. So, they start to take turns putting each other under hypnotic suggestion to temporarily neutralise the other's dominant instinct. Ivan ravenously will take this a step further, and hypnotise Alfred into thinking he's an omega in heat.

Fuckin hell I love this 0~0

The Bundy Express - Part 1

Contrary to popular belief, the courts moved Bundy as fast as they could. Never - not once - did any court, anywhere, decide a single issue in his favor. Even the prosecutors acknowledged that Bundy’s lawyer never employed delaying tactics. Though people everywhere seethed at the apparent delay in executing the archdemon, Ted Bundy was actually on the fast track.

Bundy’s lawyers lodged their required appeals to the Florida Supreme Court within two months after each of his trials. Then Robert August Harper filed full briefs within the allotted time. Newt, the State of Florida was given time to digest and respond to Harper’s appeals. In spring 1982, the first of the two cases was put on the docket for oral argument.

Two and a half years may have seemed like a very long time, but in context, it was entirely understandable. The Florida Supreme Court was dealing with roughly one death case per week. Scores of condemned prisoners were ahead of Bundy in line, and each had a complicated appeal based on a large trial record. Each record had to be scrutinized, each appeal contemplated. And when the court finally got to Bundy, the justices were faced with the combined records of two trials comprising some twenty-eight thousand pages. Bundy’s was the largest and most complicated criminal case in the court’s history.

At least one of Harper’s arguments deeply concerned the justices. Harper challenged the use of hypnosis to “refresh” the memories of witnesses. He presented scientific evidence to suggest that hypnotism is unproven and unreliable. 

Based on the Bundy trials, the justices decided to outlaw the use of hypnotically refreshed testimony in Florida courts, but after long contemplation they carved a narrow exception for Bundy himself. In 1984 and 1985, they rejected the Chi Omega and the Leach murder trial appeals, saying that Bundy’s cases contained “sufficient evidence…. absent the tainted testimony, upon which the jury could have based its convictions.” Therefore, the erroneous use of hypnosis was, in these cases, “harmless.Technically, the court was applying an invalid test to deny Bundy’s demand for new trials. The proper test for deciding whether an error is “harmless” is whether the “tainted testimony…. might have contributed to the conviction. In the two Bundy cases, the hypnotically refreshed testimony provided the only eyewitness links; surely it “might have contributed” to the conviction. The Florida Supreme Court had bent over backwards to affirm Bundy’s convictions - creating a “Bundy exception” to the law. Each appeal took five years to complete, but in keeping with a larger sense of justice, the court found a way to preserve the death sentences.

gil-moredon  asked:

What is the best way to determine how deep l've gone after listening to a file? I have a number of them but never think l've gone very deep if at all. Also, the post hypnotic suggestions don't seem to work.

The depth of trance is unimportant. Humans are suggestible whether they’re deeply in trance or not. Think of the times you’ve been walking about during the day and saw an image of some kind of food, then ended up having that later. Remember a really cool toy that you had to have and got. 

What’s important is that you feel a certain way while in a trance, and your unconscious can know that in order for your conscious self to be convinced you did a thing (Oh, you skeptical conscious) it can intensify what it is that YOU feel. What anyone else does in trance is irrelevant to you experiencing a trance and enjoying it.

Perhaps your unconscious can add in another feeling (Possibly!) but mostly you’re already experiencing something while in that state and allowing your unconscious to intensify that so that you know what your trance state feels like (at least for now/beginning) is important. 

I think there are also a lot of people who long ago stopped paying attention to their unconscious. And so their unconscious basically said, ‘Ok, fuck you, I’m going to go do my own thing and not pay attention to you. I’ll do the basics, but you’re on your own for the more fun stuff conscious, how’d you like that?” And the conscious can’t do the things. It NEEDS the unconscious. So sometimes paying attention to your unconscious, letting it know how amazing it really is, and yes, please come do these fun things with all of us, is really what it takes for someone to experience something new and fun. 

I say this particularly because SURE, if you don’t want to do something, a human will find a way to not do it. That isn’t the point here. Tell yourself that you can and you will, and perhaps ASK Your unconscious to help make it happen, and then wait, be patient, and notice the subtle little things which are your unconscious giving you signals that it’s doing whatever it is you wanted. 

Also, start small - having your unconscious enhance or decrease feelings you’re experiencing is a good one, ideamotor movement is another good one to start out with. (As opposed to asking your unconscious to give you massive orgasms anytime X, making you feel like a succubus is crawling all over your body/see that happening, turning you into a completely different person and not remembering it except for the video, etc). 

Carisi-centric thoughts on Ep 18x18

The last fifteen minutes really ruined what was, until then, a perfectly serviceable episode. It really flew by, up until that point, and I kinda liked it. It was dumb but fun :D

I even liked the hypnotism angle, but I must say, I think the problem persists; yet again, the episode had an interesting premise, but it failed to take advantage of it. Why not go into the practicalities of hypnosis? Where was Huang to get on that stand and explain it in detail? Speaking of, wouldn’t Barba talk to an “expert” during the trial? Why not make a show if it and demonstrate hypnosis? Wouldn’t that be fun to watch?


OK, guys, I’m going to be honest. I’m of two minds, when it comes to this episode. Sonny-wise, the episode was fantastic (and let’s be honest, that’s always my main concern lol), the premise was fun, we got Barba working with the entire team, not just Liv, and the case itself (the investigation of it, at least) was twisty enough to remain enjoyable.


From a legal standpoint, this episode was laughably bad. It honestly left me baffled. Who wrote this? The last fifteen minutes were ridiculous. No way would Barba ever get a conviction based on what we saw. I’ll expand on that in a minute (in EXTENSIVE detail), but first let’s start with the good.

Sonny and Continuity

A lot of great stuff in this episode! Sonny pulled a classic Sonny, and looked into the case thoroughly, going above and beyond and finding information about out a crime which was committed out of state. He even dug up a civil suit. That’s absolutely consistent with the Sonny we know. It’s what he’s always done. He never gives up, he finds smart ways to work around the obstacles and solve the case.

I also appreciated that Sonny showed real empathy when he heard the first victim had died. Peter played that little moment so well. Both the surprise and the sadness. What I loved most about it, was that it didn’t feel like he was thinking “oh shoot, there goes our witness.” It felt like the old Sonny, the one who used to cross himself when he found a dead body. The Sonny who’d take the time to grieve, just for a moment, when confronted with the death of a stranger as opposed to last week’s Sonny, who dismissed actual death threats like he didn’t give a shit lol.

And I do always love it when Sonny cracks a case with his research. Even though he didn’t actually crack it, because what the fuck? But, again, more on that later.

Sonny’s Love Life

Wait, Sonny has a legit girlfriend that’s been mentioned more than once? Can we meet her, please? I’ve always wanted to see him happy and in love :D and making out with someone lol. I just wish we knew more about her. A name, even. Wouldn’t Amanda know her name? She and Carisi are obviously buddies. So far, the info we got on her is a) her bra size (classy, SVU writers) and b) that she’s into that raw food trend. I like that, actually. It fits Sonny. He seems like he’d totally be up for trying new experiences food-wise and otherwise, and this could be their thing, going around random restaurants and trying to convince each other to eat weird dishes, lol.

I love it when our characters are shown to have lives outside the “show”, but can we actually see it? Can we see Sonny all flirty and cute? If they don’t want to cast anyone new (because they seem averse to creating new characters), can’t we at least see, like, Sonny smiling as he talks on the phone, or as he reads a text, with Fin teasing him about it? Or something? Please? :D

Barba Thoughts

I was surprised Barba was the one to suggest hypnotism. Way to think outside the box! I’m not sure he was the best person to do that (he seems like a total skeptic who’d shoot that theory down immediately), but I bought the excuse of him having come across it before. Plus, I loved that he was the one who got to solve the case, for a change. And I also liked how the entire team, Barba included, spent several scenes brainstorming together. I had missed that. Barba in the precinct, with the entire squad.

Aaaaand that’s where the fun ends, and the pedantic/annoyed part of my post begins, lol.

Why on Earth would Barba take legal advice from Liv? Why would he ever play that tape for the jury? If that’s not reasonable doubt, I don’t know what is. Why would he follow Liv’s actual instructions? She’s not a lawyer! She directly affected the case, in a way that could have been detrimental, even though Barba seemed like he knew better (since he tried to talk her out of it, before folding as always), and the way the episode chose to resolve that was by having Liv and Barba drinkin’ it up at a bar.

Liv’s mistake was never identified as such, and it took Sonny “deus ex machina” Carisi and his random discovery to save the day.

Even though it shouldn’t have. Which brings me to:

The Law

Me for the first like 45 minutes: OK BUT WHERE IS RITA???

Me when Rita appeared: YASSSSSS QUEEN

Me at the end of the episode: NOOOOO QUEEN 

Where do I begin?

Why was Barba acting like hypnosis was sure to be accepted as 100% real and effective by a court of law, let alone a jury in its entirety? Why did he seem to “suddenly” realize he had no case (which, d’oh) at the halfway mark, only for Liv to wrongly convince him otherwise? And, even if Barba did manage to stumble upon a group of jurors who all believe in hypnosis, why didn’t he bother actually proving anything?

To get a conviction, Barba would have to prove that:

  1. hypnosis is real,
  2. hypnosis can be powerful enough to make a woman consent to sex against her will,
  3. Trask has the skill to hypnotize people,
  4. Trask actually hypnotized this specific victim, and
  5. Trask raped this specific victim.

None of that was ever proven. None. Like I said, no expert was shown explaining just what hypnotism entails. No proof was given that Trask even knew how to do that (so what if his mentor taught him, does that mean he now knows how to do it perfectly?). There was an actual tape with the victim’s ‘consent’ that was played but not actually debunked.

And oh Lord. That old case Sonny dug up. WHERE. DO. I. BEGIN.

What defense attorney, hell, what judge would allow a totally random arrest from over 20 years ago to be brought up into a totally unrelated criminal trial? Not to mention, no one even bothered to point out that the defendant was a drug addict at the time (22. YEARS. AGO), and he had since “changed.”

To be fair, the writers tried to make it work, with Barba asking Trask if he had ever been arrested, to “open the door” to bringing up the previous arrest (and also to get Trask to lie on the stand). Problem is, Trask only lied about the arrest itself, not about the specifics of it. With that in mind, Barba would only be able to mention the arrest itself, to contradict Trask’s testimony and present him as a liar. But he’d never be able to introduce the actual details of the arrest, the actual facts of that old case.

Barba would need to ask something specific to open that door. Something like, “Have you ever been accused of anything like this before? A man in your position, wealthy and surrounding himself with drugs and beautiful women,” blah blah. If Trask had lied about that, then Barba would have been able to bring up a similar case from the past (even the case of the dead woman mentioned previously). 

Unfortunately, there was nothing similar about the case Sonny found. No relevance, no probative value. A drug addict, ill and scared, letting someone die? Over 20 years ago? An expunged arrest, no conviction? That was prejudicial as fuck. Rita would have it thrown out in 3 seconds. Many times, prosecutors can’t even mention actual (and relevant) convictions, because it would be prejudicial, unless the specific convictions have a significant probative value relating to the case on hand.

Same goes for that half-assed “confession” to Trask’s mentor-slash-friend. Trask never mentioned this specific victim. That was circumstantial as fuck. I’m embarrassed on Rita’s behalf for losing this mess of a case. The old Rita would never.

Legally speaking, this was a total circus. Barba proved nothing. No way would the jury find Trask guilty. No way would Rita Fucking Calhoun let any of that fly. This is Dana Lewis levels of character assassination, in my book. 

Stray Thoughts

Is Liv working reception now? Didn’t she used to have an office? Where her subordinates could reach her, if a victim wanted to speak to “someone in charge”? You’re a Lieutenant, sis! Let someone else man the doors!

Declan? 👀

Amanda didn’t judge a victim, for once, and the case involved drugs! Progress!

Fin listening to that lady for like 5 minutes? YES. His face was the highlight of the episode. Fin himself was the highlight of the episode, actually. So many great lines, and Ice-T was clearly having fun.

Speaking of, we got Fin joking! And Carisi joking! And Amanda laughing! Who are these people? I don’t recognize them :D

Seriously though, I really appreciated the attempt for a more ‘lighthearted’ episode, but the writers should have stopped themselves riiiiiight before giving Rollins the line, ‘look deep into my eyes, you’re under arrest.’ Because no.