How To “Thizzle” Dance

Step 1: Put a look on your face like you smelt some piss.
Step 2: Bounce to the beat till it starts to hurt.
Step 3: Then dust all the smirk off ya shirt.
Step 4: Dip to the ground as you catch the bass.
Step 5: Wipe all the sweat off ya face.
Step 6: Hop back up and start to slide and pop your collar as you glide.
Step 7: Then break the thang down, do the bird, dust yourself off like you just stole third.

The hotel room blinds open, the bright sunshine hitting your face. You groan out loud, feeling a hangover begin to creep up on you.

“Rise and shine baby girl,” Gerald says in a cheery mood. Since when has he been a morning person? You figured he was just happy because the rolls were now reversed. To your surprise, G didn’t get drunk last night. You on the other hand went a little heavy on the liquor, definitely regretting it right now.

“Babe get up,” he lays his body on top of yours, squishing you.

“Gerald, it’s only 8 in the morning, and you are already annoying me.” Your voice was monotone, no emotion behind it. You kept your eyes closed, knowing that if you opened them the bright sun rays shining through the hotel window would be the deal breaker for the major headache that you’re about to get.

You feel G’s chest rumble on your back, he was laughing at you. He’s been so used to hangovers, it’s like they were part of his everyday morning routine. It felt odd for him not wake up with a headache.

“We need to be on the road in half an hour babe,” G kisses your temple a few times.

 "5 more minutes.“

"You wanna date a superstar baby girl, you gotta get used to the superstar life, now up,” G kisses you once more, running his thumb over your temple a few times and inhaling your scent. 

You roll around, facing him, finally opening your eyes, meeting G’s. 

“I love you, superstar.” 

G smiles, mumbling an ‘I love you’ before connecting your lips together. Even with a hangover, starting morning with Gerald were always your favorite. 

You laid on the tanning chair, gazing up at the star filled night sky. The full moon shining down on you as you take a hit from the blunt that lays between your fingers. Stretching your arm out, you pass the blunt to G, who laid on the chair next to you. 

Neither of you had said a word since lighting the blunt. Both of you taking in the night sky, the autumn breeze, and the crickets chirping in the background. It wasn’t often that Gerald got down time, and when he did he was usually out partying. 

This was a whole new scene, a change. A good change. 

“I know all your dreams, goals, accomplishments you have in life,” you began keeping your gaze on the stars, “but what’s your biggest nightmare?” 

G stayed silent for a second, thinking about the question. You two weren’t per say a couple, but he had feelings for you, your feelings were mutual. You both lived the fast life, with your modeling career, and his rapping career there was never time for a relationship. 

“Losing everything. My job, my fans, music, you. My biggest nightmare is losing you.” 

You looked over at the tall, lanky man, your heart beat speeding up within a second. 


“All the years that I’ve been in this music career I felt alone. Every night after tour, I felt as if no one understood me, got who I was, what I wanted. It was not until I met you that I didn’t feel alone anymore, I felt as if I could share and talk about it all without being judged. Because you understand, you get me. You get me and I’m afraid that no one else in the world will ever get me like you do, Y/N.”

“Gerald,” you didn’t know what to say. 

“I just- somewhere along the way, I got attached, I grew feelings, G fucking Eazy became a damn softie, for you. So yes, I think I’m in love, and yes my biggest fear is losing you.” 

Going, Going, Back, Back To The Bay RIP Mac Dre 🤘🏽☹️🤘🏽

I took a spontaneous solo trip back home to San Fran to visit my mom’s gave for her bday. She’s been on my mind a lot recently and I’m fr missin that woman. The fog, the people, the seafood, the pier, the views, I fr fr missed this all too sooo much ya’ll have no idea. Always reminds me of my mama. Anyways, got some plans in store and the vibe and inspo here is always pushin me to take risks. Like they say, there’s no place like home. Now, I’m about to dip and grab me a sushi burrito. Happy late Valentine’s Day ya’ll.❤️