things said to me when i hung out with my cousins and their friends:

“look at you all hyphy with your new balances. who do you think you are?”

“nice hipster jacket”

“you got that at the mall didn’t you?”

(their friend) “how are you not korean?”

“you think you’re so cool, don’t you?”

(friend) “you went to art school? and your parents still talk to you?”

(friend) “makes sense. you look like you went to art school.”

(friend) “how are you so whitewashed but your cousins aren’t?”

“how come i never see you at the karaoke bar?”

“hey are you still into white people music or?”

“that’s your car? somebody watched too many vin diesel movies and thinks they’re a badass”

me: eh i’m a little broke for that restaurant
them: spent all your money on basic ass shoes, did you?

“how much was this jacket? it doesn’t even have a brand on it.”

“you spend a lot of money to look as basic as you do.”

them: you’re not married yet? is it that you hate the labels?
me: a little
them: you learned that from white people

me: um i don’t see the need to speak vietnamese when we’re in public
them: i get it. don’t wanna betray your white comrades, right?

what the fuck, you know? what the fuck.