In Defense of Being Autistic (a poem)

Content note: Ableism, eugenics mention, ABA

Haven’t you heard?
There’s an epidemic
and it’s cause is genetic
its results – pathetic

or maybe it’s vaccination
according to your publication
that results in my deviation

Either way, you’ve made it quite clear
from what I read under your veneer
of politeness, that I’m shouldn’t be here

My presence is a disease,
cuz its allistics I displease;
I make them ill-at-ease
they wish that they could squeeze
out my autistic qualities
try to ‘purify our genes’

They see us as pathogenic
so they want to use eugenics
to wipe us out from existence

Yeah, you heard me you vultures
I’m fed up to here with your “cure culture”
cuz it’s autistic kids you torture

“Torture? Not me!” you say
but you still signed us up for ABA
even after the creator would say

“you start from scratch when working with an autistic
They say they’re people but I’m not buying it
cuz they don’t have the proper psychological elements.”

Then you say “help us stop you from being born
Cuz its the way you act we scorn
because you will never fit the norm”

Your cure culture’s abusive
Your society, exclusive,
it may seem inconclusive
if it doesn’t leave bruises,
if the parent chooses
this intrusive environment
to make us non-obtrusive,
it should be collusive
cuz its intrusive, abusive
makes us reclusive

So don’t you even dare
to call that shit child care
and if you really care
you should beware
this false health-care
can’t repair
us though they declare
what they do is fair

you can’t fix us
cuz we’re not broken
even if we haven’t spoken,
(and no- your kid hasn’t been stolen)

So don’t buy the hateful hype
that demonizes my neurotype
that wishes us out of sight

see not only is it not so bad
to be autistic makes me glad!
And sure you’ll say that this is a fad

this autistic pride you had it!
You say we’re faking it
and soon we’ll quit

no matter what I do,
anything I say is proof
that I’m lying to you

I talk too well
I talk too poor
I look you in the eye
or I look to the floor
either way I’m too
high functioning (to know what its like)
or low functioning (I’m just like a tike)

it’s a huge coincidence
that only allistics
can determine the autistic experience!

So no I’m not faking
but yes I am claiming
autism isn’t what ails me!

It’s not an ailment, it’s excitement!
Not bereavement, (occasionally befuddlement)
but our autism does not cause us torment

Sure the lights are so bright
the sounds are so loud
the smells are so strong

but can anyone else derive
so much enjoyment out of
the taste of chives,
honey of a bee’s hive
just being alive?

For some sensory experiences
border on decadence
it makes me feel glorious!

for if every sensations stronger
it just will make you long for
the feeling of another

and socialization?
Something we can partake in
or not if we hate it

sure it can be confusing
(our phrasing may sound amusing)
we may not catch allusions

but either way, it works for us
(except for executive dysfunction-
that causes quite a fuss)

but not enough to make this a curse
we still can rejoice at our birth
and never wish to join the earth

So I’m not a liar
if I am inspired
and wish to acquire
The autistic appreciation
of self stimulation
and non verbal communication
not to mention our elation
in our special interest fascination
and our non traditional education,
our misunderstandings of oration
our strange ideation
or solitary inclination
for we’re just a variation
in the natural human diversification!

So now that we’re allowed
to scream out loud
to flap in the crowd
with hands unbound
its time to call out
“I’m autistic and proud!”