• psychic: reads my mind
  • My mind: Arnold is the only one who knows what actually happened in that house all those years ago that caused all this! He is male, is was at one point a child, and he damn near shat himself when he saw Panto! good enough for me, clap clap, he is the boy, he has to be the boy! he’s a boy who went through a magical painting or opened a door to another universe where the purple people eater lived or some stupid thing, and yes that makes no sense and I don’t know how to connect it to Mona or anything else, but who cares? me? no! cuz guess what, snap snap, I’m calling it! case over! We get him, he shows us to Wendimoor, prophecy fulfilled! Mona is involved in some way I’m sure and mystery solved!, solved all over the place! done! done! I’ll find the boy six times in a row if I have to! done! did it! I’ll point at him! did it! that’s my new thing! did it! *starts hyperventilating*
  • psychic: what the fuck


Altean broom closet

((CLAUSTRAPHOBIC LANCE fic under the cut with some Klangst and some cuddling))

He doesn’t remember what the fight is about, but he knows it’s petty. Something stupid that they both blew out of proportion.

“Do you ever just shut up!?” Keith yells, bringing a hand up to the bridge of his nose.

Lance folded his arms, “Do you ever stop saying stupid shit!?” he mocked, getting into Keith’s face with an angry step forward.

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