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Working on grumpy Mr. Heron today…

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Alexandra Pacula 

“My work investigates a world of visual intoxication; it captures moments of enchantment, which are associated with urban nightlife," 

"I am fascinated by the ambiance of the city at night and its seductive qualities. The breathtaking turbulence of speeding vehicles and hasty pedestrians evoke feelings of wonder and disorientation. The vibrant lights become a magical landscape with enticing opportunities and promises of fulfillment.”

“I suggest motion in order to slow down the scene and capture the fleeting moments, which tend to be forgotten,” she says. “By interpreting lights in graphic or painterly ways, I create a sense of space, alluding to a hallucinogenic experience. I want the viewer’s eye to travel within my composition and experience a familiar exhilarating event of an actual nightly excursion.”


Gustavo Silva Nuñez (Venezuela)

Venezuelan artist Gustavo Silva Nuñez creates incredibly hyper-realistic paintings. He especially has a great skill of capturing subjects as they swim or are submerged underwater. His technical for the surface of the water make his large canvases surprisingly exquisite. © All images courtesy of the artist

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Samantha French (USA)

Born and raised in north central Minnesota, Samantha French graduated from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design in 2005. French’s current body of work explores the idea of escape, the tranquility and nostalgia for the lazy summer days of her childhood. The series is inspired by Samantha’s own reflections and memories of her childhood summers spent in the lakes of Northern Minnesota. French actively exhibits her paintings and is included in many private and public collections throughout the country while her work has garnered extensive international and national press. She is a full-time painter and keeps a studio in Brooklyn, New York.

© All images courtesy the artist

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