you all have been sharing your stories with me about being insecure with your hyperpigmentation, so here’s mine:

i used to sow higher collars onto my shirts. i avoided short sleeves at all costs. from 2009 to 2015, i have never worn a vest/tank top outdoors. i’d constantly pull up my shirts, paranoid that one of my marks might be showing. i would hate going to the beach because i’d be the only one fully clothed while everyone was sporting their new bathing suits. i was always wearing sweaters/long sleeved shirts (even in the summer). i wasn’t able to wear most dresses. i was never able to be completely naked in every sense with my partner. i even cried once because a friend of mine took a picture of me and posted it without my knowledge. i didn’t want anyone to see me like this. but then i realized, i can’t change who i am. i can’t hide forever and i really didn’t want to. so now, i’ve allowed myself to be free. to not hide a freckle. to love myself completely and encourage others to do the same. i decided that my hyperpigmentation was no longer “unattractive” but beautiful. i changed my thinking from “i want perfect skin” to “my skin is perfect”. i went from telling myself “no man will want me” to “the right one will love me regardless”. when i look in the mirror, i’m no longer sad. instead i smile and blow a kiss and flirt with myself for as long as i please lol. beauty is really in the eye of the beholder. once you open your eye and realize that you are the only beholder that can determine your beauty, your whole world will change. it took a long time for me to get to this point but i made it. and so can you.

After looking on YouTube, I noticed the lack of tutorials on how to cover hyperpigmentation. So, I decided to film one.
My Aunt has suffered with it really bad since she fell pregnant, and struggles to cover it up with high-street makeup products.
Granted camouflage makeup isn’t as cheap as drugstore concealers, but it’s well worth the purchase if you do suffer with pigmentation, especially on the face.
Using camouflage makeup will give you the confidence to go out in public without the fear of people staring at you.

This is a ‘before & after’ of my Aunt after filming the tutorial. It’ll be live on my channel next week - www.youtube.com/smiles2310

The key product I used here was Dermacolour foundation (used in the same way as a concealer)
This product will cover everything from pigmentation to tattoos.
It needn’t be heavy as you can also purchase Derma Fluid which sheers the product down - meaning it won’t compromise the pigment of the makeup but instead it’ll become thinner, feeling less heavy when applied on the skin.
Used alone, it does need a little warming up first; I do this by applying it to the back of my hand & then on the skin pigmentation.


Here is my tutorial on ‘How to cover-up hyperpigmentation’

If you suffer with dark skin pigmentation on your face or body then here is a quick tutorial showing you the best product to use to cover this up - giving you the confidence to go out without the thought of being judged.

Watch on dynamicafrica.tumblr.com

Cameroonian singer Dencia fiercely defends her ‘Whitenicious’ product in BBC interview.

Whether or not giving Dencia and her skin hyper-pigmentation and dark spot reducing product attention is a good thing or not, the media have been giving her the spotlight quite a bit lately.

After reports of her sold-out skin whitening cream surfaced on the internet earlier this year, EBONY were quick to chat to the artist to get her side of the story. Following that, rumours began to fly around stating Dencia could possibly be interviewed by Oprah’s The O Network for an in production documentary titled 'Light Girls’, following the success of the 'Dark Girls’ film.

Now here, in a recent interview with the BBC, Dencia visited the Focus on Africa studios to defend her product, address her transitioning skin tone and whether or not self-hate had anything to do with it. In it, she also alludes to the process of relaxing one’s hair as being similar to addressing what she refers to as hyper-pigmentation and others call skin bleaching.

I say, that which we call skin lightening by any other name would still be as terrible.

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All Africa, All the time.

stay chocolated. while you’ll hate your #melanin, I’m over here just trying to make mine do what it do!!! #flawless #darkskin #newvideo #youtube.com/xoDVF #DVFstaychocolated #spirulina #lemonjuice #DIY #facialmask #hyperpigmentation #melanite #Africa #love #childrenofthesun #knowthyself #xoDVF #vscocam #blogger


some say my skin reminds them of the universe; the stars; the constellations. then i had a dream one night, and it named me Melanin Starchild. isn’t it funny how the one thing you find unattractive of yourself could very well be the enhancer of your beauty? Melanin Starchild.. who would’ve thought..

Oh Tumeric! How I love you soo much!

Soo  I biggest insecurity for the longest time was my face. Not really my  face more like my chin. Like on my mom’s side of the family all the woman have hair on their chin. My cousin Robin’s skin  looks terrible because  she tweezed like crazy so she experienced hyper-pigmentation and even hair on her chin. You’d think I would’ve learn but in 10th grade as soon a   saw one hair I had to pick it.My mom warned me to leave alone but she was a constant tweezer too so I didn’t listen. Years later the damage was done

I became extremely self conscious and went nowhere without a shit ton of foundation on but recently I became a pagan and a naturalist. My new spiritual path lead me to my great grandma Ruby’s old herb books and her spell  books. In her back to eden book she had a hand written note about using turmeric as a skin  lightener and hair remover. So naturally I googled stuff and then started rubbing curry and turmeric all over my face.

It worked which was good since I smelled like curry nd my grandma was cursing me out for using her curry on my face instead  of  on goat.

This  is on 11/12/2013 I had been wearing a turmeric  mask everyday for two weeks.

You see the visible improvement Its been slow but consistent. No overnight miracles.

now I need my acne to go away but this is a picture I took today after washing my face. 1/24/14My skin is soft like butter but that’s probably the coconut oil.