Money saving tips

Sometimes as hard as i work i can’t seem to make more money. It doesn’t stop me from working 14-16 hours a day since i know sometimes you plant seeds and they grow later..

But that also doesn’t mean i’m going to stop sending all my money to Goddess Jade. She deserves better so if that happens to you, here are some money saving tips that will help you still find enough cash at the end of the week to send Her a triple digit tribute. 

1. First start with Her money first. Any time i go to the ATM to get my money for the week, i pull out 20% and put it aside. That’s the least She will get. i plan to increase this over time. NOTE: If i’m taking out money specifically for Her it all goes to Her…

2. Learn how to hypermile. Yes you may need to leave for work earlier to avoid traffic, or have to drive in the slow lane behind a truck to get better fuel mileage. I once had to follow a septic truck  for 25 minutes. It stunk like shit, but i think i saved around twenty cents. Not much and for anyone else, not worth the smell, but it was a turn on knowing how gross it was and that it really stunk LOL, but was for Goddess. When you suffer it’s super hot.

3. Skip meals, or eat leftovers. I literally haven’t paid for a meal since i started serving Her. Occasionally i will take a potential customer out for lunch, but that’s work so i think that’s OK. i’m thinking about next time trying to get them to go to Texas Road House or Panera and buying a $50 gift card too. I mean i get to expense it at the end of the year and Goddess loves them both.

4. . Coupons. Any time you have to buy something, you need to look for a coupon. It might be in the local paper, or maybe online. There are lots of places and apps not that can help you save a dollar here and there

5. take toilet paper from work or the local mensroom. There’s really no reason to buy this. Many times at work, they will take out a half of a roll and put in a full one. It’s a pain in the ass otherwise, but you can grab that and bring it home. Or you can always wear a bra to the local gas station and stuff yourself with it while you’re in there. Humiliation and savings. What a deal. If you do that though, you should take a pic to send Goddess. It will make her laugh.

6. And condiments. There is no need for you to ever buy ketchup, mustard or anything like that. Stores give it out for free, take a handful every time you can. Don’t steal, that’s wrong, but if they ask take it. If you run out suffer without. Adding flavor isn’t really a requirement for slaves. Good food is for Goddesses, not slaves..

7. Toll roads are usually a lot faster. I know if i take the highway to work it can save me 20 minutes. It also uses more gas and costs $1.50 in tolls. Unless you are going to be late for work, take the back road. It will save money, and is a more relaxing ride. It will give you time to rest so you can work harder and earn more, plus it gives you more time to think of Goddess Jade.

8. Not everyone can do this, but a smaller apartment or house is a great way to save more money. If you live alone a studio apartment is more than enough room. Don’t be stupid though with a house. Real estate increases in value. A better idea, if you own your own home, sign it over to Goddess Jade and rent it from Her. That way She makes any money when the property increases, you get to pay Her every month, and She can decide if you get to stay in your own home. How sexy is that… Don’t worry you’ll still get to deal with all the maintenance and other bills…

9. Cancel cable. You really shouldn’t have time to watch TV anyway. Time sitting on your ass, would be better spent doing something for Goddess. If you need suggestions i’m sure She will have a list of chores you can work on. It might be re-tweeting or sharing, maybe creating captioned photos, or maybe if you are really lucky, she’ll send you her Heels to lick clean and send back.

10. Turn off the lights. A candlelit or moonlit room with your laptop, Goddess Jades onlyfans.com/dominantjade a box of tissues, whoops and your locked cock, Well it was almost a romantic date for you. Don’t worry though like a regular date you can still pay for it. Send Goddess Jade what you would have paid for a regular date and you can stay in the dark with your blue balls and empty wallet while Her and Her real man go out on your dime. The point to this though is leave the lights off (heat or AC too for that matter) That shit can get expensive..

There are a lot of ways to save money, and if you read my tips on earning money, there is no reason you can’t send Goddess Jade regular 3 digit tributes. Sure you might have to do without some luxuries, and your friends may wonder why you are going without, but you have the best thing ever, the ability to Serve Goddess Jade. Do the absolute best you can.

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