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Any Victuuri stories made from fanart?

Thank you for this request! There are SO many beautiful works of fan art that have inspired many great fics! Here are a few!

This STUNNING fan art is by @meggdraws​! Check out their blog!

Fics Inspired by Fan Art

of dusk and dawn and a love beyond by exile_wrath, Gen, 5.5k
The King of Day, Victor, drops flowers to the Ruler of Night, Yuuri, to express his love for him; yet, they are always returned, as Yuuri thinks that they’re dropped by mistake. Inspired by @beanpotsDay and Night AU

For Your Time (I’ll Give You This Smile) by Liana_Legaspi, Gen, 2.5k
“Do you love me?” the King of Day says to Yuuri’s retreating back. “I haven’t decided yet.” Yuuri confesses, “I might hate you.” There’s a smile in Viktor’s voice that’s sweeter than any lullaby Yuuri’s ever heard. “Then, if that’s the case, I’ll wait with you until you decide.” Inspired by @beanpotsDay and Night AU

Blue Rosed Mafia by TrinityWitch, Teen, 1.8k (WIP)
No one expected a Japanese man to run the number one Mafia family in Russia. Yuri Katsuki is the Pakhan for a Russian mafia group and Victor Nikiforov is with him too. Inspired by this Mafia AU by @minatu!

Caught in the Crossfire by cloudybreaths, Mature, 4.8k (WIP)
Yuuri sits back in Victor’s chair, crossing his legs, and rests his cheek in his palm. Yuri stares at him, and there’s a shiver that goes down his spine. Yuuri’s eyes are dark and his face stone, as though he was the true leader of the number one mafia family in Russia. For a moment, Yuri almost believes it. Inspired by this Mafia AU by @minatu!

Orchestra by the_headband_girl, Teen, 3.4k (WIP)
Sometimes in order to exercise a mission, a well-orchestrated plan has to become its foundation, like a literal world renowned orchestra. Every note must be at sync to perform beautifully and perfectly with no misses, and that is what this family has to do. Inspired by this Mafia AU by @minatu!

Even Princes Can Relate by Watermelonsmellinfellon, Mature, 6.8k
Phichit got an invitation to Victor Nikiforov’s birthday celebration, and he was taking Yuuri as his plus one. The prince of Petersburg was probably the most amazing person in Yuuri’s opinion. Not once did he think that they could get along so well though. Inspired by this art by @xiaoann!

you’ve heard this one before by AXSY, Teen, 13k (WIP)
In which Victor Nikiforov is a Man for Hire. Urban legends say that, for the right price (and sometimes just for kicks), he can single handedly pull off any job in the world. Beautiful, invincible and filthy rich. Enter Katsuki Yuuri and it all goes to shit. Based off this post! Inspired by this art by @sailor2xmoon​!

Amateur or Expert by Watermelonsmellinfellon, Teen, 1.9k
AU where Yuuri is a ice skating instructor and Victor is thirsty for him and will do whatever it takes for Yuuri to get to know him. Even if that means pretending to not know how to skate at all, even though he’s a five-time world champion. Inspired by this Amateur AU by @aina-p​! (I have a whole list of these fics on my blog!)

Teaching Victor Nikiforov to Skate by Aifeifei, Teen, 5k
Local skating teacher Yuuri Katsuki agrees to teach his hot Russian neighbour to skate. However, Victor is WAY too good at it, and Yuuri gets suspicious. Inspired by this Amateur AU by @aina-p!

Stamina by Watermelonsmellinfellon, Mature, 1.1k
“Can’t you go another round with me, Victor?” Yuuri purred, voicing teasing and deepening erotically. Victor’s eyes dilated once more and his breath hitched again. Inspired by this art by @xiaoann!

For You, I’d Wait Forever by PrettyInPurple00, Teen, 1k
“Victor…” Yuuri whispered, reaching out for him. Their fingers intertwined, and Yuuri squeezed his hand. “I trust you the most. Please… be my first.” Inspired by this art by @yurionniiice​!

After Banquet Special by Watermelonsmellinfellon, Mature, 1.2k
What would happen if Victor had escorted Yuuri back to his hotel room after the banquet? Inspired by this art by @spainsasscheeks!

Yearn by mizunohikaru, Gen, 697 words
Victor glanced on the ice—and mesmerized.
The delicate Asian beauty was cladded in black; the embedded rhinestones sparkled under the spotlight. Those raven coloured long mane was tied in a ponytail, swayed in the air: like ink spread on the scroll of Chinese masterpieces painting. Inspired by this art by @princessharumi!

Possessive by Watermelonsmellinfellon, Mature, 1.1k
Some people didn’t know that Katsuki Yuuri was possessive. JJ unfortunately finds out the hard way. Inspired by this art by @xiaoann!

Self-Imposed Language Barriers by Watermelonsmellinfellon, Teen, 2.3k
When Victor starts pretending that he can’t understand English in order to get out of doing his chores, Yuuri turns his game back on him, which leads to a little more angst than either expected. Inspired by this art by @pastel-crown!

матрёшка by Watermelonsmellinfellon, 844 words, Not Rated
Victor just wanted to pop the question when the time was right. Inspired by this art by @pandamatcha!


“Don’t worry, my lady. I won’t tell a soul”

“Who the fuk”

If Plagg noticed Tikki in Ali’s pocket instead of eating cheese in a trash can.

Based of ladyofacat’s post. @ladyofacat

I literally did nothing yesterday after work, I was a lump and watched movies. So now I feel relaxed this morning enough to actually draw. I’m actually going to color this because Suga makes a pretty crow demon, and also I missed his birthday. Also bless Suga and his beauty mark~

YOU CAN SEE MY BEAST WITHIN AU HERE! :3  I’ve been slow with updates, and it won’t be multiple pages every single time, but so far it’s fun to do~ 

samwell’s womens hockey team
  • erica “bitty” bittle is 110% a lipstick lesbian
  • one of those girls who smell nice literally all the time even when she smells like baking ingredients
  • for her entire life, she had very long hair but after seeing lardo, she decided to get the chop sophmore year. her hair is now a cute little bob
  • always ties her hair back with a ribbon and jackie finds it really endearing
  • buys that fancy shampoo from lush that makes her hair super soft 

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Ty, as someone of faith, do you have any tips on how to write Muslim characters respectfully? Especially Muslim women?

You know, I get this question a lot, more than I care to remember. And while I know you’re probably very well-intentioned, this question is vague, generalizing, and tiring.

Muslims are human beings just like any other character you’d want to write. We are varied and unique, and while our experiences and faith provide a common ground and sense of community, even that is vastly different depending on the individual. 

Like I said, I know you’re probably well-intentioned, but we’re not a monolithic group that can be represented in one character. If I told you how to write a Muslim character based solely on my experiences, I’m sure many other Muslims would argue with you about the accuracy of that character.

I tell people this all the time, but consider writing more than one character. Writing multiple characters forces you into seeing them as individuals instead of token minority characters. It will force you into differentiating them even if they’re related. 

And this is what we’re looking for: not ONE well-written Muslim character, but many different unique HUMAN BEINGS represented in media who are Muslim. Muslims of different body types, ethnicities, races, cultures, sexualities, genders, interests, dreams, goals, pain, success.
There is no single “best written Muslim character” because we take up a fourth of the planet’s population and there is no way for you or anyone to fit us all into one fictional character.

A lot of this will be your own trial and error. Yeah, please learn about the religion and cultures a bit, but there is no magic switch that will make your character “unproblematic” or whatever kind of validation you are seeking.

Sorry if this is a bit harsh, but I hope you understand how many times I’ve been asked this and expected to speak on behalf of other Muslims. My back is not your bridge into diverse literature.

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