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Are you going to any UK based conventions? x

Yes! I’m actually going to HyperJapan next month! I’m not tabling, because it’s my first time going and I want to scope out what sort of things people are selling there (basically to see how acceptable fanart merch is), but I’ll be lurking around on the…Saturday? I think? 

I also went to London MCM ComicCon a few weeks back and saw a massive increase in fanart merch since the last time I went, so I’m considering tabling there next spring if I get my act together. 

Other than that I’ve been a bit useless about looking up what we actually have going on here, but I’d definitely be up for attending more!

With only 3 days to go until Hyper Japan, we here at Dreamy Bows are excited to show you a tiny sneak peak at some of our new exciting Official Sailor Moon products!
Come along to our booth to see our full range in all its magical glory!


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Hyper Japan Christmas Market London 2015

This weekend Hyper Japan Christmas Market 2015 is happening in London at Tobacco Docks! They are holding it over the entire weekend but I only went on Friday because the venue was quite far from where I stay. 

And of course Black Friday sale items available.

Tofu Cute has a really adorable Candy Festival section! Just  £3 for a selection of different Japanese candies, chocs or biscuits! Plus, they give you a really cute sticker with Official Candy Taster on it, score!

Tons of Japanese food and snacks to satisfy any one. The yakisoba with chicken karaage I had was on point. Some stalls also had free tasting times and I got a little shrimp with rice sample for free! 

There was a maid cafe there as well and although I didn’t stay long it was pretty fun watching the maids interact with everyone, and with us. My friends and I were pulled into reciting a spell, filled with tons of ‘kyuns’ and ‘nyans’, to make our cup noodles taste better. With hand motions.

There were artist booths there as well and this is honestly one of my favourite parts of any event; to admire(and often, buy) the artwork and merch.

One of the good things about artist booths at events is that they can do commissions for you on the spot. I got myself drawn as an Eevee Gijinka and I love it!

If you love anything Japanese and want to immerse yourself in the culture don’t miss this chance to do so! The market is basically food, toys and kawaii overload.

There are plenty of other workshops and LIVE stages happening as well and I didn’t have the time(or money, was pretty broke when I left) to go to all of them!

I plan to go to Hyper Japan in the summer next year so I might be covering that as well. Until then, quotakus!


Here’s a few photos of my Peridot cosplay from Hyper Japan this weekend!  It was really good fun.  I went with my hubby @orengefox who, as you can see, did two different cosplays whilst we were there - Ash Ketchum on Saturday, and Greg Universe on Sunday (I’ll let him post his cosplay photos separately).

Me and the Lapis cosplayer in the first photo were really happy to find each other :D If by any chance she’s reading this (or if someone else knows who she is), please let me know so that I can edit this post to give credit!