hyperion bay

let yourself breathe

Saskia loses a sanctuary, and gains something unexpected in the process. Jaalmance (is this the ship name??), pre-relationship

Saskia had been raised on Alliance vessels and space stations, the hum of a drive core or a mass effect field generator, the chill of metal under her feet as natural to her as grass and sunlight were to others. She knew the black depths of space, and had never been afraid.

But living in the Tempest, with SAM in her head and her crew watching her every move, waiting for the sign that she’d finally snapped and gone mad—was like the entire ship was shrieking and she was standing in a huge, empty room with thousands of unseen eyes pulling her apart.

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Dr. Carlyle: Damn shame about your dad, though. I’m sorry we couldn’t save him.

Ryder: I haven’t heard how he died?

Dr. Carlyle: Like a hero, that’s how. That’s the only part that matters.

So, to recap:

- SAM can dramatically influence the Pathfinder’s vital functions, which would come in handy in a situation that demands lower metabolic and respiratory rates due to toxic / low oxygen atmosphere

- Alec Ryder has a history of putting dying people into stasis and then covering it up

- The medic in charge is being rather fishy about the details of Alec’s death

- We never actually see Alec’s body

 Look, I’m not saying that there is actual evidence that Space Dad is chilling it somewhere in the Hyperion’s cryo bay. I’m just saying that when they eventually get Ellen out of stasis, they better check the pod right next to hers to make sure they don’t leave anyone out of the family reunion.

(And yes, I fully realise that these things can be explained in entirely different ways. But none those fulfil my overwhelming need to give my precious messed up space family a happy ending, so kindly take your “logic” and “reason” and “common sense” out of my face and let me live in happy denial, okay? Thank you ✿)

just-dread-wolfing  asked:

Oh, I had a good question that I just thought of! What was bro!Ryder's first opinion on Jaal when he woke up and saw them together? How long did it take him to warm up to Jaal?

Scott met Jaal when he was still in the Hyperion med bay, going through some post-coma physical therapy. He was fairly well on his feet, but it took him some time to get his body to adjust to physical activity without tiring himself out. 

Scarlett was in a relationship with Jaal by that point - a detail she had neglected to mention to Scott, as she figured it was better to explain that bit once the two of them had a chance to actually meet. 

Given that he still hadn’t seen the outside of the med bay, this was Scott’s first encounter with an angara - made all the more confusing when the very happy smiling giant squid man gave him a hug that was more than a little too tight and started beaming about how glad he was to finally meet him, how much Scarlett had told him about her brother, and how relieved he was for both their sakes that he was well. 

So Scott’s first reaction to Jaal was essentially shooting his sister a look that said “who the hell is this?!”

Scott and Jaal still don’t really know each other all that well by the time Andromeda’s main story draws to a close. Unsurprising, given that he’s only briefly seen his sister over the course of the game and spent most of that time stuck in recovery. So as of right now in the timeline, Jaal still kinda falls into the same category as pretty much every one of Scarlett’s boyfriends or girlfriends in the past - as long as she’s happy, then Scott doesn’t feel the need to involve himself in that part of her life. Jaal seems nice enough. A bit enthusiastic, maybe, and not the sort of guy Scarlett usually goes for - but he clearly loves her and she seems to care about him.

Time will tell how long it will take for him to really warm up to Jaal or truly understand that the alien now sees him as his own brother because the angara take dating very seriously. I don’t think it will take long, though. The largest barrier between them is cultural, as Scott hasn’t had nearly the same exposure to the angara that Scarlett has had. 

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