Plot for sale

Anyone on the Hyperion server interested in a small plot in the Goblet? I only held on to the plot for someone else to use but now they’re gone and the plot will just sit there.

I’m not doing this for profit. I would just relinquish the house in front of you and let you take it. Just trying to help someone who really wanted a house for themselves or an FC.

Please let me know if you are interested. You can usually find me in game on either Cosima Cormier or Aiden Rowley.


Still having some SFM fun :)

Two middle pictures represents our work on the Crown of Leaves project xD

The first one is a visualisation of Grimm’s art. Jackpot!

And the last one is a visualisation of mine (actually we made it together with Grimm and it’s our very first SFM poster %))

Big thanks to Cyristal for the models :)
And the people who made such  amazing maps.

The Noodles of Reptiblr part 3: The ball python special! I really hope I did everyone’s colors justice… 
(Part 1) (Part 2)

More appreciation for the sweetest, loveliest snakes on Tumblr! 
Also, I wanted to give an honorable mention to Eos~ Best of luck sweetheart! We still love you~ <3

Magnus belongs to @dogpantry
Akihiko belongs to @citrusnoodle
Apollo belongs to @teleos
Hyperion and Eos belong to @wheremyscalesslither
Felix belongs to @the-long-dog
Clementine belongs to @tailsandco
Thresh and Rhea belong to @i-m-snek
Helia is @dailyhelianthus