shorty-cake  asked:

1-5 game ask please?

1. Name a game that is really important to you.

There’s a lot but I’ll say Kingdom Hearts like the trash I am. It really is that game that takes me back to simpler days. KH 1 came out almost 12 years ago. As soon as the menu music drops (Dearly Beloved) something in me snaps and I’m hit with vivid memories of sitting cross legged on my bedroom floor playing my ps2 and the nostalgia hits hard.

2. Name a game that you liked, but wouldn’t recommend to others.

Asura’s Wrath. I liked it but it’s not a good game, if it’s even a game… but it’s really like  a weird interactive shonen hyperfight art thing…. Not a videogame.

3. Recommend a game to the asker.

Ah I wish I knew what kinda games you liked. You seem like the type to enjoy a good rpg, and I know you like HunterXHunter, so I’m gonna recommend Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky FC. The beginning is basically HunterXHunter.

4. Name a game that everyone else loved that you didn’t care for.

Dragon Age 2… I hate the entirety of the main cast (except Varic, he’s a good friend and Isabella is interesting for the first arc because she’s important to plot but after that is just as boring and dis-likable as everyone else). I got bored of how it plays very quickly and I don’t like the story. 

5. Name a game that that everyone else didn’t care for that you enjoyed.

Ohhhhh boy…. I like Final Fantasy 8. I like the stupid characters, I like the stupid story. I like the stupid setting…. None of it makes any sense when you think about it. It’s entirely because I played it when I was really young and watched my older brother play through the whole thing.