“In fact, I’m trying to move away from meaning, certainly prefabricated meaning. Automatic Unwriting, that’s what I’m calling it today. Cleanliness is Godliness but spontaneous irruptions are Holier Than Thou. Thou in this case isn’t you Ms. Syn-Alpha. It’s the Thouness of God. Spontaneous irruptions are messy business. They take the genetic code of meaning and hotwire wordbombs which then explode into new reconfigurations of thought. I’m not saying that God is not there. Sure. But to me, God is that exploding "I” I keep writing about. The mock Digital Being that sings the body electric. The Ooze of Virtual Ubiquity feeding into the growth of mental plankton. I’ve got some naturally-flavored mental plankton here…you want some? I call it AI E OU. Artficial Intelligence Eats On Us. Alphaville Is Electrosphere Or Ubiquity. Always Investigating Endgame Otherness Unendingly. Remember Ms. Sin-ville, we’ve got the mental plankton that can change the world.“
—  GRAMMATRON, Mark Amerika

Hey! Guess what’s really amazing and transformative?! Voicing anger, frustration, and hurt caused by a loved one (&self :-/) to them directly and having them understand and respond by affirming reality of feelings and adjusting their behavior. wut? You’re not calling me crazy or irrational? whoa. Such not-manipulative relationship… many WTFs.
This has been a Tiger Appreciation Post <3

FEST by Gabriel Helfenstein is a work of hypertext fiction about a girl who reaches a decision point: should she jump off a cliff into the ocean or take a step back and return to her family? In order to answer this question, Gabriel Helfenstein, the author of this piece, has replaced his authority and judgement skills with a business software program. Like a Decision Support System (DSS) which assists managers to make informed choices, Fest is designed to help the reader solve this dilemma. The system depends on two entities: “the-one-who-proposes” and “the-one-who-decides”. During their conversation, Fest is described as follows: “mission « dilemma nr. 20.1056.089, Unit-A: young girl and a cliff, jump or not to jump. Level of difficulty: medium”. Helfenstein has created a non-linear and self-reflexive narrative comprised of a linking mechanism that connects various lexias. This textual machinery must be activated by the reader. Fest is a literary game of chance. We may throw the dice but the combinatorial system already has an answer.