i have a lowkey crush on one of the trainers at my gym so if you were wondering what my inspiration was 👀 👀

title: sweeter than confection
fandom: hamilcast
pairing: daveed x reader
rating: m for sexytimes
word count: 3618 (this was actually gonna be longer but I had to stop myself)

(request: hi, i love love LOVE your writing. homecoming is my favorite series of all time, i love it. could i request a daveed x reader fic where daveed is the reader’s private trainer? or just a fic where they’re working out together and maybe it gets steamy? idk, whatever your comfortable with, ily ❤❤)

You were hoping to beat your PRs and run a faster mile when you asked Daveed to be your personal trainer; what you get is a whole lot more.

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The other day one of my friends whipped out his camera and we went around town taking pictures. And they’re beautiful!!!! They make me feel like a badass. But my first reaction to seeing these was “wow my arms look weird”. My arms are way way stronger than they’ve ever been in my entire life from pushing myself in my chair, and my über hyperextended joints can make for a kinda funky look. And they’re long, like wow long. I never noticed before because my legs are long too, but now they’re so atrophied that they look tiny and twiggy and my arms stand out even more. But why does it bother me?? These arms can lift me up to transfer, can push me through life even with legs that don’t cooperate. They can lift my favorite cousin onto my lap and push us around the house so fast that she screeches with joy. They sublux and dislocate and keep on going. So why should I care that they don’t look like what I’ve been told they should my entire life. My search for the “perfect” body nearly killed me, why in the world would I want arms that can’t work a drill press or throw my cousins in the air or take me through life? My arms are badass, and so am I.

Exhaustion .


The hotel room is completely dark, save for the blue light from your computer screen illuminating your tired features. The purple-ish bags under your eyes are accented, as are the smudged mascara marks across your cheekbones. You’ve been going at this article for weeks now. It’s all due tomorrow, and you’re supposed to send it in at noon but that’s only ten measly hours from now, and not nearly enough time. Your claims are weak at best, your evidence is easily disputed and the paragraphs don’t flow.

Basically, you’re fucked.

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The Last Apple Pie

Prompt: Imagine being pregnant with Dean’s child. You thought he was overprotective before? Wait until you get hurt.
Reader Gender: Female
Character: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, & Castiel
Word Count: Somewhere around 1K
Warnings:  Slight angst, language, injury from falling down the stairs, & fluff.
Author’s Note: Thank you to @climbthatmooselikeatree for helping! Also tagging @leviathanslovedick @spnfanficpond @aprofoundbondwithdean @manawhaat @rizlow1 @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog @balthazars-muse GIFs not mine (x)(x)(x)

Watch your footing, he said.

Be careful going down the stairs, he reminded you.

Don’t carry more than one bag at a time, he scolded.

You were six months pregnant. You weren’t a child or handicapped. But that’s the way Dean made you feel whenever you weren’t in his direct line of sight.

And then there was his brother.

Did you take your vitamins?

Are you drinking enough milk?

Uncle Sam made you a smoothie! It’s got Kale in it, but you can’t even taste it.

It was almost enough to make you scream. You were a grown ass woman. You could take care of yourself, god damn it!

And yet, here you were, at the bottom of the stairs.

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30 Day Writing Challenge - Day 1

Day 1: Holding Hands

Summary: You and Sherlock are forced to be friends after months of mutual hatred.
Author: Maddy (@laterthantherabbit)
Characters/Relationships: Sherlock x Reader, John x Reader (platonic), Mrs. Hudson
Words: 2070
Warnings: None






“Would you stop your moping and actually acknowledge John and I? You haven’t even moved since this morning!”


“Are you listening to me?”

“…” You heaved a loud sigh and glared at the man spread out on the sofa, as far from you as possible whilst still being in the room. You looked at John who just shrugged and continued reading the paper, bringing his tea up to his lips. You had finished yours and stood to wash out your cup which was when Sherlock spoke up, his irritation towards his afternoon having you in it clearly punctuated in his extremely childish tone.

“Don’t touch my experiments on your way out.” He turned towards the back of the sofa, waving his arm in a motion that said go away with as much annoyance as possible, and continued his sulk.

“Bite me Sherlock!” You rolled your eyes and continued to the kitchen.

Yours and Sherlock’s difficult and largely forced association with one another began on the day you moved into 221C. The move to the big city had not been as difficult as you anticipated considering your lack of possessions and the fact that John had selflessly helped you move box after box into the apartment. He introduced himself and Sherlock and began to talk to you about London and moving, forming a friendship swiftly. Sherlock however, hadn’t found you interesting at all and had deduced you immediately, hoping to send you off with his sociopathic tendencies. You weren’t fazed and instead, continued to talk to John, blatantly ignoring him for the rest of the move. Over the first few weeks of your living in the building, you became close friends with John, and had made friends with Mrs. Hudson, Molly and Greg. Even Mycroft fell for your charm and you two frequently went out for coffee together. Everyone loved you and you appeared to never leave 221B, always being present when anyone showed up and making everyone feel welcome. Sherlock hated it and took every opportunity to say so.

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Here’s a neat fencing trick. I don’t know if it’s actually real or if I’m just imagining it, but it seems to work so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

If you need to extend your arm quickly (say, into a thrust in sixte) concentrate on turning your hand all the way into supination (palm up). Aaall the way, turn turn turn. As you rotate your hand, muscles around your elbow activate, so just turn the hand and watch as your arm wrings itself straight. Before you know, your point’s in line with basically no conscious effort.

I feel like I’ve lost that annoying “I’mma hit you!” wind up and there’s none of that “oh no I overshot back up back up” wobble at the end either. In short, +5 speed +5 accuracy yay!

(Just, y’know, don’t hyperextend your elbow anyone.)

ok losers it’s your girl polcry here to run you through the basics of what the darn heck to bring with you to university to cover your naked body 

B A S I C S 

If you’re edgy and ~minimalist~ these’ll probably comprise the majority of your wardrobe. Regardless, you’re going to want to bring at least a few each of these.

LEGGINGS: at least one black pair, possibly more if you’ve accepted the inevitability of not giving a shit how you look at for 9ams. You can also get funky and bring patterned ones if you so desire, you maverick.

JEANS: I prefer jeggings for the comfort feel and ability to do spontaneous high kicks, but if you’re a fashionista boyfriend or bootcut jeans are cool too. Trust me, the freshman fifteen is real and if you have to choose between a lil’ too big and a lil’ too small, go big. Belts exist for a reason.

T-SHIRTS: you can get a wide array of fits of tees, so bring a few of your favourite style in simple colours like white/black/grey/striped. I find slightly wearing a slightly oversized tee gives off a certain effortless vibe, especially if you tuck the front in to the waistband of jeans to give it an IDGAF drape and pair with cute AF shoes. Hella cute with no effort. 

SWEATSHIRTS/JUMPERS/SWEATERS: I live in jumpers. I’m not going to lie. Go oversized with leggings or skinny jeans, maybe add a layer underneath if it’s a lil’ chilly. If you live somewhere that feels like the depths of Antartica, you might want to go with a finer knit and layer under and above. The struggle of getting a thick coat over a chunky jumper is real, guys. Turtlenecks, crew necks, V-necks. They’re all good. Avoid collecting too many sweatshirts with your university’s name on it, though - you will look over-enthusiastic. 

SHOES: one word: COMFORT. Campuses are big places. Chances are, you’ll be walking a fair bit. I love trainers - I have a pair of black Nikes, a pair of white Reeboks and a black slip-on pair. Converse, Adidas, New Balance are all popular. They crop up on the feet of almost everyone. Look down, and I guarantee the vast majority of any university class are wearing trainers. 

If you’re like me and enjoy torturing yourself, you can also wear heeled boots. I find them weirdly comfortable, probably due to my excessively hyperextended knees. Pointy ankle boots always look chic, but frankly people will be so surprised that you’ve made an effort that any type will impress. Zara’s always a good choice for cute boots. 

I’d avoid opened-toed or flats that expose a lot of your foot during autumn/winter/spring. It’ll probably rain, and then you’ll be cold and miserable and have soggy feet. Wellies (or rainboots for you strange Yanks) are a good choice if you’ll be in a wet climate (hello England), but they can be a bit cumbersome. Try and get some lower-cut ones to reduce the weight and to stop you from stomping excessively. 

COATS: this is pretty personal. Again, if it’s wet, I’d recommend something at least water-resistant. I have a North Face windbreaker that I keep in my car in case it starts tipping it down, but it’s not particularly warm. Leather/suede jackets look cute but are not a good choice if it looks like it might rain. Other than that, anything goes. I have a cute beige pea coat from ASOS that I love, and a shearling jacket from Bershka which is far too cool for a dork like me.

L O U N G E W E A R 

PJs: buy yourself some new ones. Please. Your flatmates don’t want to see your lady parts through that ever-expanding hole in the crotch. Some university flats feel like the pits of hell, so it might be a good idea to bring a few pair of short PJs too. You can always swap them out for joggers or leggings when you’re not snoozin’. I can always find cute pyjamas in Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Primark. 

SWEATPANTS: as comfy as PJs but with the added bonus of being socially acceptable. Whether you prefer a tapered, slim fit or big ‘n’ baggy, make sure they’re stain-free and don’t smell funky. Bring a couple of pairs and rotate through as necessary. 

BRAS: regardless of whether you have the athletic capabilities of a sloth or Michael Phelps, you will want to bring sports bras. Hides the nips with basically no discomfort. Bralettes are cute too, but I’m an advocate of sports bras if you’re just slugging out in front of Netflix and nobody is going to see it. Forever 21 do a massive selection of surprisingly pretty sports bras with all sorts of fancy backs. Not so good for exercising, but really the majority of people don’t wear sports bras to exercise. 

F A N C Y 

PARTYING: this will depend a little on where you attend university. For me, going out outfits are high-waisted jeans, a fancy-ish crop top and flat shoes of some description. Club floors get hella slippery. More casual dresses are fine too, but make sure you gauge what your friends are going to be wearing so you don’t look too overdressed.

EVENTS: bring a nice dress or trousers/shirt. There will be fancier events (sports balls, end of term balls, society balls). They don’t always require black tie, so a cocktail dress is a good choice. Boys, bring a suit jacket. It doesn’t have to be tails or a tux, but bringing a tailored blazer that’ll match or compliment a pair of trousers you own will come in handy. And absolutely NO JEANS. Along the same lines, bring at least one pair of smart shoes/heels. Ladies, flats are more than acceptable for fancy events. Just make sure they’re cute. 

BUSINESSWEAR: “But Isabelle!” I hear you cry, “I’m in college! I don’t need businesswear!” Yes, my friend, yes you do. Interviews happen. You might need a part-time job, or get a spontaneous interview for an internship. Bring an office-appropriate skirt/trousers and a blouse/shirt, and some simple, smart shoes. You don’t have to go full-on Olivia Pope, but make sure you have one suitable outfit in your repertoire. 

Q U I C K   T I P S 

Accessories make an outfit: bring a choice of belts, scarves and miscellaneous wraps or shawls. By throwing on a buckled belt and a cute layered necklace, you can go from meh to a-meh-zing. 

Sign up for student discounts: British students, that means unidays. Register with your university email for discounts ranging from 10-25%. They’ll notify you when retailers that don’t have a permanent discount (like H&M) run promotions as well. Make sure you use your discount for eating out and going to the cinema, too!

Quality > quantity: the capsule wardrobe trend is real, folks. I’m an advocate of having a smaller, but better-made and better-fitting, wardrobe over one that’s overflowing and filled with cheap, low-quality clothing that’ll last a couple of wears. If you’re wearing pieces day-in day-out, make sure they’re flattering and of good quality. Having a smaller wardrobe makes moving in and out easier, too, and you’ll spend less time staring at all your clothes trying to mentally piece together something cute. 

Expensive =/= good quality: along the same lines, just because something is pricy doesn’t automatically make it of good quality. You can get really good basics at affordable shops. Feel the material (and make sure it’s relatively opaque), make sure the stitching is solid, and that it doesn’t have pulls or piling or holes. I like New Look and ASOS for simple pieces. 

Make an effort: it sounds silly, but lecturers and tutors do appreciate it when you don’t turn up looking like you’ve just rolled out of bed. Looking presentable makes them feel like you want to be there, which can make them a) like you more and b) more inclined to want to help you out if you need it. It isn’t that hard to put a pair of jeans and a blouse on instead of throwing a pair of joggers on under the T-shirt with ramen stains on that you slept in the night before, is it?

That’s pretty much it. University is a place to explore your own personal style, and you’ll see a massive variety in how people dress. Express yourself, learn what you like on, and don’t feel under pressure to dress a certain way! Style is definitely a creative outlet, so if you want to - use it and enjoy yourself!!

soccer scare

request: an imagine where shawn and y/n are playing soccer and y/n hyperextends/dislocates her knee?



a/n: i looked up all the info on knee dislocation so idk if it’s right or not. feel free to correct me!

“Babe, you gotta at least go easy on me. I never played soccer formally,” Shawn says as he straps on a pair of goalie gloves and walks over to the goal.

“Quit being such a baby,” you joke. “Are you ready?”

“Probably not.” You pause and shoot him a dirty look. “I’m being honest! I’m never ready for this. Just go anyway,” he says.

“Okay,” you say hesitantly.

Shawn had been doing this for you for as long as you could remember. You obviously have practices frequently, but you always felt like you needed more. And besides, you liked spending time with Shawn.

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anonymous asked:

What if instead of Alina losing her power it simply became hyperextended like Nina's, so when it comes back, it's entirely different. So then the next thing she knows Alina is controlling shadow and creating and seeing and there's one thing she's never tried to look for bc she's afraid to face it but then one day in the shadow there's the darkling and he's just like finally you looked and me, I'm upset oh and marp died duh

ADJKASKJDKJAS THIS ADDED TEN YEARS TO MY LIFE alina exploring the ~dark~ side of her power (literally and figuratively), alina finding comfort in the shadows while he grasps for a bit of sunlight, alina relearning everything and upping her game, alina being THE ultimate summoner queen, “my power is yours”, “like calls to like” suddenly have a whole new meaning i’m!!!!


Figure Skating Elements: Upright and Layback Spins

There are four main categories of spins in figure skating: upright spins, layback spins, camel spins, and sit spins. This post will cover upright and layback spins. Upright spins are defined as spins with at least one extended leg on the ice and the body in a more-or-less upright position. Laybacks are scored as a separate element from upright spins; they appear as LSp on protocols while general upright spins appear as USp.

There are many, many, many variations on spin positions in skating; in fact, coming up with interesting positions and combinations is one way to get higher levels on spins. (A common criticism of the judging system is that it encourages weird or ugly spin positions in the name of difficulty and gaining points.) It’s impossible to account for all of the variations out there, so I’ve only gifed some common positions and famous variations.

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Galra Keith Cat Tendencies Head Canons

Collabed (But mostly written by) @withdrawnwitch

These were a series of posts that we had last night, but I thought it would be convenient to sum them up have them all in one place!

-Galra’s have toebeans like cats on their feet, since we can see that they have normal human like hands in the show. Therefore there is nothing telling me that they can’t have them on their feet

-NOW, since that’s established, imagine Keith having ticklish toebeans ;)

-Yes, yes they are very ticklish. And Lance will not leave him the fuck alone. He cannot get rest. Lance is there, he is waiting. Keith will no longer take his shoes off. Which wasn’t that much of a problem before-he SLEEPS with them,but now it’s getting ridiculous.(Hunk is his only protection.)

- However, also Imagine the toebeans make Keith really really quiet so he gets revenge on Lance by just sneaking up on him all the time and freaking him out.

-Those suckers are so useful. They serve as shock absorbents meaning:

Keith can fall a pretty good distance and land on his feet without feeling as much pain.
(Read this as sneak attacks from above. Lance, that idiot, never looks up. He doesn’t learn. Keith perches himself on top of things and just waits for Lance to enter the room. The others have gotten so used to him doing this that when they pass by and see Keith chilling on top of something they don’t even comment anymore) 

-Toe beans make cats walk on their tiptoes. Lance is so screwed. He will never hear Keith coming. Ever.


-Imagine him getting so embarrassed and when he doesn’t know he did it being really confused as to why his tongue is so dry after he sleeps? 

-Pidge totally takes pictures and is currently working on making a collage to show Keith later on, and Lance has lovingly offered to write the captions on each one. 

-Shiro thinks its secretly adorable but tries to stay out of it. Therefore, Hunk is the only one who has mercy on him and informs him when he does it. 

- Lance reenacting one of those videos where a cat owner pokes at the cats blep and the cat doesn’t even bother waking up, just bats at their hand and keeps on sleeping. (My cats do that sometimes, it’s so adorable!! ((Most of this is inspired by my cats XD)))

- Lance would start one of those YouTube channels where he uploads ‘cat’ videos all the time and every time it happens Keith get’s super pissed off because the instant he heard about it he subscribed and made sure he was sent notifications when it happened. Sometimes Keith hadn’t even woken up when his phone vibrates to tell him Lance is at it again.

- Keith would be super bendy like a cat. Just able to easily do hyperextended splits and pulling a 朝天蹬 (One foot on the ground, the other fully in the air so your legs are 180 while standing up.) like it’s nothing? Keith bending and twisting like a gymnast because maybe some Galra are hyperflexible.

-It reminds me of this post here. Apparently at one point the wiki had said that Keith was the most flexible (but with how the wiki has been edited the past few days who knows whats real or not on that page my God)

-I can totally see Lance challenging him at a flexibility contest and just getting increasing annoyed when he loses. The only one who can provide a real challenge is Allura.

-I’ve been lowkey praying for Keith to be one of those fighters that likes to fight with flare because he can, throwing in all sorts of flips and tricks. (Kinda like Robin from Batman if that helps).

-I just really want to see the other’s faces when Keith is like ‘I got this’ and back flips out of a shot before someone can shield him. I WANT IT.


@withdrawnwitch and I had so much fun last night talking about this. :D Glad I could get it all to one place!

My Everyday Conditioning Exercises

Today has been one of those really productive days. I got up early and started the day with conditioning exercises, which I’m trying to do every morning now that my schedule is a little more manageable. I thought I would share my daily exercise routine with you, because they’re the sort of exercises and stretches that when done regularly make a dramatic difference to your technique. I got many of these exercises from Clarissa May’s YouTube videos, which I highly recommend! I just modified them to suit me, combined them with some of my own, and compiled it all into a routine I can do every day.

This routine is designed for someone who is already relatively strong and flexible- if you find any of these too hard right now, just modify them to make them easier or swap that exercise/ stretch for a less intense version. If you’re super strong and flexible, you can find variations on these exercises to make them more difficult. I find that this takes me between 90 minutes and 2 hours to complete- I allow 2 hours so that I don’t have to rush. I have the luxury of being able to do these in the morning, because I live opposite my ballet school and don’t have to be in until 10am, but any time of the day is fine- the key is doing them every day, or as many times a week as possible! I do my exercises after getting ready for class, but before breakfast.

ABS: I start by following an abs workout on an app on my phone- you can also find 5- 10 minute ab workouts on YouTube.


Butterfly stretch; lean forward with a straight lower back. Hold 30 secs.
Frog stretch 30 secs. Keep legs in frog and arch back into seal stretch, hold 30 secs and lower. In frog, try to lift right knee 5 times, then left, then both.
Bum stretches
If there’s room, start sitting up with legs straight out in front. Open legs to middle splits, roll forwards and bring legs into frog behind. Reverse and repeat 3 times.
Use theraband to practice lifting and lowering leg to passé with resistance.

Middle lunges to both sides, and middle splits, holding 40 seconds each
Go to barre (or chair etc.) and use hand to help lift leg as high as possible, keeping hip down and legs straight and turned-out, and ribs in. Let go of leg, then let go of barre. Repeat other side.
Side plank on each side, adding 5 seconds every day.
SPLITS (I have added extra time for my left leg as this is my less flexible leg and I am working towards evening them)

Lunge right leg front 30 secs. Lunge left leg 40 secs.
Sitting hamstring stretch 30 secs.
Seal stretch 30 secs, then child’s pose 30 secs.
Middle lunges again, 10 secs each side.
Hold middle splits for 1 minute. Stretch to the right side and hold for 30 secs, then the same on the left. Walk forwards and hold for 40 seconds. Straighten knees completely, lifting feet to stretch hyperextension (Do NOT do this if you do not have naturally hyperextended knees as you will cause damage)
Hold right leg front splits for 1 minute. Flex right foot, hold it (/pull upwards if knees are hyperextended) and put head on leg- hold for 30 secs. Stretch backwards as far as possible and hold 40 secs. Repeat left, but hold splits for 90 seconds instead of 1 minute to begin with.
Start stretching over splits on something small, and keep increasing in size.

Seal stretch as far as possible 30 secs
Arabesque lifts, facing barre/ chair lift leg as high as possible in arabesque maintaining turnout, straight knees, pointed foot and hold back up. Lift and lower with control- start with 10 and increase. Repeat other leg.
Slow back lifts lying on the floor- start with 10 and add.
Lift back as high as possible, put arms in 3rd position (or 5th) and hold for 20 seconds. Add 5 seconds every day, then when it’s easy, add holds in with the back lifts.
Back lifts in frog stretch positon: start with 10 then add.
Seal stretch, bend knees, grab ankles and try to put ankles on shoulders. I can’t actually do this yet but I try every day!
Stand facing barre and pull leg up behind you into full standing split. Let go and try to hold- repeat both sides.
For needle: right-leg front splits, lean back and grab left leg, pulling head towards that back leg. Be very very careful not to pinch your back doing this. Repeat other side.
Child’s pose 1 minute. Then stand up, slouch the shoulders a lot and lean to one side- you should get a great back stretch.

30 plie- releves
20 ankle rolls each way, on each foot
Downward dog: lift right leg to 180 degrees and pulse for 30 secs, then repeat left. Then grande battement in this position, lowering with control, 20 times on each leg.

Roll out bottom of feet with foot massager or tennis ball
Stretch calfs and achilles
Standing on a balance disk, stand on 1 foot with the other in parallel sur le coup de pied and rock slowly from ball to heel for 30 seconds, then repeat on the other leg. Add 5 seconds every day.
Sit on the floor with legs out in front. Wrap a medium or thick theraband around toes. Point and flex 10 times each foot. 10 point and flex, keeping toes down and just moving ankle. Point and flex 10 times keeping toes lifted in demi pointe. 20 circles each way. Winging 10 times each foot.
Scrunch up a towel or cloth using only one foot, then the other. 20 arch lifts each foot.
40 releves in 1st poition, then 20 on each foot with the other foot in a turned-out sur le coup de pied position.
Stand in 2nd position on demi-pointe and shift weight from side-to-side, pushing the toes off the ground, 30 times.
30 tendus to each side.

Walk through shoes in parallel, then bend knees, roll on to pointe, straighten knees and lower slowly, 10 times. Repeat in 1st position.
20 releves on each foot with the other foot in a turned-out sur le coup de pied position.
20 releves in first position.
20 tendus to each side, working through the shoe, then when foot is extended in tendu, spring from demi to full pointe. Do 4 sets of 8 on each side.
Push over the shoe, holding for 30 secs, then straighten knee but try to keep foot in position. Repeat to other side, and front and back both sides.
Cross one led over the other and plie in parallel to stretch foot, keeping weight over big toe, Repeat other foot.
Remove shoes and stretch calves.
Now you’re done! You can do part or all of these exercises, but do some every day and you’ll really notice a change. Don’t forget to drink loads of water during and after! In addition to these exercises I’ll do at least one 90 minute class a day, and on some days when I have the time I try to do another workout, such as a run, swimming, pilates or the gym.

I hope this was helpful, keep dancing!

Jessica x