Getting Academic with Homestuck

So this past week, after seven long and eventful years, Homestuck has finally ended. And by ended I mean Act 7 was posted and there is an epilogue apparently forthcoming. As a result, there’s been a ton of speculation and discussion across the dark dank vast hellscape of the internet about the implications of the ending and the impact this hypertext work has had on fandom culture. 

Academia is full of nerds. It’s a by-product of the profession. Among those academics are those of us who study popular culture, literature, sociology, sciences, mathematics, art, and many various other et ceteras that end up being related to Homestuck and its vast array of contexts. 

So a few of us, Academic Homestucks, are getting together to really get into the study of this work. So, consider this a tumblr-based Call For Papers, or more specifically a Call For Ideas and Contributors, for anyone interested in writing about Homestuck and collaborating with fellow Homestucks in academic areas. We will gather, brainstorm some ideas, and start making progress towards an ongoing project designed to share Homestuck with Academia. 

I call it Academicstuck.   

Academicstuck is a project that is open to any academic discipline and any level of academic study. The only requirement is that you love Homestuck and want to study it within an academic lens.

If you’re interested, send a message to my main account (hexmeridian) with your email address, field of interest (literature, sociology, fandom studies, anything), and any experience you might have. Once we have a list, we’ll get this rainbow rumpus party town started.