Hypercolor T-shirt. 1991
JeansWest Commercial.

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Hypercolor is a brand new electronic duo from Brooklyn who certainly live up to their name with their vivid and chromatic debut, Pretty, which features rising artist Che Ecru on The Weeknd like vocal duties. Hypercolor consists of Matthew Young and Grant Wheeler (of Body Language, Vacationer, and Seafloor alongside co-writing credits with Passion Pit and Machinedrum). Their first song, which was released last week on Vitalic Noise, is a grandly wobbling, incandescent glowing swooner. Its future bass and R&B are as gorgeous as Pretty’s name suggests. Pretty is tagged as “sparkle n bass” on Soundcloud. I can’t agree more. Pretty twinkles brilliantly, its embers burning bright with fervent passion. You can also take this beauty for a spin on Spotify.