The Scent of a Hiddles

Earlier, a thread got started about bottling Tom’s (voice, essence) and making it a perfume.  Below is a list of the Tom fragrances people came up with.


  • particularscarf - Clove and rosin, lower notes of cinnamon and cedar.

  • (written by BPAL, contributed by geminiloveca​) - “His scent is a palette of somber colors, melancholy memories, and lupine, savage beauty: black leather, pale sandalwood, ambergris accord, and the memory of a long-lost Victorian fougère. His internal life seems to be reflected in his lair, so his perfume also possesses the scent of the wood of his guitars, the rosin from his violin bow, the musty wool of neglected Oriental carpets, the plastic, metal, and magnetic tape of his reel-to-reel, the dust that permeates everything.”

Bill Hazledine

  • particularscarf - heather and honeysuckle vine. Ripe peaches with pink-and-golden juice. Cannabis. Car-seat leather. Patchouli, incense, and orange-oil wood polish from the confessional.


  • thingsididntknowwereerotic - Floor polish.Textbooks.Pencil shavings.Sea air.The cork of a bottle of red wine right after you pop it out and put your nose to the stained damp end of it.

F. Scott Fitzgerald

  • svenyves - champagne, wild flowers, cigarettes, fresh popped firework, and the lingering smell of pomade.

Freddie Page

  • particularscarf  - bergamot, old, unfinished wood, damp wool on a rainy summer night, snickerdoodles. Yes I said snickerdoodles fight me.

  • dirtyhiddles​  - leather, sandalwood, bergamot, pepper, the slight screech of a record as soon as you put it on, the scent of every F. Scott Fitzgerald novel, the amber sweetness of whiskey, smoke, lust, and the dried, lingering kisses of his latest conquest. He is the smell of night life, all rolled into one, with just a hint of the addictive lure of nostalgia.

Prince Hal

  • thingsididntknowwereerotic Leather and overheated horseflesh, straw,… fresh-baked bread… tallow, frankincense (from church) and ambergris - (the touch of perfume from thE LADY WHOSE BED HE JUST LEFT)

Hank Williams

  • thingsididntknowwereerotic - The caramel smell of the inside of an old guitar. Lucky Strikes. Slow hot breeze off a patch of dusty okra and pole beans. Fels-Naptha. Kerosene

  • geminiloveca​ - hops, whiskey, tobacco smoke, lingering bay rum

King Henry V


  • quoting-shakespeare-to-ducks - Gun oil, Brand new Rubber Tyres, Cherry Tobacco, amber, oak moss oil, with a lime high note…

Captain James Conrad

  • insanely-smart - British Sterling when he shaves; petrichor, Vietnamese spices, patchouli, a hint of rice liquor, gunpowder.
    Also humid palm trees

Captain James Nicholls

Jonathan Pine 

  • beaglebitch - Warm leather, exhaust, motor oil, and just a touch of sweat.

  • thingsididntknowwereerotic - Hotel pillow. Motor oil. English Leather. The hyperchilled air conditioned sweat of an all-night gym. Rain on the desert sand. The stale canvas scent of an Army Surplus tent.


  • writernotwaiting  - “Well, I suppose a Loki perfume might carry notes of leather, frankincense or amber, and cedar or sandalwood.”

  • justaderangedfangirl -  Absinthe/wormwood, peppermint, eucalyptus, pepper, rosewood, leather, cedarwood. And something dark and earthy I can’t name.

  • geminiloveca - that scent of snow approaching, wintergreen, mint, pine, with a touch of mistletoe.

Magnus Martinsson


  • beaglebitch - Axe body spray, sweat, cigarettes, and expensive Italian wine.

  • particularscarf - sun-baked clay, musk, mellow soap, hops.


  • beaglebitch - Formula 1 - Fresh baked bread, garlic, sweat, and dollar bills?

  • insanely-smart - Formula 1 + leather, stale beer, mint and Drakkar Noir.

Robert Laing

Sir Thomas Sharpe

  • laterovaries - mahogany, crushed roses, dark spices, and a faint coppery undertone…

  • particularscarf - Blood-red roses. Belladonna. Treacle, star anise, and salt. Copper. Dust and leather-bound books. Firelight. (Incest.) (Sorry but you know it’s true.)

  • ourladybinxthings -  Sharpe would smell like dark chocolate and cherries, coal and sex.

Tom Hiddleston

  • particularscarf - One would smell like old leather, older vellum pages, and burning applewood, with notes of single malt whiskey and deep winter cold. The other would smell like limoncello, sun-dried linen sheets, and freshly cut grass, with a high note of salty ocean breeze.
  • thingsididntknowwereerotic - I might guess that there is a third scent that only gets brought out every once in a while during a new moon or an all-night research kick: licorice, dark pine, and ice. A little bit of Loki to waft through the air as he sits on the roof reading and smoking a secret cigarette?
  • amarafoxtraut I bet if you bottle up his laugh you’d feel a tickling sensation when you spray it on your neck
  • thafineness talent, potential, free drinks on a Friday night, stability, & chocolate chip cookies.
  • mrs-laufeys0n I imagine it would smell like daisies and smoked paprika. The first whiff smells happy and flowery, but as you get closer it smells warmer, more inviting, spicier.

William Buxton

  • quoting-shakespeare-to-ducks - Campfire, black ink, gorse flower, coal, mossy stream.