We going underground, baby.

Unearthed is an upcoming Earthbound hack made by Hyperbound of Starmen.net (and his site The World Is Square) using CCScript and Coil Snake. It uses EB as a base for an all new story and pretty much a whole new game. It will tell the tale of a kid named Mitchell, that goes to the underground looking for his brother Chase and thus discovers a world full of crazy locations and strange creatures.

It has A LOT of new stuff like maps, sprites, text boxes (ohhhh), enemies and bosses and some of the music as well since some of the Starmen.net users are hopping on and helping.

If you want to know more about the the game, see some of features like Blue Magic, herb collecting to make restorative items and much more check out all the deets here:

My thoughts:

I’ve been following this project for like a year or two now and it keeps getting better and better. It will probably take way more time to come out, it’s been in production for 3 years now (publicly of course) but it’s looking to be a super high quality hack. It will sure be worth the wait. In the meantime i’ll keep re-playing his other hack Hyperbound until this one comes out.

Hmm…maybe I’ll showcase that one soon.

Why am I going to start making these showcases?

I’ve been noticing a lot of the same stuff in the MOTHER related tags so I figured, why not show some of the stuff the MOTHER community has been doing? Be it on Starmen.net or on other places of the internet, the community is always active so why not? Some of these things are just a google search away but not all of us think alike so I’d like for people who are looking for that MOTHER fix to at least have something to read, play, or just look forward to.

So I’ll probably do these every now and then. It may be fan games, other games, hacks, comics, videos, music, who knows! I hope you enjoy anyway.

Be good y’all! later.