So I just remembered that at one point, long ago, Shadowrun tried to call its internet-wizards ‘Otaku’, which is pretty hilariously naive in retrospect.

But it also makes me think of how incredible/dumb it would be to have actual hard-bitten otaku mercenaries in the dark cyberpunk future, stealing hyperanime from Japanese corporate servers locked down with murderous IC.

“Listen, chummer, you weren’t there for the waifu wars of 2036, so don’t you even dare tell me Honoka isn’t the best girl!” The servos in his arm whine as he clutches the weathered body pillow tighter.

So, I’m pretty sure [S] A6:A6:I1 is… an Infinite Canvas Animation. It’s not even a comic anymore, but it’s using something that up till now has only been meaningfully applied to comics and originated from Scott McCloud’s theories on hypercomics.

Which means that Hussie is literally just inventing his own media now. He’s so far ahead of everyone else that we don’t have analytical language to describe the formal qualities of what he’s doing.