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The Tenth Doctor (and David Tennant) tossing things & catching them

(…often while not even looking at what he’s tossing)

Edited to add a bonus: Teenager-Tennant started this habit quite young:


I just wanted to introduce here my unexpected new TF oc who’s named “Honeydew"—in which he got that name because his frame looks like a bee with its 4 wings and turns into a small old type plane

He has weird obsession with goggles or something that can wear on optics. He’s tiny, hyperactive somehow, probably a child but he’s smart and optimistically talkative

Possibly stealing Rung’s glasses

Sugar on Top - Chapter 1

Summary: When baking prodigy Phil Lester finally manages to enter the prestigious culinary school of his dreams, he doesn’t account for the fact that one very famous, very rich, and very pretty heir named Dan Howell will become his culinary rival.

Genre: Baking, AU, School, Rivalry, Enemies-to-Something-Else

Warnings: swearing? (it’s Dan), rich people being rich

A/N: Hey guys! I am so excited for you to read the beginning of this story! I love the idea of this AU so much. I don’t know how often updates will be yet, but I hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think! Based on this post.

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All Might gets temporarily de-aged to a teenager by some weird op quirk, and Izuku becomes his babysitter, because 16-year-old All Might is basically a hyperactive child in a teenager’s body.

He doesn’t have any of his older self’s memories, so he spends the whole time pestering Izuku with questions about himself.

“Do I become a famous hero?” he asks, eyes shining with hope.

Izuku smiles brightly back, saying, “You become the number one hero in the world.”

“That’s so COOL!” shouts Toshinori, pumping his fist in the air in victory. “Who’s number two?”

“Endeavor,” replies Izuku, his expression souring.

“Who?” asks Toshinori, looking confused. He thinks back, trying to remember if any of his classmates had chosen that as their hero name.

“Oh, uh…” Izuku has to think for a moment to remember his real name. “Todoroki Enji.”

“Oh!” exclaims Toshinori, eyes going a little wide. “huh, I guess I’m not all that surprised. So, do I have a family?”

This gets an interesting reaction out of his new friend.

Izuku looks away, his face going an interesting shade of red.

“You don’t have a wife,” he says slowly, and droops a little, disappointed. “But…you did adopt a son.”

“Oh yeah?” asks Toshinori, leaning forward, a smile tugging at his lips as he realizes where Izuku is going with this.

Izuku won’t look at him.

“Y-yeah,” he stutters. “Somehow you saw potential in a quirkless boy, and made him your successor.”

Toshinori can’t help the little gasp that escapes him at this.

“You helped him train until he could become a proper vessel for One for All, and somewhere along the way, you became the father he never had.”

There are tears falling from Izuku’s eyes now, and his fingers are trembling.

Suddenly, a pair of powerful arms wrap him up in a hug, and he looks up to see an adult All Might smiling down at him, his eyes glassy with unshed tears.

“And you are the son I never dared to hope for.”

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Greg having to babysit Rosie how do you think he'd go about it?

He’d probably bring along lots of colouring books and things to keep her occupied. He’d enjoy it and he’d enjoy giving her lots of sweets right before Sherlock and John return home to deal with their hyperactive child.

if Mingyu was your best friend....
  • he’d hold things up above your head just to piss you off
  • “buy me ice cream and i’ll give you your phone back”
  • “mingyu no fair you’re a fucking giant give me my phone back”
  • you’d literally be running around after him all the time because we all know kim mingyu is a 6 foot tall hyperactive child 
  • “how do you live knowing that your best friend is this attractive?”
  • “mingyu stop”
  • you’d play hide and seek that was not intentional i swear with the other members and he’d try to get into your hiding spot and you’re like ‘nO the two of us can’t fit in here you’re huge get out’
  • whenever the two of you are eating you’d always ask him if he washed his hands bc we all know this boy could get a lil nasty sometimes
  • “i’m giving you tissues and hands sanitizer for christmas”
  • the two of you would go to lots of raves omg imagine partying with mingyu while both of you get shitfaced drunk lmao 
  • and by the end of the night both of you are so out of it seungcheol has to drive the two of you home
  • mingyu would set your screen saver as a close up pic of himself and you’d be so surprised when you open your phone that you’d almost drop it into the sink
  • he’s that type of best friend that would make a scare cam with you as his victim and then post it on vine
  • and then you’d get soooo mad at him omg
  • he’d be so skeptical of your partners/potential partners like he’s so picky when it comes to your love life you often have to ask yourself if he’s your best friend or your father 
  • “i don’t like them they’re too clingy” “nope they were side-eyeing me the other day they’re already out of the question” “don’t even THINK about that guy he wore a meninist shirt the other day delete his number”
three tries

Request: @maeseok said: also jungkook and amusement parks pls ilu 

[basically: smug little maknae being a fluff ball]

Words: 2,138 phew

Other: The whole time I was writing this I had to take multiple 3-minute breaks to squeal to myself because! amusement park!! with jungkook!!! Also, I love Mae a lot. ♡ 

When Jungkook had called you early in the morning to say that he was coming over later, you didn’t expect him to barge in through your door running to you like the hyperactive child that he was, screaming, “Get up! We’re going to the amusement park!” while frantically grabbing at your arm and shaking it multiple times.

From your sitting position, you looked at him plainly as if to say, you have got to be kidding me. Jungkook, ignoring your impassive stare, stopped shaking your arm only to grin wider and move closer beside you to squish your cheeks together with his hand. “Come on now, please? It’ll be fun!” Knowing it was impossible to argue with him when he had his mind firmly set on something, you then pulled his hand from your face, sighed loudly, shrugged, and stood up to change what you were wearing into something that was deemed more presentable than animal farm pajamas and a plain shirt.

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A quick shout out to all the ENFJ’s out there because I love theeeem. ^_^ Here are my impressions of this type:
~ Amazingly inspiring speakers and/ or writers. Honestly, all of them just know how to use their language. They know how to put words in the right order, and are perfect in presenting their ideas.
~ The most open-minded and tolerant people you would ever meet. They would never judge you, for anything. Not unless you invade their personal space or attack them (verbally). You can share everything with them, and all you’ll receive will be respect, mindfulness and understanding.
~ They can turn into that hyperactive, curious and cuddly child (even though they’re 20) in a matter of seconds. It’s just so cute.
~ Deeply sensitive. The ENFJs I know express their feelings through some kind of creative endeavor.
~ They loooove helping people. They will give you their time and effort to guide you through the dark paths of your life, straight into the light. Excellent leaders, listeners and helpers, really.
~ Honest and diplomatic. They manage to be both of these. They are completely honest in their words, feelings and intentions without hurting anybody.
~ Don’t seek attention or recognition, but are just so charismatic that everybody is attracted to them.

I never fully appreciate silence until nights like these when my mind is a hyperactive child.
The word sleep has no place in its vocabulary and the more I tell it to quiet down, the louder it gets.
—  Maxwell Diawuoh, Once A Day (74/366)

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