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Head cannon about Junkrat, Roadhog, Reaper, Soldier76, Zenyatta, McCree, Genji and Hanzo raising babies/children?? That was a lot of characters, whoops.

~I only do up to 5 characters so I’ll just do the first five. Feel free to send another request for the others/more. 


  • Their first word was ‘Boom’ Junkrat was ecstatic. Roadhog wasn’t. 
  • Junkrat is the baby’s uncle. Roadhog didn’t have a say and doesn’t particularly mind. They both have a lot of energy, if he can tired them both out together it’s killing two birds with one stone.
  • There’s definitely pictures of the baby sleeping on his stomach. Junkrat took thousands of pictures of them.
    • The baby’s first bomb: It’s only a toy that lets out confetti but Roadhog still looks terrified.
    • Their first steps: Toward Roadhog. They landed in his arms.
    • The day they created their first weapon: It’s an older model of Roadhog’s hook in a launcher. It was modified to shoot the hook and to shoot bombs on another setting. Junkrat and Roadhog are proud of the kid’s ingenuity.
  • The fridge is overloaded with their drawings and grades. In the later years, he stores the older ones in the attic. The attic is full of memories. 


  • His baby’s first language is Spanish because it’s the language he speaks most often. Their first word was Mío (Mine). They quickly learned the word ‘No’ after that. 
  • One of those parents that hand makes their kid’s Halloween costumes. 
  • The teachers fear him. If his kid is in trouble, he’s down at the office immediately ready to raise Hell. 
  • The PTA Mom™. He’s got the whole place on lockdown. He doesn’t get along with anyone but no one dares to try and tell him he’s wrong about what’s best for the children. 
    • Makes the cookies for the meetings. 

Soldier 76: 

  • Their first word was ‘da-da’ He cried when they said it. 
  • He’s got billions of home movies of his kid. They’ll be embarrasing blackmail later but honestly, he just likes filming their smiles and laughs. 
  • He’s tired. Someone give him a nap. I can only imagine him with the most hyperactive child to counterbalance him. 
  • He’s not the best when it comes to emotionally connecting to his kid because of how gruff he can be but when it comes to expressing interest, he’s got it down to a science. 
    • His kid likes this new thing? He knows all about it in two days. 
    • New TV show they’re obsessed with? He’s all caught up. 
    • New video game? He’s not good but he can play. 
    • New sport they want to try? He’s at all the games. 


  • Zenyatta’s baby took a while to speak. He started getting worried. They said their first word in Zenyatta’s garden. It was ‘Flower’ He melted.
  • He lets them ride in his lap and loves to hear them giggle as they float around. They fall asleep in it often too. He loves to feel their heartbeat against him.
  • A big fan of fluffy onesies with animals on them. He likes to play with their little feet. 
    • Also a fan of overalls. 
    • and footie pajamas when they get a little older.
  • They remind him of how wonderful humanity is. The world is still full of surprises for him and double the amount for them. Watching them learn about the world and seeing their wide awe filled eyes is easily his favorite thing.


  • Their first word was ‘uh oh’ when they caused a big mess and McCree couldn’t even get upset about it. 
    • They’re a clumsy kid in general. They had a lot of bumps and bruises all the time. A few scars here and there. Nothing major. 
    • McCree is constantly scrambling to keep up with them. 
  • He’s the parent that always leaves his baby in a diaper and just let’s them run around without anything else on. 
  • 9 out of 10 times when he’s missing his hat, his kid has it. They like to dress up as him. He has pictures. 
  • A family cook out kind of dad. Makes the best burgers and plays sports with them if they like to. The cook outs have everyone over and the kid gets to sees the other overwatch members and play with their kids. It’s a fun time for everyone. 

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The Tenth Doctor (and David Tennant) tossing things & catching them

(…often while not even looking at what he’s tossing)

Edited to add a bonus: Teenager-Tennant started this habit quite young:

Little Spoon- Morgan Rielly

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I wasn’t sure where I was going with this but I love how it turned out so I REALLY hope you guys like it! Things I associate with Morgan Rielly: Captain of the Toronto Maple Leafs, juggling, Jake, and ice cream cake. So… enjoy!

Warning: fluffy Mo

Anon Request: Hey! Could you please write a Morgan rielly one shot about him being the little spoon? Thank you!


              You laid across the couch, watching TV and waiting for Morgan to get home.

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Top 10 British Sitcoms! (In my personal opinion)

1) Father Ted (1995 - 1998)

What’s funnier than a bunch of bizarre priests and their clumsy housekeeper who loves tea? Well, barely anything. Hence why this is my number one.

Father Ted is one of those comedy shows that always seems to be on a channel somewhere, and no matter the episode, I’ll end up roaring with laughter. I adore this show on a magical level, and it’s definitely hard to top.

2) Blackadder (1983 - 1989)

Rowan Atkinson at his finest. Don’t get me wrong, I adore Mr Bean, but Blackadder is just spectacular. Fast paced, sarcastic and hilarious, it’s another show that I can always just pick up and burst out laughing at. One of the most interest aspects of the show though is the different era per series, however keeping the same amazing cast. Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie and Tony Robinson’s characters also having a special place in my heart due to the antics and hilarity. 

3) Fawlty Towers (1975 - 1979)

The quintessential British comedy sitcom. I don’t want to say too much about this, because if you have never seen it, shame on you.

4) Black Books (2000 - 2004)

Quite simply one of the greatest, but shortest, sitcoms ever created. Anyone who has actually seen this show has regarded it as one of their favourites of all time for good reason. Black Books follows the character of Bernard Black, the owner of a shoddy and sticky bookshop, and lacks all regard or care for people. The majority of the comedy is derived from Bernard’s two ‘friends’ who attempt to make his lifestyle more socially acceptable, much to his despair. I truly recommend checking out this show, but be prepared to be annoyed that there isn’t more!  

5) Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em (1973 - 1978)

Probably one of the favourite comedy shows I watch with my Grandfather. Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em follows the character of Frank, a childish, often moronic and insanely clumsy individual who only wants best for his family, although all he does is infuriate and anger people. A show with amazing catchphrases and hilarious situations, I simply adore this show.

6) Dads Army (1968 - 1977)

An amazing comedy focused on the Home Guard during the Second World War, the Home Guard were the volunteer army of those deemed ineligible for military service, usually due to age. The majority of the comedy derives from the pure uselessness of the group, and their lack of contribution to the war effort. The humour is often subtle and hilarious, I’d recommend it to anyone, I love it.

7) Porridge (1974 - 1977)

Ronnie Barker was one of the penultimate lords of comedy, that is all.

Porridge follows the goings on in the prison HMP Slade, following the character of Fletcher and his cellmate, an inmate serving his first sentence who Fletcher takes under his wing. The characters are strong and well written, as well as having amazing comedic timing and execution. The majority of the comedy comes from the interactions between the prisoners, as well as their relationships to the guards. It’s a show with a lot of heart and a lot of fun. 

8) Red Dwarf (1988 - ?)

Sci-Fi and sitcom, a bizarre genre hybrid that was an amazing gamble, but alas paid off incredibly well for Red Dwarf. The show follows the interesting cast of characters aboard the ‘Red Dwarf’ ship, all of whom are odd and interesting in their own ways. Unfortunately, I would not do the show justice if I were to attempt to describe the plot, so I shall urge you to check it out yourself. Trust me when I say this is an amazing show though.

9) Only Fools And Horses (1981 - 2003)

One of the longest running and most popular sitcoms in Britain, for good reason might I add. The show primarily follows the family of Del-Boy, Rodney and their Granddad (who is later replaced by Uncle Albert due to the unfortunate passing of the actor). The show is set in Peckham, a district in the south east of London, known for it’s working class citizens, the comedy mainly deriving from the vast array of occurring characters, as well as Del-Boy’s constant attempts of quick-rich schemes, with his main catchphrase being, “this time next year, we’ll be millionaires”. The show is a lot of fun, and the characters are all well written and performed and it has truly earned its cemented place as being one of the best in British history. 

10) Outnumbered (2007 - 2014)

Literally the most hilarious ‘family’ in Britain. Holy crap, I adore this show. The show is centred around a middle-class family who live in West London, the parents of whom, are ‘outnumbered’ by their 3 children. Jake, the typical teen, Ben, the hyperactive and strange child, and Karen, the oddly sarcastic child with a lot of questions, and a lot of answers. 
In essence, it’s a great show with hilarious situations, Karen and Ben being the funniest and most interesting parts of the show in all honesty. Even though it’s number 10 in my list, it’s amazing and I think everyone should attempt to watch this show.

And that comes to the end of my list, have I missed anything? What are your top 10 British Sitcoms?

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How will bendy look like if he were an adult?

One full grown imp coming right up!

Bendy: You know what this means, right?

Boris: ?

Bendy: I can reach the cookies on the top shelf without your help!

Boris: Right, because a hyperactive man-child is exactly what we need right now.


Anon prompt: “Can you do one where the reader and Jughead are already dating and they are super clingy.”

A/N: I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack

“Y/N, you didn’t call me when your class finished.” Jughead says, catching up to me in the halls.

“Because it just finished.” I stop at my locker, opening it to put my books inside and get out another text book for my next class.

“You said you’d call after every class.” He pushes, watching me.

“Jughead,” I close my locker, turning to him. “I told you, it just finished and my phone is swimming in my bag somewhere. I’m sorry.”

He’s leaning against one of the other lockers, staring at me in disbelief, “Look, Y/N, next time just call me, okay?”

“It’s school, Juggie. Nothing bad is going to happen to me at school.”

“You don’t know that.” He says, tilting his head to the side.

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I saw the cute head-canons of some of the guys raising children so what about some of the girls with the same prompt? Maybe with Mei, Tracer, Sombra,Mercy or Pharah?

~Alright! Ladies raisin’ babies!


  • Her baby’s first word was ‘Hi’ They were bouncing in their crib looking at her and their little voice just said ‘Hi’. She was so stunned she didn’t know what to do before she picked them up and said ‘hi’ back with the biggest grin. 
  • As a baby, they loved to tug hair. They especially liked to put things in their mouth. They were a curious baby and it constantly put them in danger. Mei had to develop eyes in the back of her head quickly. 
  • Story Time is the best time. She loves to curl up with her kid just before bed and hold them close as she reads to them. Makes all the funny faces and voices so that they giggle. It usually only makes them more hyper so she ends up reading a few books before they fall asleep.
  • She loves to show them her new inventions. As they get older, she finds them hanging out in her lab more often than not. They even start keeping a little journal full of prototypes of their own and showing them shyly to her. She’s such a proud mother. 


  • She loves to put them on her back and pretend to be an airplane as she runs around the house. Their first word was ‘Zoom’ 
  • She’s just as hyperactive as her child. Neither of them are allowed to have sugar. They’re constantly bouncing off the walls playing games. Emily is stressed 24/7. 
  • She’s the parent that tosses their baby in the air and catches them. The higher up, the more they both giggle. Mercy is horrified. Emily nearly has a heart attack the first time.
  • The baby LOVES Winston. He was nervous the first time he came but the minute they saw him, they were really interested in the giant gorilla. Even more so when they found out how soft his fur was. He nearly started crying when they weren’t afraid of him. Tracer took pictures. 


  • Their first word was ‘Boop’ Sombra got into the habit of booping their nose and one day they reached out and tapped her nose and said ‘Boop’ She totally didn’t start crying from the cuteness. She did.
  • Her baby was definitely not an easy baby. She woke up at all hours of the night to get them to stop crying. She found out four weeks in that they could be lulled asleep by music. They especially loved soft Spanish music but that wasn’t a big surprise. They are their mother’s child. 
  • She’s the mom that leaves their kid at the supermarket by accident. She didn’t notice until she was backing out and they weren’t singing along to the radio. 
  • Also the mom that will move Heaven and raise Hell if you even dream of touching her child. She’ll steal your credit card, social security number, and put your phone number on Craigslist for a ‘fun time’ Do not provoke her. 


  • Their first word was ‘ma-ma’ while she was rocking in a rocking chair with them. She couldn’t stop kissing their face afterward. It made her so happy to hear them talking to her.
  • She went into Mom Mode immediately when she found out the baby was coming. She ordered thousands of toys, onesies, and parenting books. Everything was child proofed three months in. She was doing prenatal yoga regularly. She was the definition of a responsible adult/parent.
  • The kid does not like vegetables. It’s not up for negotiation. No vegetables. Mercy tries to reason with them because she’s a doctor and knows they need them. They’re just as stubborn as she is. It eventually calls for more drastic measures. She starts hiding the vegetables in other foods. 
  • Minivan Mom™ also Parenting Blog Mom™


  • Their first word was JUSTICE ‘teta’ which means grandmother. Ana was so over the moon she wouldn’t stop cooing at the baby until Pharah had to put them down for bed. 
  • Coach Mom™. She’s shouting encouragement from the side line. While on the team, she doesn’t treat them any differently from the other kids but she’s always so proud. There’s a whole trophy case dedicated to the kid’s accomplishments. 
  • Ana spoils them rotten. She’s constantly giving them things that Pharah says they can’t have.
  • She’s got a notch in the door frame for every year that they grew taller. She always measured them on their birthday up until they turned 18. It was a tradition. After they went off to college, she spent a lot of time looking at the door frame and running her fingers over the notches from the younger years. They all have to grow up eventually, right?

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Closure || 11/?

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Pensive child is pensive.

It never fails to amuse me how tiny Ive is.  Short, skinny, and very easily able to hide behind Trahearne (and other tall friends).  Especially when talking to Mama Tree.  Considering that Ive would rather do almost anything than talk to the Pale Tree. Kek

You’d think I’d stop trying to draw things I have no clue how to draw.


Prokofiev - Piano Concerto no. 3

I am disappointed in myself for missing Prokofiev’s birthday yesterday. Though I was also feeling sick all day, so I wouldn’t have gone out of my way to write a thought out post for him. Wrongs are being righted: here is his third piano concerto, one of his great masterpieces that is also considered to be one of the top piano concertos of the last century. It opens with a sense of nostalgia in the orchestra, until the energy picks up and the piano rolls in with child-like hyperactive runs. We quickly shift into a more “grotesque” and violent episode before the next main melody, paired with the interesting choice of castanets, dances through. This movement is an interesting display of orchestral color and texture, using the piano more as a percussive element to the orchestra, more integrated than the tradition of concertos-as-showmanship-pieces from the prior generations. The second movement is a set of variations on a simple theme, and like all good variations we are given a series of contrasting moods and levels of energy. The finally sneaks in with a bit of a sarcastic haughtiness, before becoming a rowdy exercise in dexterity and endurance, balancing the main melody with a slower, more lyrical countermelody. The finale surges in an uplifting roar of the major key. This concerto is one of my favorites. I’d first heard it in high school and was taken in by the “heavy metal” energy in the first movement. Though it isn’t ever one note, one mood, I can’t help but associate it with summer afternoons walking around a city neighborhood. Different sights, sounds, colors. Of all the performances, I decided to share this iconic recording of Martha Argerich at the piano, her hands blurring through the dense passages as if there was no effort involved.


1. Andante - Allegro

2. Tema con variazioni

3. Allegro, ma non troppo


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Word count: ~800
Genre: fluff
-Optional Bias-

 Everything has been done. The church was chosen by me, the flowers were all kinds of beautiful beige, and white, and soft pink, the napkins matching the flowers, and the overall decoration. It was simple and pure just like our love.

 From the moment I opened my eyes up till that moment I was feeling like a hyperactive child. I couldn’t sit still while I was having my makeup and hair done, which is why my mom was more frustrated than usual.

 Her one and only daughter was getting ready to get married to the love of her life. She was both excited and sad, sad because she wouldn’t have me around anymore, I won’t burst through the door every day after work, she wouldn’t have to hear my lame jokes, our home won’t feel the same.

 As I was looking at her reflection in the mirror, anxiety slowly crept in my mind taking control over my senses and thoughts. I knew I was being irrational, this was just my stupid self being too afraid.

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A Happy Life » Barry Allen

Request:  Can you do a Barry Allen imagine that might sound a bit weird can you do one where Barry wants to have a baby but he’s single so he asks the reader to be a surrogate because she’s wanted kids for awhile and during the pregnancy they grow closer and closer and end up getting together and it’s just little moments until the baby comes.

Pairing: Barry Allen x Reader

Fandom: DC Comics + The Flash

Words: 2766

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You Look Very Dapper (Peter Parker x Reader)

A/n: 100 OF YOU BEAUTIFUL WEIRDOS THAT ENJOY FOLLOWING ME. ONE HUNDRED! I JUST SCREAMED SO LOUD OHMIGERD I’M SO EXCITED TO WRITE THIS! I’ve always had an obsession with Dapper Day at Disney at this is a great way to celebrate 100 of you weirdos. I’M STILL QUITE SHOOK ABOUT THAT!!!!!

“Eighteen days.” 

“What?” Peter asked his girlfriend, obviously confused that she had said that instead of her usual greeting.

“Eighteen days until one of the best days of the year.” She smiled like a manic, bouncing on the balls of her feet like a hyperactive child. 

“And what is in eighteen days?” He racked his brain, trying to think of a reasonable answer for her seemingly illogical excitement. 

“It’s spring Dapper Day! Only the most exciting way to share my love of Disney!” She squealed, racing off through to halls to wherever she disappears to every day, leaving a very confused Peter standing in the middle of the hallway as kids move around him. 

About a week later, he came over to her apartment, finding her siting at the counter, her mother looking over her shoulder at Y/n’s laptop. 

Y/n saw Peter out of the corner of her eye and, like she had said a week ago, she greeted him with a number. “Eleven days. Your stuff should be here by next week. I didn’t know if you wanted to be the Cheshire Cat or the White Rabbit so I made an executive decision and ordered the things for the White Rabbit. Also, we’re going to buy the tickets there.” 

“Hello Peter,” her mother said, pointing at something on the laptop, “I think that one would look great, dear.” 

“Yeah, me too mom.” She smiled.

“What?” Peter walked over to the two women and looked at the screen of his girlfriend’s computer, seeing a bunch of dapper hairstyles. “What even is Dapper Day?”

It seemed to be a forbidden question. 

Both of the women gasped, Y/n’s mother covering her mouth while Y/n shook her head. 

“Dapper Day is a day where everyone dresses in their Sunday best, but disneybounding as a character of their choosing. They have an Expo and everything. It’s a really big deal now.” Y/n explained. “And you’re going to be my date.” 

“Now I get it…” He smiled at her. “So what did you order?” 

She showed him what she ordered him and one thing was for sure, they were going to have a lot of fun on Dapper Day.

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40 years ago today I… was still in summer camp.  I didn’t get to see Star Wars until I came home, in August, and my dad took me.

Reportedly, I - the original hyperactive child - slid to the front of my seat at the opening crawl, and did. Not. Move until the very end.

Did that movie change me?  I don’t know.  Did it direct the rest of my life, in many ways?

Yeah.  Yeah, it did.

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Bill meets Eleven by chance, before he meets Clara again, and doesn't know who he is.

Bill’s not entirely sure what just happened. One minute she’d been minding her own business and walking to a lecture, and the next she was sprawled on the pavement, her books strewn across the floor in front of her as she sat on her arse and ruminated on the rudeness of passersby. 

“Oh my god, I am so sorry,” a nearby bloke says at once, scurrying back over to her and helping to her feet with an apologetic grimace. “I didn’t see you, I can’t apologise enough for my own clumsiness. I really must work on that, it’s scaring people off. I’m certain of it.”

Bill looks him up and down and does her best not to affix him with a judgemental stare. He’s wearing tweet and a bowtie and actual, bona fide braces - although, if she’s being honest, this is Bristol, and she’s seen weirder in the hipster cafes that litter the city streets. 

“S’alright,” she says non-committally, as the bloke bounces up and down retrieving her books, smoothing down the dust jackets and reading the titles aloud as he does so. “Thanks.”

“This is a good one,” he tells her enthusiastically, handing back her copy of A Brief History of Time, shortly followed by her other books in a neat stack. “But don’t take everything it says at face value. Do be critical. Now, are you alright? Did I harm you in any way? That pavement looks rather unforgiving, and if you need a lift to a medical professional then that is something I can absolutely do.”

“Nah, I’m alright thanks,” Bill tells him, offering him a tight smile by way of reassurance. “Cheers for the offer though. Gotta get to class.”

“Well, enjoy yourself!” he all but shouts, grinning like a lunatic and spinning on the spot before dashing off down the road like a hyperactive child. “Learn well!”

Weirdo, Bill thinks to herself, but without malice. Actual weirdo.


I just wanted to introduce here my unexpected new TF oc who’s named “Honeydew"—in which he got that name because his frame looks like a bee with its 4 wings and turns into a small old type plane

He has weird obsession with goggles or something that can wear on optics. He’s tiny, hyperactive somehow, probably a child but he’s smart and optimistically talkative

Possibly stealing Rung’s glasses