The Last Pie

content: After a very shitty week Dean just wants to enjoy some delicious pie, but fate has got a different plan.

word count: 2,216

Dean sighs in relief when he enters his favorite bakery.

It’s Friday night, just about ten minutes before closing time, and he’s more than happy that he arrived on time. Considering his very shitty week – a broken-down computer system, clients bitching at him colorfully because of an error other people made beforehand, two busted tires within three days  and the constant headache that was driving him insane utterly slowly and quite cruelly – he never thought luck could be on his side again.

The shop is empty beside the nice cashier Chloe –  a single mom who never once loses her smile despite the daily stress of managing three hyperactive kids, her full-time job and a frustrating ex-husband – and a single customer in front of him, already standing at the counter and looking intently at the display.

Dean plasters a grin on his face – ‘cause that’s what Chloe deserves after all – and tries to suppress all the fucking shit that’s boiling inside of him for a few minutes and instead enjoys the sight of that delicious apple pie behind the glass, waving him hello.

There is nothing better than a great slice of apple pie to heal his painful and itchy wounds.

Dean can feel his features softening a bit and his muscles protest, too used to scowling for the last few days to remember how a decent human being should function.

His stomach, however, recalls quite vividly the taste of some delicious pastry because it starts to growl instantly, demanding to taste the sweet texture without further notice. Dean catches himself whispering to it quietly to wait just a short while and he would have felt outright stupid if he’d have some energy left to do so.

“The apple pie, please,” the guy in front of him says to Chloe.

His voice is surprisingly deep, as if he likes to gargle some stones in his free time, and Dean feels a shiver running through his body although he actually assumed his libido would have died two days ago when Slimy Bernie offered him a 'fun time’ in the closet out of the blue as if they’ve done this before at some point.

“Coming right up,” Chloe answers cheerfully (and she sounds actually sincere – Dean’s got no idea how she manages that without going crazy) before she grabs the pie and starts to pack it into a box. “You’re lucky, it’s the last one for today.”

Dean just shuffles on his feet and begins to wonder whether there would be huge traffic back home or if he’d be lucky once –


The last apple pie?

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if you get mad at yourself a lot for stuff a good thing to do instead of punishing yourself is to think “would I get mad at a dog for doing this?”

sleep too much or only at weird times? still a good dog
sometimes feels like/actually needs to shout for no reason? still a good dog
has periods of uncontrollable hyperactivity?  still a good dog
eats too much/eats things you probably shouldn’t? still a good dog
too friendly/enthusiastic/free with affection? still a good dog
scared or nervous around new people? still a good dog
easily startled by loud noises/new places/imagined threats? still a good dog
obsessive over certain people and objects/only happy in your safe spaces? still a good dog
zero impulse control? still a good dog
any and all of the above? still a good dog

basically we don’t get angry at dogs for any of that because they are good and perfect angels and so are you so give yourself a break sometimes

Max is that hyperactive kid in class that has a crush on you but he doesn’t know how to express it so he punches your arm a lot and calls you an idiot hoping you will understand him. You end up punching him in the face.

anonymous asked:

☘ Are there any other blogs on here that you love or think are cute?


  • @ask-emilz-de-philz who is a total cuttie and always puts stuff out (i odn’t know how they do it) they are also super sweet and i can’t get over their muse i just cant
  • @askaphdaddy even though I’ve yet to work up the guts to talk about them I just absolutely adore what they do AND THEIR FUCKING ART STYLE MAN
  • @ask-la-istmena even though i don’t think kami likes my hyperactive personality much it always makes me smile to see her art and when i do get her to talk to me she is always civil
  • @ask-millionaire-alfred/ @ask-avatar-alfred fucking deli supported me despite my cringy blogs and bad personality not only that but she drew the best response to my ask about millionaire’s dog tags how can you not love someone who gives your angsty alfred
  • @ask-aph-nyofrance / @ask-globetrotter-anya for being such a cuttie and also giving much needed love to so many female characters 
  • @aph-ghosttown for being a spontanious friend and also slapping my ass into gear with getting this blog a FAQ
  • @askmauritius chair is lowkey my lady crush and I also can’t get over her character too. Him and his sly yet playful personality i can’t even
  • @ask-the-smol-italian they are so cute and I just love our rps
  • @aph-american-college-students for having a black american character which makes me so happy and lowkey inspiring Alfio and John who is to be re-introduced at a later date and also for their super cute art style i just love how they shade things
  • @ask-slytherin-kirkland who is such a god damn cuttie and also so sweet like I’ve had senpais who turn out to be assholes they were the exact opposite (which is ironic since their character is such a sassy little fucker XD ))
  • @ask-devilamerica Ive been admiring their art from afar for a long time now and if you wanna see a cool art style check them out!  also their character had a lot of influence on Monty who again has yet to be introduced
  • @ask-monster-hunter-jones I don’t know them very well but the depth they but into their blog is just super admirable
  • @ask-aph-nyo-sealand The smol is so cute follow for cuteness
  • @ask-miss-israel You wanna meet someone with an uplifting personality meet them! They are such a cuttie and their support of female characters makes me so happy
  • @ask-agentbeilschmidt One: THE GOD DAMN ART STYLE two: CUTTIE PATTOTIE three: jfc can they write a story. within that mun exists the holy trinity to become the next steven moffat 
  • @knightofrageandhope for being a good friend and just talking to me so much. I really enjoy every moment. 
  • @askpriest-gil another blog I’ve watched from afar but it makes me happy to see someone doing so well with traditional art! Also their style is A+++ and super cute 
  • @ask-the-maple-prince DEFINATELY on the cute blog list i mean seriously how could you not though their lineartless style is kinda intimidating
  • @askthemaplespirit great personality matched with great blog. Mun and muse are both cuttie material. 
  • @cartoonsys because they are sometimes the only reason I can keep this blog going
  • @ask-scientistgil for my daily dose of a sciencegasm i mean seriously it is so amazing to have someone to talk about big things with I MEAN SERIOUSLY IF YOU TALK CYBER TERRORISM AND BIOLOGICAL WARFARE TO ME I WILL FALL IN LOVE
  • @chase-de-grandpre who as volunteered for the anti-fuckboy army that will beat navy out of his sexist ways
  • @ask–romana for their beautifully sassy muse and matching awesome personality. Muse and mun definitely make it on the crush list.
  • @ask-americaaa their hunky muse and them definately make the cuttie list 
  • @ask-twentieth-century-usa I don’t even need to explain this one scout has been on the cuttie list since before there was a cuttie list
  • @ask-murderer-apprentice-ivan bahbs don’t even fight me on this one your style is too cute
  • @askmodelkiku @askgakuenkirkland angie and their art and blogs has been a love of mine since the begining
  • @askcreepykirkland for A+ character and A+ plot and of course A+++ Mun, that and i lowkey wonder what would happen if our muses hooked up i mean really it is an odd pair
  • @asktheolddominionva for giving that sassy bitch that is the state of virginia a worthy muse (i mean really if you know what virginia is like then you know how difficult this is)
  • @worldneedssomecookies gracing the world with Alex is definately something worth loving
  • @ask-the-son-of-liberty because who can’t love someone who talks dirty to them? And by dirty i mean down and dirty with the facts of this nation and its history i love this mun and her insight
  • @askathens bc i luv mah mama gloo
  • @ask-the-russian-vampire floop and her amazing insight and god damn art that keeps getting better and better
  • @ask-cosplayukraine-please because official cutie award goes to this girlie who is inarguably the cutest of them all
  • @askbikerkuro who has been following me for a surprisingly long time- like i never noticed that! Strange- they must have see the blog at it shittiest. Anyways, their art has always been goals along with their accepting personality
  • @ask-keyholderalfred who through friends of friends I have heard a lot about how cute they are- that and the awesome art gets them up here too!
  • @ask-dreamelia even though they seem to have dissapeared i miss them and even if they never come back i will always love the influence they had on all of us at DG


hahaha anyways imma probably lose followers for this spam but in many ways everyone here has done so much and Navy probably wouldn’t have been here if it wasn’t for their influence and support

and if i missed anyone forgive me it is late and im tired its not that i odn’t love you cuz i probably do

anonymous asked:

Hello So, my dad and brother have AD/HD and I used to be really organized on school stuff until some years ago, I started thinking I may have it too, but without the hyperactivity, so I was wondering if you know of why it goes undiagnosed in girls?


Hello anon!  I’d check with a doctor if you’re truly concerned. Your age and environmental change has a large part to do with whether or not you may have ADHD, and while it’s largely genetic, you may also just be negatively influenced by the constant chaos that stems from your dad and brother. It’s best to look at yourself holistically instead of zeroing in on a few aspects of ADHD and, because you’ve been exposed to it for so long, subconsciously start trying to connect yourself to a diagnosis you may or may not have. 

ADHD is largely misinterpreted for depression and/or anxiety in girls, depending on how closely the psychiatrist in question analyzes the girl. Now, people (girls in particular) with ADHD are far more prone to developing other mental illnesses than your average person, so it’s not THAT uncommon to suffer from at least 2/3. Girls with ADHD are also more statistically likely to develop eating disorders, due to the obsessive/hyperfocus qualities that ADHD has, so you can imagine how complicated it must be to sift through such similar symptoms when ADHD is never quite the direct answer. This is why visiting several professionals and being very introspective is vital in determining what the root of the issue is. 

Girls tend to be less hyperactive (even if they are, it’s not akin to the 8 year old boy chasing a squirrel stereotype that we see in media) and more prone to turning their pain and stress inward, which, although coming from the stressors of having ADHD, are sometimes mistaken as solely depression. 

The female brain also matures earlier than the male brain, which may be why we have slightly greater control of our motor abilities (hence, why we tend to be less hyperactive.) I myself am pretty hyperactive most of the time, but in less noticeable ways!  

We also can’t deny social cues, and even though the social expectations of boys and girls has been loosening the past couple of decades, it doesn’t erase the fact that the stereotype in media and the misconception in most people’s minds is that ADHD is a “boy’s disorder.” It is largely incorrect either way, because while a girl who may have an inattentive or combination type of ADHD will go unnoticed, boys with those two types of ADHD are often overlooked too.

To sum it up, girls are undiagnosed because we tend to be less vocal and make conscious efforts to hide our feelings and struggles. We’re also physically composed in a way that conflicts with society’s general view of ADHD (aka a little less hyperactive, a lot more inattentive, etc…) Hope this helps anon! 


Anderson, Jenny. “Decades of failing to Recognize ADHD in Girls Has Created a “lost Generation” of Women.” Quartz. N.p., 19 Jan. 2016. Web. 27 Sept. 2016.

@greatschools. “Understanding Girls with ADHD.” Parenting. N.p., n.d. Web. 27 Sept. 2016.

Dumb spooky scary AU headcanon time. Ray and Mark are werewolf buds that go out on runs together and are major pup dorks okeybye

talkin bout adhd and procrastination

so idk how many of you know this but i was diagnosed with adhd when i was about twelve years old, sixteen years old, 18 years old and 20 years old and im assuming that the diagnosis is still accurate right now, when I’m 26 years old.

A while ago my friend Kelly reblogged a piece on ADHD and it kinda opened my eyes to the way my brain works and why the things I do make a lot more sense than they did before. I wish I could find the piece, but essentially, it broke ADHD down in a way that described it as not so much a case of inherent laziness, but a feeling of being completely overwhelmed when faced with even the most basic tasks. This is also a symptom of GAD as well (which I also have) but its prominence has always been linked to my ADHD as I had that before I developed symptoms of GAD.

Anyway, the article talked about doing things in steps. Like, micro baby steps. I think the example they used was how often times when a person with ADHD owns a cat, the catbox tends to go uncleaned/unchecked for long periods of time because getting the actual chore of cleaning the cat box sounds so difficult and ultimately pointless. 

It’s not that you don’t want to clean the cat box, it’s that the knowledge that you have to do it and so far haven’t done it combined with the actual task at hand feels like such a crippling mountain to climb that you cannot think of any way to cope with that reality other than to ignore it, I guess.

But the article presented a very interesting perspective on how to challenge these thoughts and overcome them, and that was to employ the method of micro steps. Like allowing your brain to process your actions as very tiny goals that you are achieving each step of the way. example:

- step one, get up
- step two, walk to cat box
- step three, acquire garbage bag. 
- step four, scoop out poops and pees
- step five, tie off bag
- step six, add more litter
- step seven, replace cat box
- step eight, dispose of poopoo peepee bag

and that is a LOT easier for someone who has ADHD to cope with. When I first read it, I wasn’t even sort of ‘PSH YEAH RIGHT’ about it, it just… clicked. It made sense, and I realised that this was the method I have been using to like.. get my ass up and do things for the longest time, I was just never able to properly articulate it. I never knew what I was doing or how to even explain it because in my head, it sounded nuts. Like, I would think to myself, 'what kind of a goob does this? I am obviously the only one who needs to fragment a task into a billion tinier tasks in order to make the main task achievable. everyone else just does it.' 

And I dunno, I guess it was really relieving and validating to hear about this? Like, to read it from another person’s perspective - and I think that the person who wrote the article was a neuroscience student, so I felt a huge sort of relief! Like if this method works for a student who deals with math and science and numbers, a person who needs to be organised and motivated all the time, well, it’s definitely working for me too.

Now the reason I bring this all up is because last night while I was streaming, someone mentioned to me after I had opened up the folder with all of my comic thumbnails in it that they were impressed and a little envious because they would never ever be able to do that too as much as they wanted to, because the had ADHD. I don’t think that person knew that I have it too when they mentioned it, but I brought up the goal fragmenting method I just discussed above and they seemed to glean a little bit of hope from it.

I wish I knew where that article was now because it was really beneficial for me to read, and I don’t know if other folks with ADHD have ever considered trying to get through their day using this method (because it isn’t something that just pops into your mind as an option, it’s really understandable!) and I just thought it’d be nice to put that out there.

Now I understand that there are varying degrees of severity of ADHD - I don’t know where I fall on the spectrum, only that there are some days where I do nothing at all because I am too tired and overwhelmed and that there are some days where all I do is function at 100% capacity. I know that ADHD is different for everyone based on their sex, their age, their environment, etc, but I mean it’s definitely something to consider? It gave me a little bit of hope and using this method of doing things actually is helping me to get my comic & my regular work done, and I’m just hoping that maybe if you have ADHD too and you’ve never heard of this before, it might help you out.

If anyone knows the article I’m talking about, please reblog this post with the link to it!


See you tomorrow morning, Scully, bright and early. 

We leave for the very plausible state of Washington at 8 a.m. 

Here’s the best definition: a person who has ADD or ADHD, when we walk into a room we notice everything. Now here’s the problem. Whatever in that room is most interesting, whatever in that room is the most captivating, whatever in that room sparkles, that’s what we focus in on. It’s not that we don’t know how to focus. It’s just sometimes the teacher isn’t the most sparkly thing. Sometimes it’s a classmate named Chuck sniffing his markers. And that is very distracting.
—  Ben Glenn, ADHD Explained (x)
Margot Robbie's 'Harley Quinn' Spin-Off Is An Opportunity To Dump Jared Leto's 'Joker'
Margot Robbie's performance overshadowed Jared Leto, and her solo project needs to move on without him.
By Dani Di Placido

“…introducing a same-sex relationship to a comic book film would be nothing short of groundbreaking.

The contrast between hyperactive Harley Quinn and the quietly deceptive Poison Ivy might produce great chemistry, and the relationship could develop into an interesting character arc for Harley.”

^^^^^^ Please.

The Superpowers of ADHD


The most important step in harnessing and realizing your true potential is to change the way you view your ADHD symptoms. The qualities that you may believe are your weaknesses need to be seen as your biggest strengths. That’s not to say that these qualities are a mere state of mind; they pose real and in some cases, very debilitating problems for those with ADHD.

However, with some effort and dedicated work, you can begin using these traits to your advantage. When used correctly, these qualities can help you become very successful and realize your dreams.

  • Hyper focus

Although ADHD is characterized by an inability to pay attention for large stretches of time, people with ADHD are prone to periods of hyper focus. During these periods, an individual becomes so transfixed and absorbed with what they are doing, that it’s as if everything around them ceases to exist.

Some individuals have claimed that they seem to lose track of time, and are able to block out everything around them in order to focus on what they are doing and get it done.

These periods of hyper focus can lead to extreme productivity. Furthermore, by making an effort to seek out these periods and stay in them longer, an individual may be able to consciously bring about a hyper focused state.

  • Boundless energy

An individual with ADHD has a tremendous amount of energy. Granted, if they are confined in an activity or location which doesn’t interest them, this pent up energy can lead to restlessness.

However, if that energy is channeled into a purpose or activity that the individual is personally invested in and enjoys, much can be accomplished.

  • Risk taking

Impulsiveness is another behavioral characteristic common in people with ADHD. With a little refinement, this trait can be used to your advantage.

Impulsivity in its traditional sense implies that a decision or action is taken with little or no forethought, and with little regard for the consequences. It indicates a certain fearlessness; an ability to act without reservations.

This trait can help individuals take risks. Many people are often too cautious and afraid to take any risks. An individual with ADHD will not suffer from these constraints. They will, however, have to make an effort to spare some thought to the consequences of their actions if this trait is to be used successfully.

  • Increased creativity

Individuals with ADHD are extremely creative. Their heads are brimming and bursting with ideas. This ability enables them to generate new ways of doing things, be innovative in finding solutions and creating new things, etc.

Those ‘scattered thoughts’ that are always filling your head can be tapped into in order to realize the extent of your true creative potential.

  • Increased sensitivity

ADHD is a condition which also results in high levels of emotional intelligence. Individuals are not only sensitive to the people around them, but also to environmental cues, making them vigilant and hyperaware.

Sensitive individuals make better leaders. They show a genuine concern for the people they work with, and understand the importance of building positive relationships and working environments. This is an excellent quality to have as an aspiring leader.

  • Solution provider

The ADHD brain also has another exceptional trait – ability to solve problems. When faced with a problem or dilemma of any sort, individuals with ADHD seem to reign themselves in so that they can solve the problem. This typically sets off a period of hyper focus, and solutions are found quicker.

  • Excellent multitasking capabilities

Due to the fact that an individual with ADHD is often restless, they crave stimulation. This desire enables them to multitask much more effectively than most people.

A short attention span enables them to take part in, and complete, numerous tasks very effectively, without diminishing their effectiveness. An abundance of things to do stimulates their brains and allows them to work in a way which is natural to them.

  • Resilience

Resilience is a very common trait in people with ADHD. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that their brains are almost hardwired to find solutions to the problems that they face. This enables them to ‘stick to their guns’ and find ways to make things work.


As with a great many things in life, a little perspective goes a long way. Having ADHD is by no means a walk in the park. Individuals with this condition suffer a great deal while trying to grapple with their seemingly atypical behavioral characteristics.

Part of effectively managing ADHD is realizing that these specific behavioral characteristics can also have their advantages. In order for them to be effectively utilized, individuals will first have to begin seeing them as assets, and then subsequently working on them to refine their own specific set of skills.

High profile and successful individuals with ADHD such as business giant Richard Branson and Olympian Michael Phelps have attributed much of their success to their ADHD. Once you find what sparks your passion, you can learn to channel your ADHD to your advantage, much like a superhero.


i’ve never done this before..i have a very hyperactive mind and meditating is a bit tough for me..this was great. my mind was solely set on balancing this earth and nowhere else. it was a nice break from thinking..over an hour spent in the river and i walked away feeling too lovely