Unlike the Others | Reggie x Reader

Prompt requested by anons: You were an average girl at school, carried life like everyone else, but when a certain Bulldog starts to give you more attention, you are confused as are many others…

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As the fifth period bell sounded, you slumped your backpack over one shoulder and took your AP Biology textbook off of your desk. Thanking your teacher before you left, you exited the classroom, walking down the halls. As you walked, you watched the kids of Riverdale High interact with each other. Boys jumped on each other, hollering from down the hall as girls texted away on their phones, occasionally waving hi to a friend.

Riverdale High was a diverse place to say the least–phony girls, hyperactive jocks, and now gang members since the merger. And you? You weren’t a River Vixen, you weren’t an alcoholic, you weren’t a druggie, you weren’t friends with anyone popular. You were you. Home life was simple with a mom and dad who grew up in Riverdale and had three children who followed in their footsteps. Nothing really special about it. Just a normal teenager. 

You did normal teenage things–hung out with friends on the weekends, watched television, did homework, worked a job. Nothing out of the ordinary. There were sometimes where you did feel left out; it almost seemed like everyone was a River Vixen, or was friends with the infamous “core four,” or was dating a Bulldog. But your friends convinced you that you didn’t have to conform to that. You were you and no one could take your place.

“Hey,” your friend, Caitlin, walks next to you in the hallway. Caitlin has been a friend of yours since freshman year. Out of your whole friend group, she was the one you were the closest with. She was similar personality wise to you. She was smart (honor roll student), funny, kind, and very pretty. Caitlin was also Class President, which made her one of the more popular girls in your friend group. “I’m headed to lunch, you wanna come with? Taylor and Jill are coming, too,” she tells you.

Sending her a warm smile, you link your arm with hers. “Sure. I gotta stop by my locker first if that’s okay,” you tell her as she nods her head. When you arrive at your locker, you shove your books and textbooks in there as Caitlin starts to ramble about how she has to start organizing student council ballots for some upperclassmen dance. Laughing, you say, “Cait, you need to calm down. I feel like whenever I talk to you, you’re always stressed.”

Caitlin groans, leaning against the lockers. “Mantle, what do you think?” she speaks to someone behind you. Turning around, Reggie Mantle, captain of the Riverdale Bulldogs’ football team, stood in full glory. From what you understood, Reggie wasn’t the nicest kid at Riverdale High, but only when he needed to be. Other said that he had a heart of gold, but a brain of oatmeal. Whatever they said, the one common denominator was that he was incredibly good looking. No argument needed. He was tall and buff with chiseled features and dark hair.

Reggie smiles and walks up to you two. “Well, Ms. President, I think Y/N is right. You gotta chill out. Take some time for yourself,” he tucks his hands in his pockets. You just stare at him in shock. I didn’t think he knew who I was you think to yourself. Reggie smiles at you before dipping his right eye into a wink. “I’ll catch you two ladies later.” With that, he makes his exit.

For a moment, you are frozen before you close your locker. “I had no idea he knew who I was,” you reveal as Caitlin rolls her eyes. “I’m serious. I’d never think ‘Mantle the Magnificent’ would take an interest in Y/N the Average.”

She laughs before speaking, “Riverdale is a smaller than you think Y/N. Plus, who wouldn’t wanna know who you are. Honor roll student, president of Spanish club, not to mention a smoke show.” She elbows you in jest as you scoff. “Come on, I’m hungry.”

At lunch, you sit with Caitlin, Taylor, and Jill, all gossiping about whatever. While you listen to them talk, you look around the lunchroom, watching the student interact. The Serpents are huddled together in one corner, the River Vixens in another, the “Core Four” sit in the middle, and of course, the Bulldogs not too far behind. Taylor rants on about her Chemistry exam, you take the opportunity to look at Reggie from across the room. 

He wears a bright smile on his face as he laughs at a joke Moose told him, slapping his arm. One of his hands runs fingers through his hair, pushing it away from his face. As he looks up, his eyes meet yours and you freeze. Reggie’s face turns into a smirk as he winks at you, yet again, heat crawling up to your face as you turn away. Your heart thumps a little faster and you revert your attention back to Taylor. “Hold on a sec,” Jill smiles. “Is…Y/N blushing?” Taylor pokes at your sides as you roll your eyes. 

“Would you guys stop? It’s nothing,” you brush it off, sipping from your water bottle.

Taylor gives you a look. “This is not just nothing. This is Y/N blushing because of something or someone. Who?” she looks around the cafeteria, trying to find what you were staring at just moments ago. Finally, she finds it. Well, him. “No. effing. way. Reggie Mantle?” 

You hush her and slap her arm. “Shut up, he’s so into it,” Caitlin laughs as she watches Reggie still looking at you. “Y/N, you have to talk to him,” Caitlin says and your eyes widen as you shake your head. “You never know what could happen!”

The days started to go by and you and Reggie started to “coincidentally” bump into each other in the hallways or during lunch. The two of you started to talk more during school and even text after thanks to Caitlin giving him your number. You couldn’t help but feel the more you talked to him, the more you started to like him. Even your friends noticed a shift in both of your behaviors. And soon enough, he finally asked you out on a date. Reggie took you out to Pop’s and then the two of you drove out to one of the open fields to look at the stars. The night was very special and very intimate for the two of you and you never expected that out of him.

You two started going on more and more dates and eventually made things official after a month and a half of talking. Reggie would walk you from class to class, sneaking small kisses here and there even though he knew you hated PDA. He just wanted to show you off to everyone. Dating Reggie made you very happy, but it left many confused.

Why would the captain of the football team date a nobody? You weren’t a Vixen. You weren’t friends with his friends? Why would he chose you when he had some many other options available to him?

You never really noticed people’s confusion until one day at school you came into the girl’s locker room. “I don’t get it,” you hear Cheryl Blossom’s voice call. “Reggie is so hot and he could have any girl in this school, but he chooses someone who I didn’t even know existed until last week!” Some of girls chime in agreement while others remain silent. “Whatever it’s his choice that he’s stuck with some nobody.”

After she finishes talking, you leave the locker room, saddened. Cheryl’s words sink in deep. She was right, compared to everyone else at this school, you really were a nobody. Pulling out your phone, you shoot Reggie a text. Hey, can we talk?

Not even a minute later, he texts Sure, babe. Meet by the field? You text him an okay and head to the field to meet your boyfriend. A million thoughts cloud your mind that you don’t even realize Reggie next to you until you feel his hand slip into yours. “Hey, is everything alright?” he smiles, squeezing your hand. He was genuinely concerned, you could tell.

“Honestly,” you sigh. “No.” He scoots closer to you and asks you what’s wrong. “Reg, why did you ask me out?” you ask and he furrows his brows in confusion. “You have so many other options and you chose me. You could have had any other girl in Riverdale and you chose a nobody. You could have had a River Vixen or-”

You stop talking when you feel a pair of warm lips pressed against yours. His hand rests on your lower back, pulling you into him as you place your hand on his cheek. His kiss is warm and comforting, washing away all of your previous fears. His touch was gentle and kind, making you melt into him. Slowly, he pulls away and then speaks, “Y/N, I chose you because you are nothing like those girls. All of those girls are stuck up and self-absorbed and would only date me for the title. You wanted to date me because of who I am. Just like I wanna date you for who you are.” Reggie’s words are so sweet and it makes your heart flutter as you blush. “I don’t care what anyone says about us, alright, babe?” You nod your head. “Good. Tonight is our rival game. I want you to wear my practice jersey,” he tells you.

Smiling, you say, “I’d love to.” He smiles before pressing another kiss to your lips.

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is taking care of a kitten hard?

Nah the only difficult thing is to have enough money and time to take them to the vet sometimes because they need it
Be careful to the food you give them - if you’re going to give them the cheapest cat food on the market there are some risks. They need the good stuff
Never forget to spend some time playing with them, they may become aggressive or hyperactive if you ignore them. Also brush them often, if the cat has long hair then brush it every day
They rarely need a bath, do it like 3 times a year and we’re fine, unless they get all dirty haha

Also for god’s sake do not pick them up and touch them all the time, cats need their space 

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Hey can I get a written ship for stray kids plz? I’m 5’4” with green eyes, dyed red long hair with bangs, and I wear glasses most of the time and I also have puffy cheeks . I’m an 00 liner, have a weird personality. I’m a little hyperactive, I tell the best dad jokes out of my friends, I’m extremely shy and timid when it comes to new people. I do irish step dancing as well as sing in my school’s honors choir. I’m also into art big time and idk if I’m actually any good lol. Thanks in advance ❤️❤️

hello babes~ I shipe you with jisung! I ship you with him because you’re both silly, and I feel like he would steal your jokes to tell the other members later on. I also feel like he would love to watch you dance and be amazed at how cool it it and good you are. I also feel like you would draw him or somethinga dn he would just be overly fascinated with how well it is and show it off like his most prized possession. I hope you enjoy your ship! 

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PSA about ADHD

✦ADHD is not a personality quirk

- some things that tag along with ADHD are:

        ~sensory processing disorder

        ~executive dysfunction

        ~poor fine motor skills

        ~sensory overloads (that lead to meltdowns)

        ~sensory seeking (self stimming)


        ~moderate to severe memory problems

        ~Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria- is an extreme emotional sensitivity and emotional pain triggered by the perception that one is being rejected, teased, or criticized. The emotional response is complete with suicidal ideation and people suffering from RSD often get misdiagnosed with serious personality disorders. RSD is only seen in people with ADHD and the emotional sensitivity/reaction is much more severe than that of a neurotypical person.

✦Some other “fun” ADHD things! 

          ~inability to regulate emotions

          ~no concept of time

          ~noticeable public stimming (resulting in stares from neurotypicals) 

          ~no impulse control


          ~listen but cannot absorb what is being said 

          ~no volume control 

          ~increased inability to focus when emotional

          ~difficulty stopping a task and transitioning to the next 

          ~social anxiety

          ~higher levels on generalized anxiety

          ~extremely forgetful 

          ~”all or nothing” mentality  

@ neurotypicals- some things to be aware of: 

- you cannot hyperfixate. only people who are neurodivergent can hyperfixate. please don’t use that word when describing your latest obsession :-)

- please don’t stare at neurodivergent people who are stimming in public

- be respectful of those who actually need fidget toys so they can subtly stim in public 

- if we forget something you tell us it is not because we don’t care, we just have a million other thoughts racing through our mind and no way to filter through them. 

- please be gentle with us. no don’t tip toe around us and treat us like we aren’t human, but be aware that even offhand comments can trigger RSD. no we aren’t being too sensitive, our brains are wired differently than yours

adhd friendships: a summary

-“Sorry I didn’t answer I spaced out”

-*randomly switching topics mid conversation*

-“I know this is unrelated, but”

-”I’m feeling horrible” *five minutes later* “uh nevermind that”

- “When did we start talking?” “I don’t remember”

- *both infodump to each other*

- more typos than any human being is able to handle

- when you get really excited and you stay up until 7 am taking about random shit

- accidental derailing the conversation over and over

-”have i already told you this i can’t remember” “don’t worry i can’t either”

ADHD Awareness

What is ADHD? - It is a neurodevelopmental disorder that can affect anyone, no matter your age or gender. 

ADHD is not just being hyperactive- it is actually broken down into three parts

Hyperactive -  This can include, fidgeting, talking too much/out of turn, you’re often “on the go”, running or climbing at inappropriate times, impulse decisions etc.

Inattentive - This can include, not paying attention to detail, making careless mistakes, being distracted and forgetful, not being able to understand or follow instructions, impulse decisions etc

Combined Type - This type is one of the more common types, it’s a combination of both the hyperactive and inattentive types

ADHD can affect memory, and can cause poor emotional control, this is especially common with the inattentive type. 

What is RSD? - Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria (RSD) is extremely common with ADHD. It causes us to have unexplained and often irrational emotions (angry, depressed, etc) when we feel misunderstood or rejected. It typically happens instantly. For example: A close friend or relative asks you to stop clicking your pen, and you start uncontrollably crying right after they ask you to stop. These feelings are often incredibly intense, debilitating, and painful

Medication - Many people may be put on medication for their ADHD. It may help, or it might not. Medication is not for everyone. Some people find that fidgeting or stimming helps more, and others find that therapy appointments are more beneficial

ADHD affects your school performance, your overall mental health, relationships with others, and so much more. ADHD is not just about being hyperactive. ADHD is real and valid.

Does anyone else with ADHD have to vocalize their thoughts in order to keep them from slipping out of your reach? I feel ridiculous for doing this but especially when I’m inspired or especially distracted speaking my train of thought out loud helps me stay on track and make sense of the swirling typhoon of ideas in my brain.

being at school with undiagnosed adhd - a text post

- where’s my classroom

- *after ten minute explanation on what we’re doing today* okay but what are we doing today??

- “i don’t need to write down my homework, i can remember it” *1 week later* “where’s your homework” “oops”

- seriously where is my classroom i swear it was on this floor

- *every school report* “[insert name] is very bright/intelligent/clever but needs to apply themselves/make an effort to focus/pull their finger out/pull their socks up/work harder”

- leg bounce leg bounce leg bounce “stop bouncing your leg!” “sorry” leg bounce leg bounce

- teacher…..has…..name….???

- *finally finishes reading first exam question* *exam ends*

- leg bounce leg bounce leg bounce

- live life on the edge (the edge is the two back legs of your chair)

- always managing be the patsy when schemes go wrong

- leg bounce



ADHD causes a dysfunctional frontal-cortex; the part of our brains where “outside” information goes to be processed and is then acted upon. as information enters, it needs to be sorted and processed so that attention can be given to the most important information.

people with ADHD suffer from the inability to sort information easily, so the information from the outside floods your mind and you cant focus on anything because your brain doesnt know what to do with the information. your brain doesnt know how to make decisions.

when the brain cant sort tasks and make decisions, this can lead to issues like procrastination and communication problems. this causes overwhelm, worry, anxiety, and makes it hard to get even simple tasks done, which can cause even more stress and overwhelm.

just breathe. take your time. youre not lazy. recognize that your brain doesnt work like other people, and thats okay. others may get impatient but thats theyre problem, not yours. make lists, write stuff down. slow down. youll get there at your own pace.


Here’s a clearer version of my ADHD info graphic
Happy ADHD awareness month everyone!!

ADHD Gothic

-You go into the kitchen to get some cookies, only to find the cookies are gone. You don’t recall eating the cookies. You live alone. Disappointed and confused, you go back to your room. Ten minutes later, you go into the kitchen to get some cookies.

-Your leg is bouncing. You try to stop it, but you no longer have control. It bounces. Your leg is going numb. Still, it bounces. It never stops. You give up. It bounces.

-You see a big flower in a vase. You attempt to count the number of petals, but something is stopping you. You are sure you said 7, but was that the last number or 10 numbers ago? Still, you do not give up. You start from the beginning. You are still counting.

-You have $100 dollars. You are saving it to buy a new laptop. You see a $75 dollar cosplay. You have $25. You wonder why you bought it. You have never been to a convention. It hangs in your closet, untouched.

-All of your pencils mysteriously disappear. You are sure you put them on your desk, but they are no longer there. You get another pencil. Two days later, your original pencils are on your desk.

to my girls who have trouble in school

it might not surprise you to know that how mental illness is diagnosed is sexist.

most baselines for mental illnesses and the symptom criteria for diagnosis are based on studies of Caucasian males. this includes developmental disorders, like ADHD.

whether it’s a result of gender norms or of biology, girls with ADHD (all 3 types, including what was formerly called “ADD”) typically present symptoms differently than boys. for example: whereas boys might jump out of their seat and be very disruptive in class, girls might display hyperactivity through more subtle means, such as fidgeting and, especially, excessive or loud talking. once they get older, boys start having trouble completing assignments on time because, for example, at midnight on the night before it’s due, they’ll abandon a project to go to something else. girls, however, typically will not abandon projects - instead, they might just have a lot of trouble finishing them, or have a brand new idea for how to do the project at midnight, scrap everything and start all over. but they get it done - making it harder for teachers to notice they’re struggling.

because they’re often better at completing schoolwork and behaving in class than boys, the symptoms of ADHD often don’t catch up to girls until high school, college or early adulthood - when, suddenly, they cannot finish projects the night before and need to plan in advance/time manage - and they realize that they can’t.

i’m speaking here as a mental health worker and someone who has ADHD myself - if you’re a girl in high school or college who’s been struggling a lot, and that description rang true, consider a visit to a psychiatrist. you may have ADHD, and talk/medication therapies can actually change your life.