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[ENG SUB] 170613 Hyper Dimension Idol
GOT7 Jackson Shares Trainee Experience and Warmly Comforts New Stars

Reblog If You’ve Ever Had One Of Those Days Where
  1. If you were in Miraculous Ladybug you’d be akumatized because your day sucked so much
  2. If you were in Kingdom Hearts and were turned into a Heartless it would retain human form because you either feel so bad about yourself or angry at someone
  3. If you were in Akiba’s Trip you’d be a perfect Synthister because you were such fandom trash
  4. If you were in RWBY you’d be a Grimm Magnet because you had several mental breakdowns
  5. If you were in Chuunbiyou people would think you have 8th grade syndrome because you acted like such a dork
  6. If you were in Hyperdimensional Neptunia you’d be the next Rei Ryghts
  7. If you were in Doki Doki Literature club you’d end up dead from Monika amplifying your depression and/or anger
  8. If you were in Life Is Strange you would let Arcadia be destroyed because you’re so done with everything
  9. If you were in Ni No Kuni people would think you were Brokenhearted
  10. If you had more then one of these, you need a hug and same