hyper zero


I’m back! It’s been a difficult and weird few weeks but I’m back.

Introducing Roo! If you follow @ramseyringnecks you might have already seen him. And what a character! Please ignore the poo stain on his face, I’m not entirely sure how that got there. He’s so ridiculously sweet! And hyper. Zero fear in this one. He’s already so amazing, I can’t wait to watch him grow up!

Obviously this blog will continue, Roo as the new face of it but the url is staying the same in memory of his brother, Radnor.


Scrapped Haltmann Works Projects #1

Zero 2.0.2

After harvesting an empty shell found in an excavation of the Hyper Zone, Zero 2.0.2 is a reconstruction of what the Original Zero may have looked like. (According to the Mother Computer’s “infinite” knowledge) with some minor improvements. The project was eventually scrapped because the shell wouldn’t stop leaking and getting red fluid on the motherboard, destroying it, it, and nothing would get it to stop. (Not even water proof technology. The fluid was like an acid and would destroy anything it touched. We’re studying this fluid for future purposes!)

An unfortunate waste of time and money, but alas, this would have been the true rebirth of the Original Zero! (I would have liked to meet him!)

-Susanna Patrya Haltmann