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Ok here's one dark helping wilford put up decorations.... I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE

YES I NEED THIS TOO because imagine: 

  • dark stringing up the lights because wilford keeps getting them tangled and snaps them in frustration
  • wilford putting up a shit ton of wreaths customized for each ego
  • dark placing a nice vase of poinsettias
  • wilford strategizing where to the put the mistletoe for maximum Kiss Potential (and is disappointed upon finding out that no, you can’t put a roomba on the ceiling and have it follow people around)
  • wilford bringing in a freshly cut tree with the animals still inside and then asking to use them as ‘mascots’ (dark says no)
  • dark putting up ornaments and somehow keeps choosing red and blue ones without realizing it
  • wilford making his own ornaments with a bunch of glitter that gets everywhere and demands that his face be on the star because he’s ‘the star of the show!’ (dark allows it, but no they will not use the nude selfie)
  • dark getting oddly passionate about where the ornaments are placed because the paired ones can’t be far away on the tree ‘the soldier needs to be near his wife’ and when wilford asks why he’s just like ‘because….they come in a set for a reason, that’s why’
  • wilford using the candy canes for Dirty Antics. after the tenth sexual innuendo, dark takes half of the huge one in his mouth and just bites down as a warning, but ends up encouraging wil more lmao
  • wil and dark arguing about the order of the stockings and what to put in them because ‘no wil, you can’t put that candy in jim’s stocking, do you know how hyper he’ll get?!’ 
  • wil volunteers to be santa if dark will be sexy mrs. clause. dark says there’s no way he’s doing that in public. they eventually agree on a reindeer; sexy mrs. clause is for the bedroom only
  • dark making hot chocolate when they’re all done (putting like a mountain of whipped cream on wil’s and cinnamon on his own) and sitting by the fireplace with wil until they realize they forgot the firewood. wil’s temporary solution is to douse it with gasoline and light it on fire. dark’s too worn out to argue
  • turns out wil has a stash of creepy santa figurines. dark lets him cover the yard with them just to freak out passerbys and visitors

Faces & Memories- Darkiplier Love Story: Ch. 9) Syrup Chugging PT.2

“Yes! WARFSTACHE DON’T TAKE NO SHIT FROM NOBODY!” Wil hollered, signalling him the winner as Bing sulked.

Mallory laughed as Wil leapt around like the Energizer Bunny on crack.

Dark face palmed, a long, drawn out sigh leaving him as he left.

How he and Wil were so close was beyond Mallory. The two were polar opposites.

She headed up to her room, leaving a hyper Wil to be talked off the table by an exasperated Dr. Iplier. The Googles’ has left with Bim, claiming last time Wil was on a sugar rampage he had nearly destroyed their circuits.

Mallory collected a pair of pajamas, deciding to take a shower.

Locking the door for assured safety from the boisterous television host, she started the water.

A sigh fell from her lips as she stripped and entered the scalding water. Tension flowed from her body as she washed herself.

Stepping out, she toweled off, dressing herself and brushing her hair.

A check to the clock in her room told her it was nine-thirty.

Five hours until she would attempt to see what was in the trunk.