hyper sport

Lazytown headcanons I'd like to propose:

- Sportacus blushes and gets flustered ALL THE TIME. At everything. Particularly at Robbie.

- His face however doesn’t redden when he blushes. It’s his ears which go bright red (one of the many reasons he covers them)

-Sport’s hyperness is why the airship is so clean, when he’s bored and feels like he has to move he just cleans & rearranges all the things.

- I think Sport is actually quite shy? Like he’s outgoing with sports stuff but I don’t think he could handle a situation where he can’t do a handstand to divert everyones attention from what’s going on..

- Rob finds out about Sport’s shyness and he’s ‘coincidentally’ always by his side when Sport can’t deal with a conversation.

- Maybe Sport is shy because of language as well? I think he’d struggle with accidently slipping into Icelandic or Elvish, so he worries about that

-He doesn’t wanna worry the kids though so he hides all of the worries and fears he has I mean someone help Sportacus 2k16

-Also I’m on board with Fae Robbie 100%

- I think Rob would have smol purple wings
- His negligence of them is why he’s so tired. A lot of his magical energy comes from his wings, and he’s too damn lazy to take care of them. Which makes him more tired and more lazy. Vicious cycle;;

- As soon as Sportacus finds out about this he reads up on fae wings so he can casually mention wing care tips to Robbie

- Like one day the kids are playing at magical creatures and Sport just YELLS random fae wing care facts

- Robbie notices and so makes it his mission to learn obscure elf stuff to tell him back

-Queue the Lazytown dads passive aggressively slipping fae/elf information into daily conversations

just imagine sportacus flippity-flipping over to robbie with a banana in hand and just-
  • sporty: hey robbie you should eat this banana!
  • robbie: *contemplates the hyper-active sports elf before shrugging* okay
  • robbie: *drops to his knees*
  • sporty: *confusedly and innocently holding banana* robbie what are you doing??
  • robbie: *looks up at sporty* oh you meant /that/ banana
submission - transgender
  • A starts his period and the only way he can obtain pads/tampons is with the help of B, who doesn’t know A is trans
  • A is bullied/judged for being trans, so B helps A stand up for him-/herself (bonus: they used to not like each other)
  • A and B are nervous about coming out to each other as trans because neither of them knows that the other one is having the same internal struggle
  • A is a closeted trans girl who plays a hyper-masculinized sport and is having a hard time reconciling her gender identity with her enjoyment of the sport; B is a teammate who supports her and may or may not be hopelessly crushing on her.  (This one can most likely be gender-flipped)

I love the Olympics so much and am so bitter that I was turned off any sort of athletics or activity as a kid because of the complete and utter focus on macho bullshit hyper-competitive team sports that were consistently dominated by three or four boys at the expense of the other 25 people in the class