hyper sport

I love the Olympics so much and am so bitter that I was turned off any sort of athletics or activity as a kid because of the complete and utter focus on macho bullshit hyper-competitive team sports that were consistently dominated by three or four boys at the expense of the other 25 people in the class

Cupid au

Person A is a love demon/angel and runs around making random people fall for eachother. 

How about we make this Prince fall in love with this person on the bread line (Nearly in absolute poverty)?

Or this prison guard and inmate.

Or this university student and this pizza deliverer.

How about this fisherman and vegan.

You in different political parties?? You gonna fall in love.

Oh you hate eachother? Let me add in some sexual tension.

How about we be cliche? Florist AND TATOO ARTIST- and the college art student who pushes them together.

Oh? Your a vampire and they are a werewolf? And you don’t know eachother? It would be a shame if something was to happen to that-

Selkie and a pirate who stole back the selkies skin? 


Fashion designer and the university student whose just given up.

Healer and the necromage.

Therapists and Paramedics/Firefighters/Police officers. You got the possibility of traumatic scenes happening?? YOU GONNA BE SHIPPED.



Fisherman and the mer/siren.

Strings and percussion.

Ah yes my best friend (a demon) deserves some love- How about the priest, or that college student who has no idea what is going on anymore.

I shall give this social outcast a harem of people. (A demon, a high paid doctor, a nerdy computer person, a vet (who can not resist adopting all deh dogs and cats), Hyper sports lover, coffee shop person, an office worker, and wait- my dogs a shapeshifter??????

just imagine sportacus flippity-flipping over to robbie with a banana in hand and just-
  • sporty: hey robbie you should eat this banana!
  • robbie: *contemplates the hyper-active sports elf before shrugging* okay
  • robbie: *drops to his knees*
  • sporty: *confusedly and innocently holding banana* robbie what are you doing??
  • robbie: *looks up at sporty* oh you meant /that/ banana
submission - transgender
  • A starts his period and the only way he can obtain pads/tampons is with the help of B, who doesn’t know A is trans
  • A is bullied/judged for being trans, so B helps A stand up for him-/herself (bonus: they used to not like each other)
  • A and B are nervous about coming out to each other as trans because neither of them knows that the other one is having the same internal struggle
  • A is a closeted trans girl who plays a hyper-masculinized sport and is having a hard time reconciling her gender identity with her enjoyment of the sport; B is a teammate who supports her and may or may not be hopelessly crushing on her.  (This one can most likely be gender-flipped)

anonymous asked:

what made you ship chiharata? and did you watch the anime first or read the manga?

I’ve never really thought about why I shipped it, but thinking about it now I shipped chiharata from episode 1. I mean did you see little Chihaya defending little Arata from the bullies and then the next episode she was so proud of Arata’s karuta skills and she was like “ARATA CAN TAKE ALL OF YOU HE’S REALLY AWESOME” 

and Chihaya was the first person Arata can open up to about Karuta and she was his first friend. And Arata stuttering when he called her by her first name for the first time oH MY GOD THE WHOLE FLASHBACK WAS JUST PRECIOUS

It intensified with the whole bike reunion scene that was the most shoujo scene ever I swear to god i mean are you seeing this

BASICALLY I SHIPPED THEM because the general flow of the story keeps setting them up. and the fact that Chihaya is such a hyper active sports anime heroine, she shuts up and becomes starry eyed whenever Arata comes into the picture. and now their feelings are mutual and im just— i’ve been on this ship for four years now i’m in the nth layer.

and hello yes I watched the anime first before reading the manga. I saw it being promoted on Animax and then I thought “eyy wow look at these beautiful characters” and then there. I read the manga while I waiting for more episodes to come out during season 2 i’m such trash–