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Day 2 of Undyne Appreciation Week @undyne-appreciation

Running a day behind because I ended up falling asleep after my July 4th party and couldn’t do this yesterday. I’m gonna try to get Day 3 done before day 4, but no promises! 

My favorite thing about Undyne is really tricky to pin down exactly, but I like how even though she’s a tough warrior heroine who will punch her problems in the face, suplex a boulder, and burn down her own house to make some INTENSE spaghetti, she’s also got this quiet, thoughtful side to her. She meditates, she’s clearly given a lot of careful thought to whether she should accept Papyrus into the Guard, she spends hours practicing speeches, she values a quiet cup of tea and conversation, and she writes a letter over and over again, because she can never find the right words.

She’s got this super caring, thoughtful, contemplative and romantic side to her that you might not expect, even though she seems afraid to completely show it. It’s a great juxtaposition with her toughness and more aggressive nature and high energy.

I love her.


Alyssa Monks

Alyssa’s paintings have been the subject of many exhibitions including ‘Intimacy’ at Kunst Museum in Ahlen, Germany and ‘Reconfiguring the Body in American Art, 1820-2009’ at the National Academy Museum of Fine Arts, New York.

Alyssa primarily focusses on the human figure, portraying them in intimate, large format compositions. I find her underwater portraits most inspiring, they are so detailed, you’d swear they were photographs!

See more of her work on her website.